Elder Scrolls Online Books — Journals, Notes, and Letters

Due to the amount of books in Elder Scrolls Online, journals, letters, and notes have been stored separately in this category. You can see the rest of the books from Elder Scrolls Online here.


…ine Commands of the Eight Divines - from the personal library of Hubert and Marisse may the Eight watch over them and their child, Alain may the Divines protect us all The Divines are a lie. There’s no one watching over us. Our baby is dead, the food is gone, and the bears are at my door. I saw Hubert killed right […]
A Boon for the Tribe - A bosmer tracker hopes for success in the Great Hunt
A Challenger’s Thoughts - Reflecting on the Hall of Barons and Fa-Nuit-Hen's arena
A Cure for Lycanthropy - The search for a cure takes a desperate turn
A Daughter’s Journal - I saw Ennis this morning. He had the most peculiar look on his face. When I asked what made him smile, he said the mayor chose him for a special task. I’ve never seen him help anyone unless coin was involved, but he just kept babbling about how he’d volunteered because the mayor is such […]
A Fitting Tribute - A sinister and inhumane plot
A Fortune Behind Those Walls - Something surely was behind those walls
A Looter’s Paradise - A lucrative opportunity for a looter
A Nagging Question - Just where are those guys and gals?
A Prisoner’s Journal - A Prisoner in Oblivion slowly loses sanity
A Sacrament Remains - A Dark Brotherhood assassin travels throughout Elsweyr looking for her target
A Second Warning - Bandits falling one by one to Dwemeri traps
A Servant’s Tale - A servant's opinion on the mages they serve
A Subtler Brew - Trying hard for the perfect liquor
A Token of My Affection - Hunters kill a magestic panther
Acolyte’s Chipped Scroll Plate - Fragmented journal of an apostle of Sotha Sil
Acolyte’s Lost Scroll Plate - Fragmented journal of an apostle of Sotha Sil
Acolyte’s Scorched Scroll Plate - Fragmented journal of an apostle of Sotha Sil
Adainaz’s Journal - A khajiit struggles to deactivate a dangerous device
Adeber’s Journal - An auger observes crows and recieves a portent
Administrative Ledger, Entry 3,412 - Inspections of various parts of the Clockswork City
Adwig’s Journal - A shipwrecked sailor's log
Aera’s Household Notes - A list of things Aera needs to do and get
Agganor’s Journal - An orc betrays his people for power within the Scaled Court
Agganor’s Journal - Orcs of Craglorn join the Scalecaller cult
Agolas’ Journal - Clues to a worthless hidden treasure
Aicaano’s Journal - Hackdirt's "final" days
Albus’ Journal - A frustrating place for a prison
Aldimion’s Journal - A deranged person's journal
Alizinda’s Journal - Alinzinda's journal about life
All Alone - Everyone's dead and all the food is gone
Altered Naanurrel’s Logbook - A book written in strange, shifting glyphs
Altmeri Overseer’s Journal - A sneering view on Goblin slaves
Aluvus’ Final Notes - Aluvus' plan to alleviate loneliness
Aluvus’ Further Notes - Spared for a dark purpose?
Aluvus’ Journal - Alvus wants to meet an enchanting woman prior to his expedition into the ruins
Aluvus’ Notes - Aluvus is spared - but why?
Alvada’s Journal - The Craglorn Stargazers encounter daedra
Amberic’s Note - Amberic is turned into a Goblin
Ambitions Realized - Notes on a project a mad mage is working on
An Ancient Scroll - An ominous record
An Egg-citing Discovery! - An over-eager gatherer collects the wrong eggs
An Exile’s Notes - Trapped Redguard questions if they will ever escape
An Unusual Hare - A werewolf writes about tracking a legendary indrik
Anchorite’s Log - Thoughts of a Worm Anchorite on Abnur Tharn
Ancient Hunter’s Journal - 3rd Day of Hare’s Leap Thirty arrowheads made from aether glass and dipped in oil of mer’s bane. A bow shaped from ebonwood and strung with silken light. A poultice of ash and clay to mask my scent. 7th Day of Hare’s Leap The neighboring Lilmothiit have taken their kits and hidden themselves away. Such […]
Angiente’s Book of Prospects - What can a gentleman do when all the women hate him?
Angry Angry - Being trapped drives one mad
Aniaste’s Journal - The Necromancers are hunting mammoths, and it's up to her to discover why
Anirtur’s Diary - The daily happenings of a store owner in Haven
Anjuld’s Journal - Documents the founding of a new clothing store in Solitude
Anonymous Journal - Spreading a plague through the Deshaan
Anonymous Torn Journal - strange piece of the floor, here, one that I can’t seem to puzzle out. I cannot but think there’s something more to this shrine than this simple chamber. I wish I had the gold to hire someone from the Mages Guild, but that ship has sailed. (Thanks, Arving.) Making camp for now. These cats love […]
Apothecary’s Ledger - A ledger curiously containing many daedric purchases
Application of Flame - Records the reaction to fire torture to various candidates for the Vosh Rakh
Application of Flame for the Uninitiated - List of candidates for the Vosh Rakh and their reaction to the purging flame
Aranias’ Diary - A rather enthusiastic Thalmor member's journal
Arch-Mage’s Journal - Three promising students appear in a vision
Archcanon’s Journal - Documents the several unfortunate events during the building of Vivec City
Archwizard Twelvane’s Decree - A wizard's claims at magical superiority
Ardia’s Journal - Describes a daedric ruin
Argonian Journal Pages - Brief, tattered notes mentioning valuable artifacts
Argonian Refugee’s Diary - We left Black Marsh in the midst of night so the Pact soldiers wouldn’t know which direction we are headed. No one is forcing us to stay but we don’t know how they would react if we told them that we are leaving. We don’t wish to swear allegiance to any of the warring factions. […]
Aronel’s Journal - A Dunmer researcher's condascending journal Mentions Sinmur
Arrai’s Journal - Journal of a newly engaged scholar
Artisan’s Notes - An artist complains about his employers
Astia’s Journal - Brief thoughts on Legion Zero
Azin-jo’s Journal - A priest of Alkosh meets a dragon
Back Home in Orsinium - One Orc's relief at being among his people again
Back to the Land! - A Bosmer tries to live outside of Elden Root
Badly Damaged Journal - A fragmented description of a legendary Wamasus
Balgvir’s Siege Journal - A group is besieged by vampires and sea giants
Balith’s Journal - Mysterious lights and a storm over the ocean
Bandit Thug’s Journal - Proud of killing two Orc chief's wives
Barjot’s Journal - An Ayleid wants Barjot's soul
Barkbite Stronghold Shaman’s List - Samples needed from around the stronghold
Barrow Trench Scout’s Report - Report observing the Valenwood coast
Barrowton’s Journal - Barrowton investigates an ancient giant camp
Bartholomew’s Discovery - Notes on Ayleid Welknyd stones
Bartholomew’s Task - Notes on Ayleid Ruins beneath Red Petal Bastion
Bartholomew’s Theory - Research on Ayleid Welknyd stones
Bashshi-ra Inquiry (partial) - An incomplete version of this criminal's dossier
Battered Note - A note from a person who was enduring something horrific
Battleplans - Brief battle tactics description for a group of nationalistic Argonians
Bazorgbeg’s Expeditionary Journal - Detailing an archeological mission into the frozen Dwemeri ruin of Rkindaleft
Bazorgbeg’s Notes - Treasure hunter's journal found in Rkindaleft
Belarata Parchments - Scraps of parchment found in this Ayleid ruin in Malabal Tor
Beldorr’s Note - Note from an unfortunate person hunted by Flesh constructs
Big Damn Bugs - An exterminator is required
Black Kiergo: Primed for Peryite? - An Orsimer worshipper of Peryite comes to live in Senchal's famous slum
Bleakrock Fisherman’s Journal - Something wicked lurks in those waters
Blood-Sealed Contract - A contract between the hags and the Gravesinger
Blue Road Scout Notes - Various scouts leave their thoughts in this journal
Book of Thoughts - One perhaps insane author's scribblings
Bordaunt Virelande’s Journal - An attempt to earn a reputation ends badly
Bridge Guard’s Complaint - Boredom is a tough challenge
Brigadine’s Journal - A journal of a member of the Ivory Brigade of Leyawiin
Broken Helm Notes - Bandits take refuge in a stinky cave
Brondold’s Journal - Notes on potential Icereach Coven Activity in Solitude
Brugurikh’s Journal - Journal of a Saraathu Tong
Burned Fragment - Scraps of a journal
Burned Research Notes - Have to be careful while trying to summon storms in a volcano
Burned-By-Fire’s Journal - A fragment of a tortured person's journal
Cadwell’s Journal: Deep Thoughts, Part 412 - Author: Sir Cadwell Another bit of someplace else falls into Coldharbour and what do the Dremora do? What they always do! It’s a shame, really. Crush, kill, and destroy. So tedious! Oh, that reminds me. I need to go to the Everfull Flagon and visit with those drunken Nords. Tedious, yes, but they know some […]
Cadwell’s Journal: Famous Coldharbourites - A few not quite famous denizens of the area
Caecilius’ Journal - Bad portents and cryptic poetry about the fall of the stars in Craglorn
Calis’s Journal - Journal of a Psijic
Calo’s Journal - Injured bandit rests in a cave
Camandar’s Journal - Camandar is having trouble with crystals
Captain Alphaury’s Journal - An assault on Coldharbour fumbles at the starting gate
Captain Black Sword’s Journal - A pirate captain captures a wamasu to gain Fortunata's favor Things inevitably go wrong
Captain Blackheart’s Log - A Captain is enthralled by forces beyond his willpower
Captain Burwarah’s Records - Journal of a sea captain's voyage
Captain Evani’s Log - A smuggling captain finds themselves in trouble after a change of leadership
Captain Fanimanwe’s Journal - The Captain and his men are stranded among undead
Captain Kaleen’s Log - The ship carrying Emeric to the Systres is caught in a storm
Captain Tsuzo’s Log - The ship carrying Jorunn to the Systres is caught in a storm
Captain Za’ji’s Log - Log of a ship carrying Ayrenn to the Systres
Captain’s Log of the Intrepid Guar - A captain and his crew are shipwrecked in a strange and deadly land
Catalyst Notes - A Mage and associate are in a desperate situation
Caught Him! - A troublemaker is apprehended
Cavot Agnan’s Breakthrough - A necromancer attempts to raise the dead with the help of Lucent Crystals
Celan’s Journal - A vengeful bosmer regrets his choices
Charred Journal - A journal about the waking flame coming to town
Chiselshriek Foreman’s Log - A miner's logbook regarding missing workers
Chodala’s Writings - The would-be Nerevarine reveals the source of his power
Cinnar’s Notes - A detective investigates a thief with a very distinctive MO
Cipher Akacirn’s Journal - A scheme to remove soul from body
Claudie’s Journal - A servant girl hopes for forbidden love
Claudie’s Last Entry - A tragic last entry from the serving girl
Claudina’s Notes - Observations on strange happenings in the Blackreach mines
Colovian Deserter’s Journal - Journal of a deserter
Coming of the Learned One - Journal of one of the Firstmages on a visit by the celestial mage
Commentary on Fate Dialectal - [Elydrina Nathriin’s dissection of Azandar’s thesis is swift and brutal, using efficient language across a scant few pages.] In conclusion, my pupil’s ideas are misguided, spurious, and utterly charming. Azandar has completely missed the mark with his scholarship, but has conveyed these concepts in an entertaining and engaging fashion. While this work is summarily rejected […]
Commodore’s Diary - We terrorized the Abecean Sea for more than a decade and now these witless ingrates lose their spines because we’re a tad outnumbered. “They need a miracle,” they say. Well, I’ll give them a miracle, all right. There’s power in these baubles of the druids. I don’t speak their old, forgotten tongue, but I know […]
Compiled Research - Entry 001 I have secured lodging in a House Indoril estate on the island of Gorne. And, while the island already houses an asylum for maddened wizards, the master’s of the house have assured me complete and total privacy as I conduct my research. The irony is not lost on me, but I hope that […]
Confessions of a Bold Alchemist - A passionate defense of alchemy
Confiscated from the Prisoner - A list of items taken from a prisoner
Constable Maldred’s Journal - An officer of the law embraces vampirism
Constable Ulbren’s Notebook - Stonechip Quarry falls to a mysterious illness
Councilor Abor’s Journal - Note regarding the plans of the longhouse emperors
Covenant Intelligence Report 2, 502 - A Covenant agent researches the Scaled Court
Cracking the Elden Tree Vault - A somewhat complex and humorous plan for a vault robbery
Crow’s Wood Traveler’s Log - A weary traveler seeks refuge in a cave
Crumbling Breton Scroll - An ancient weapon uncovered
Curative Batch Notes - Attempts at brewing the perfect potion
Daggerfall Covenant Missive - A missive warning against Air Atronach rumors
Daggerfall Market Shopping List - Grocer—three blood oranges Tailor—crescent-emblem cloak Florist—black roses with thorns
Dalaneth’s Journal - Dalaneth follows a tale from the Spinners to discover secrets of the past
Damar’s Ledger - Sold: Goat, 10 gold Winter grain, 30 gold Leather scraps, 2 gold Trades: Red wine for Yanurah plus 10 gold Bought: Goat, 2 gold Red wine in cask, 50 gold
Dark Ministrations - A Vaermina cult in a dark place ponders its place in the scheme of things
Dark Ritual - Recent scribblings over an ancient scroll
Dawn of the Exalted Viper - There is a new leader among the Scaled Court
Dead Man’s Drop - Just what waits within?
Dead Sword-Disciple’s Note - A blademaster's school is infiltrated by a dark student
Dealing with the Recollection - Narsis Dren enlists millitant Bosmer to help him excavate an Ayleid ruin
Debonaire’s Captain Log - Mutiny is in the air. Doubt in the Commodore creeps through the crews ever since he got us into this mess. Rushing back here to divide our plunder instead of splitting off in different directions to evade our pursuers. A greedy man’s blunder. He claims he’s got a plan. One that will make us unbeatable, […]
Deciphered Imperial Document - Deciphered coded message from Leovic to the leader of the Waking Flame
Deckhand’s Log - One deckhand tries hard to impress his notorious captain
Deep Thoughts of Chief Gloorot - Truly, the greatest sage of our age
Delver Notes - A puzzle in an old ruin is deciphered
Deregor’s Lost Goods - A list of things lost in a wreck
Devotee Journal - A pilgrim to Mount Kand makes a pit stop in Molag Mar
Diary of a Romance - One woman's misguided effort to please her man
Diary of Climent Noellaume - Musings of am ambitious young sailor
Discarded Diary - The Journal of an ambition of Dagon's
Discarded Journal - A broke husband takes a job in a mine
Divayth Fyr’s Notes - The famous mage arises in the Clockwork City
Diviner’s Journal - I am blessed. To find my calling at the time when it is needed most is sublime. That I might join this cause at the precise moment it stands to achieve its greatest victory isn’t simply fateful, it’s destiny. The woman I divined in my dreams has come to us, and the purity of her […]
Dockmaster’s Lament - Difficulty dealing with Maormer captains
Dominion Agent’s Report - An Agent plants on tying up loose ends
Dominion Soldier’s Journal: Zuuk - A Kothringi with a famous name is an extraordinary healer
Doomed Explorer’s Journal - Dorand's Final Notes - Dorand
Dorand’s Final Notes - An explorer's final notes on pressure valves
Doshia’s Journal - Doshia's highly legible journal
Dour Lady’s Captain Log - Every sailor has their charms to help keep them afloat on the uncaring sea. I’ve seen a sailor wear a lock of his lover’s hair around his neck to keep his head above water and I always tie my ropes starboard-side first. But those twisted idols and barnacle-crusted books have no place on a sane […]
Dradeiva’s Journal - Notes on a massive voriplasm and a missing Imperial legion
Drakeeh the Unchained’s Journal - The journal of a Blackheart bandit leader tells of their hierarchy and a betrayal
Dranos’s Diary - A Morag Tong assassin decides to worship Mephala directly and joins the Silken Ring
Dreamsnake Manifest - List of cargo from a fun voyage
Drillk’s Journal - One Kothringi survivor is angry at the Dominion troops
Drivas’ Journal (Partial) - Drivas attempts to explore an old Rourken ruin
Drublog Shaman’s Journal - A sacred site is infested with Wood Elves of all things
Druid Senna’s Last Account - The Firesong, they’ve come to kill us. This may very well be the last record of Druid Senna. It’s not my best work, but what death letter is? My instincts served me better than my poor friends and family when the Firesong attacked. I watched their lives extinguished beyond the boulder that hid me from […]
Drusilla’s Notes - Grim notes from a torturer
Duchess Astella’s Notes - A note on plans for a ritual
Duchess Elea’s Investigation Notes - Curious. The Systres Guard report that routine banditry across High Isle seems to be declining. They believe that some new bandit chieftain is recruiting followers from the island’s outlaws. I directed Steward Hercian to look into it. Banditry across High Isle has resumed, at a completely intolerable level. These outlaws are now better organized and […]
Dulkhi’s Diary - A journal of young love
Dulza’s Log - A mercenary accidentally fonds his way into Sotha Sil's realm
Duttard’s Journal - Laugh at me, will they? “Just fanciful tales for the sake of embellishment.” My eye! Only fools and pedants left at the Bards College! Next they’ll say the Dwarves never existed at all! — Blackreach is real. It must be. You don’t hear tell of great Dwarven caravans clamoring along on their clanking machines. How […]
Dwarven Ruin Explorer’s Journal - A band of Argonians met a bad end in this ruin
Ealcil’s Journal - The discovery of a weather-controlling artifact
Edric’s Confession - A cook confesses to killing his lady
Edvilda’s Log Book - An adventurer's log
Egg-Tender’s Journal - Contains details on how eggs are cared for in black marsh, as well as tribal politics
Eislef’s Journal - Eislef's journal about life in Riften
Eldbjorg’s Needed Ingredients - Eldbjorg sure needs a lot of diverse and unusual things
Elegian’s Notes - Notes on research of changing daedra
Elenaire’s Journal - A researcher's journal documenting her survey of Hel Ra Citadel
Elf Prisoner’s Note - Short note from an Elven prisoner held by Argonians
Emerald Eye Mage’s Journal - Lord Nabayir is determined that Mahtelah follow after her mother. He moved her to a suitably remote place, the Motalion Necropolis. No one will notice one more unusual tomb door unless they look closely, so we should not be disturbed. I have inscribed a map to the area for my own reference, as locating a […]
Endarre’s Log - Endarre reaches the end of life, but prays for a lover
Endemir’s Journal Entry - Endemir explores the new Dawnwood and encounters strange Daedric beings
Enthoras’ Journal - Notes on shipping throughout Valenwood
Entila’s Folly - Bahkig seeks play mates
Entry 19 - A Khajiit's journal entry about a horrible plague
Ertival’s Recounting - A recollection of nightmares
Esdir’s Old Journal - Esdir's journal regarding his comrads
Eshraf’s Journal - Essanyon's Records - Essanyon
Essanyon’s Records - A zealous cult to Auri-El commits some questionable acts
Euraxia’s Personal Journal - The Quebec's reflections on Khajiiti legend
Eveli’s Speech Ideas - Notes about what to include in a speech
Everfull Flagon Journal - The personal journal of the Flagon proprieter
Excerpts from Keshargo’s Journal - The journal of Keshargo
Experiment Journal - Using ice-zombies as workmen
Exploring the Xal Ithix Ruins - Looking for ancient Argonian artifacts
Exposing a Terrible Evil - A family's discoveries about the Dark Brotherhood
Eyewitness to the Wall - First hand a count of the building of Varen's Wall
Faded and Dusty Scroll - A description and warning about a warded Ayleid chest
Faded Note - A note found on the top of one roof in Crucible
Falkfyr’s Complete Report - Report on a mission to track Reachmen
Famia Mercius’s Journal - The main quest giver for Murkmire tells the DLC's story and gushes about the player
Fang-Furls’ Business Ledger - A business ledger
Fang-Furls’ Dead Drop - A note regarding cultists messing with smugglers
Fang-Furls’ Second Dead Drop - notes regarding competition between smugglers
Fang-Furls’ Third Dead Drop - note on smugglers vs cultists
Fanlyrion’s Journal - Another dead end. Of course. It’s not enough that I infiltrate Ceporah Tower, that I bluff my way into the Ritemaster’s personal library and find the mouldered scrap of parchment. It’s not enough that I scrape and claw my way into this realm of books and monsters. I’m at the ritual site described. Where the […]
Fantos Epilion’s Journal - Attempts to finds a use for dreugh puke
Farandare’s Journal - Farandare dreams of Falinesti and of a long ago lover
Fera’s Journal - Author: Fera Day 103. My sisters and I just claimed our largest haul to date. A military vessel carrying the High King’s gold thought it could safely sail the Abecean Sea under the cover of a storm. What a foolish mistake. And they never had to deal with the masterful navigational skills of the Systres […]
Feyne Vildan’s Diary - A long-suffering wife's diary
Find the Lodestones! - Tear apart any vessel still afloat. Half-built, falling apart, never floated. Doesn’t matter. Have the thralls pull up every board until they find the lodestones. If any of the thralls die, put them to work with the rest of the bloated deaders dredging the harbor. We have orders to take every lodestone we can find, […]
Finimi’s Domicile - Only the Sisters may enter this dwelling Place a sacred tanna leaf on the plinth nearest the island’s center Place my good sister’s shawl onto the plinth where the knight’s sword never rusts Place the traitor’s lignite coal onto the plinth where animals die Cursed be the traitor’s name
Finimi’s Spellbook - While my fellow pirates in the Systres Sisters have their talents, we would never be successful without my specific expertise. I am a master of the arcane, a mage of no small accomplishment. How else could we escape pursuit and overtake larger vessels time and time again? This collection of spells represents my life’s work. […]
Fire’s Grip - Doratella has found a good spot for a workshop
Firebrand Watch - The Lion Guard has lazily abandoned another fort
Firras’ Journal - Firra speaks about a powerful artifact in possession of the Thalmor
First Mate Dalmir’s Log - Departed Vivec City on the morning tide, bound for Sadrith Mora. A fine morning to set sail. Made port at Sadrith Mora and took on a cargo of muck sponge. Took on passengers at Firewatch. Prelate Faram and his aides, who observe a vow of silence. Strange group, all with scars that indicate they suffered […]
First Signs of the Flu - The Knahaten flu comes to Orcrest
Firuin’s Journal - Galithor has let me down for the last time. I told him to meet me on Balding Hill so we could leave this backwater and build a new life. He never came. I tried to explain, but he doesn’t understand how much we could learn out there! That there is so much more than the […]
Fisherman’s Journal - Day 57: I’m so glad I asked the spinner to build me this hut. I can dangle my feet off the edge and fish as much as I want. My cousin will be so jealous. Day 58: The fish here are thriving! I have more than enough to eat. Not only because of the number […]
Fishing Camp Checklist - The important chores of a fishing camp
Five Claws Battle Cries - A collection of slogans for one Arena team
Fleeing Senchal - A healer's reflection after the burning of Senchal
Flu Victim’s Note - Describes the symptoms of the Knahaten flu
Flyleaf Catacombs - The author of this note finds himself regretting a few recent life decisions
Foolish Wings - A note on the ravens of evergloam
Forbidden Research Notes - Perhaps this research was forbidden for a reason
Freiwen’s Diary - Mother asked me to go speak with Wilgin today. His sawmill keeps the town alive in a lot of ways, even during the times when it’s bitter cold out. She believes I should learn more about how his operation works. This is all part of her belief that I’ll take over her duties when I’m […]
From A Copy For The Archive - A discreet note between Thieves Guild members
Fungal Grotto Journal - The journal of a Mephala cultist found in this dungeon
Gabrielle Benele’s Journal - Benele has found something she believes will turn the tide for the Lion Guard
Gamwyn’s Journal - I parted ways with Rigvar and Irgnar some time ago. They were headed northwest toward a ruined tower. I’ve heard of an ancient relic in the ruins nearby. There seem to be some Worm Cultists around. Shouldn’t give me much trouble. I’ll try for it in the morning.
Garlas Agea Construction Log - Gold Coast Trading Company workers attempt to disarm ancient Ayleid traps
Garnikh’s Hunting Log - Outlanders in the woods
Gathiel’s Astrology Chart - What does the omen of the Lady mean?
Gathiel’s Diary - A weighty decision
Gavo’s Itinerary - Arenthian centurion's daily goals
Gavros’s Journal - Alchemist laments the use of his formula for basic swindling
Geel-Ma’s Diary - Shadowscales plan to eliminate the Silken Ring
General Malgoth’s Journal - Malgoth's forces fall to deception
Gharakul’s Journal - A Mephalan cultists's recollection of the fall of Murkuldin
Gordag’s Journal - An Orc father tries to cure his daughter
Gorlar’s Journal - A would-be necromancer's journal
Graccus’ Journal, Volume I - A Hermaeus Mora devotee's journal
Graverobber’s Lament - A graverobber complaints about the grave they're robbing
Grazdar’s Notes: Hammer’s Bypass - A children's rhyme contains clues to a dungeon puzzle
Greenshade Explorer’s Log - An anomaly in a secluded cave
Grenetta’s Journal - A bandit's journal and regrets
Gripe, Gripe, Gripe - A soldier's complaint about his assignment
Gryphon Watching Log - Notes from a Gryphon breeder
Guard Duty - One soldier's diary about guard duty
Guild Contract: Spindleclutch - A Fighters Guild contract
Guild Mage’s Journal - One Redguard guild mage is in trouble
Gwenengith’s Journal - DAY ONE So, I’m here in Gonfalon Bay. I’ve been working for a day now as a banker at the Cautious Coffer. Aside from the usual things you’d think get stored in a vault, we ended up with several weapons in need of repair, quite a bit of poison, and a goat named Rooftapper. Charlebert […]
Hadmal Lastblood’s Journal - Hadmal had to sacrifice those dear to him for the greater good
Hadmal’s Journal - Fragmentary journal about the final resting places of the author's dead children
Haldain’s Journal - Plea to return belongings to sister
Hammett’s Journal - Last Seed 1 We made it to the Valley of the Forefather at the start of Last Seed. This is good. There is more glory to be gained when the Warrior is ascendant. Last Seed 4 We have managed to light the braziers and defeat Ysmir’s champion at the gate. It was a memorable battle. […]
Head Jailer’s Journal - Day 732 More trouble with the Green Serpents. I hate those bastards. I’ll send another request to House Mornard for a battle of knights to support us. Not that I ever expect them to arrive. Day 738 Word has come to me that some of our jailers have been amusing themselves at the expense of […]
Healer Heloise’s Notes - A healer deals with strange injuries
Healer Jenille’s Note - How to cure a severe rotmeth hangover
Hears-the-Wind’s Note - Meet me in the back of Greenstone Caverns. I assure you, security won’t be a problem.
Heiruna’s Journal - Of all the groups I thought I’d run into during my travels, the Dragon Cult never even made the list. It’s positively laughable. One would think it was impossible to be so delusional, and yet here they are, plain as day. I tracked them to their hideout of sorts. They call it Dragonhome, but it’s […]
Hendil’s Journal - Hendil's son's condition is worsening
Henri’s Journal - I don’t know what I did to deserve this assignment. I thought war was supposed to be exciting. All we’ve done since arriving in this frozen wasteland is wander around like commoners touring the arse-end of Skyrim. And that Valcent gives me the shivers. Why does Owen bend over backwards to please him? We found […]
Here To Stay - A note found in the City of Ash
Hidden Diary - A cultists reflections on joining a cult
Hidden-Hands’ Journal - Hidden-Hands gets stiffed on a business deal
Hinaamo’s Journal - A man learns martial arts to avenge his wife
Hjurring’s Last Seed Journal - 10th of Last Seed – No interments. No visitors. 11th of Last Seed – One interment. No visitors. 12th of Last Seed – No interments. No visitors. 13th of Last Seed – One interment. No visitors. 14th of Last Seed – Two interments. No visitors. 15th of Last Seed – Four interments. No visitors. 16th […]
Hlaki’s Journal - It is nearly done. Lodorr is sealed in his tomb. One task remains. I must prepare a cursed ward that will cause the dead to rise if the prison is ever breached. I’ve ordered the tunnels sealed behind me. This shall become my tomb, as well.
How Long Before the Echoes Fade? - A hopeless journal entry
How Long? - It’s been weeks. Months? They say that time flows with demented cadence in the realms of Oblivion. When I get out of here—if I get out of here—the world will have moved on. I pray that, however much time has passed, my husband and the residents of Whisper Grove remain safe. It would be a […]
How Much Longer? - Poverty benefits one observer
How the Locks Work - One memory-swiped prisoner's notes
Howls in the Night - One Nord hears wolves in the night
Hubert’s Diary - Author: Hubert We came to mine… We saw bears and were trapped… The food is running out… Marisse didn’t make it.
Husks and Bones - An Imperial has a very difficult time in Valenwood
Huvar’s Journal - Huvar and his men pay homage to Kyne
I Know Its Name - One anonymous writer must confront an abomination of bone
I Must Not Falter - A werewolf looks to reclaim his love by killing everyone else
I Saw Him Again Tonight - The private thoughts of a conflicted wife
I’ll Get You Ulbazar - Starvation approaches
Ibrula’s Journal - A scholar is seduced by a dark voice
Ice-Heart’s Journal - The leader of the Winterborn in Wrothgarian goats to his diary
If I may Beseech You - Stibbons must reject the advances of a lady suitor
Imperial Refugee’s Journal - A fleeing Imperial struggles to find sanctuary
In the Deep Tombs - A soldier being betrayed
Indirim’s Journal, Assembled - A Summerset marine's chronicle of observations about the sea sload invading Summerset
Initiate’s Fear - An new member of the Oathsworn is afraid
Initiate’s Last Sight - An initiate of the Blind Path reflects on their experience with the Darkshard
Intiate’s Notes - Journal of an aspiring bandit found in Weeping Wind Cave
Investigation Note - A crumpled note about seeing stones
Irgnar’s Journal - An adventurer goes out on his own
It is Insufferable - A romance is cut short by ancient tradition
Ithisa’s Journal - Ithisa is frustrated with the condition of the kwama mine
Ixtaxh Explorer’s Journal - Treasure hunter attempts to raid a xanmeer
Izzmothar’s Power - Journal of a Daedra named Izzmothar
Jakolar’s Journal - Jakolar must undo a curse
Jeirmun’s Work Log - Explorers are attacked by pale, undeathly Orcs while exploring the Dwemeri ruin Rkindaleft
Jewelry Crafting Survey - Information on where one might find various resources required for jewelrycrafting
Jofnir’s Journal - I’ve done all I can. For now, I’ve salvaged what I could of the situation. Took a few relics as trophies. I should be back out in the light soon enough. I can put these lessons to good use the next time I visit Ragnthar. The Dwemer constructs will set watch, keep the place safe. […]
Jomund’s Research Notes - Notes on the storage and properties of ore in Lost Knife Caverns
Journal - Final words of a man dying from Rockjoint
Journal [Amarbina] - Final words of a man dying from Rockjoint
Journal of a Fallen Officer - An undercover narcotics enforcer becomes an adict, the vows to get her rank back
Journal of a Scorned Lover - Dear Journal, Last night, my whole life changed. I know that you’re thinking: “Quenten, you’ve been in this position before.” But this is different this time. On this I swear! One night of passion. That’s all I wanted. I’m not a fool. I heard of Jakarn’s reputation—and his predilections. The master of midnight, with warm […]
Journal of a Stranded Mage - A mage lost in the Clockwork City misses his loyal companion
Journal of a Telvani Emissary - A Telvanni diplomat finds power in Skyrim
Journal of a Z’en Priest - Personal journal entry of a Z'en devotee
Journal of Adosi Fevur - A journal of a Telvanni Mage
Journal of Arrai - 29 Sun’s Height I know not what force drags us up from our eternal rest, but the call cannot be denied. I did not study the Daedric Princes much in life, but bound to them now in death, I regret that. Maybe if I knew more, I could save us from this terrible duty. Whatever […]
Journal of Bernamot the Great - Bernamot has an inflated sense of his abilities
Journal of Culanwe - An Azura servant tries to broker peace between warring factions
Journal of Dionus Trutor - An exploring pondering a puzzle
Journal of Elias - Elias finds himself in a horrible situation
Journal of Garron - Garron plots to ascend to lichdom
Journal of Habbert Unsinett - Journal of a Hermaeus Mora devotee and his quest to preserve knowledge
Journal of Hostia Asellus - A bandit becomes a slaver to feed her family
Journal of Justiciar Avanaire - An officer of the law goes rogue to protect their sister
Journal of Kovan Giryon - A journal of a Telvanni Mage
Journal of Legionary Jucanis - A bored legionary's quiet post in the West Weald is overwhelmed by Bosmer
Journal of Magiul Shiana - A faithful cook and servant keeps a record of his interesting life
Journal of Master Pellingare - The Master discovers Garron's plans a little too late
Journal of Merethrin - Journal about the quest for immortality
Journal of Nerile Belvayn - A journal of a Telvanni Mage
Journal of Nicolas Douare - Journal of a budding Necromancer
Journal of Orryn the Black - Details Orryn's quest to find Fang Lair
Journal of Priestess Aranwen - Aranwen receives a special mission from the Queen
Journal of Scamp Naal - Journal of a scamp
Journal of Shardmarshal Vargas - A member of the Shardborn begins to remember their purpose
Journal of Skorvild Frostwind - Skorvild has alchemeical plans to assist his High King
Journal of the First Remnant - For those who collect knowledge in service of our lord, the history of the Remnants is poorly documented. We are not scholars inclined to write down every thought, nor curators who quietly organize collections in obscurity. The Remnants are soldiers. Swords and shields that serve the will of Hermaeus Mora. However, if we are to […]
Journal of the First Remnant - How the Remnants came to serve Hermaeus Mora
Journal of the King’s Seneschal - Journal detailing the discovery of an Ayleid relic
Journal of Thracius Mento - Journal of a healer strugging with curing the Knahaten Flu
Journal of Tsona-Ei - Tsona-Ei recounts the conflict between the All-Flags Navy and the Sload of Thras
Journal of Ulrich - One man refused to serve Emeric, but won the support of the common man
Journal of Urodil Sea-Born - Urodil encounters the Stormwardens for the first time
Journal of Ventilias Proximus - An aspiring necromancer gets caught up in Hew's Bane politics
Journal’s Final Pages - The sad final thoughts of a remorseful father
Journeys In Galen: A Scholar’s Travels - A traveler wants to find the Druids of Galen, or their protectors
Kaarat’s Journal - They’ve made no demands or given any hint of what their goals are. I’ve tried to get a look at their leader, a large Nord, but he always has his face covered.
Kal-Eeto’s Journal - An incoherent journal
Karnhar’s Journal - Exploring creepy sinkholes, trying to do good
Kastav’s Journal - Kastav descriptions of the Dremnaken
Keeper Ormi’s Journal - Ormi loses faith in Kyne
Kelbarn’s To-Do List - A miner's unfinished poem
Kennixa’s List - A perfectly normal, sane shopping list (for a monster, maybe)
Kerthor’s Supply List - I need to remember to pick up a few essentials the next time I get over to Windhelm or Fort Amol. 4 new axe blades 8 new handles, oak 4 sharpening stones 2 heavy shirts, gray 2 pairs of boots, black 1 cask of mead, Voljar’s cheapest 1 barrel of apples, no worms 1 box […]
Khadabi’s Rules - A Khajiit has unfortunate luck with matchmaking
Khajiit’s Lost Journal Page - A Khajiit monk laments the state of the temple
Khorshina’s Journal - Journal written by someone suffering from nightmares
King’s Haven Territory Record - As the settlement grows, it becomes necessary to kick out the natives
Kireth’s Journal - Kireth describes a lengthy foray into a Dwemer ruin
Kireth’s Prism Notes - Kireth's scholarly attitude is dampered by spiders
Kiv’s Journal - Thought that little village would be a bust. Then I ran into the Lady Jourvel. Pretty young woman from High Isle. Set up a date at the inn to talk about “art.” Thought she might have some decent jewelry, but haven’t noticed anything expensive. I did see that she wore a signet ring, though. Not […]
Kiv’s Notes - Notes on people from all over Tamriel. Bangkorai: S near Halcyon. Likes to pretend she’s roughing it. Wayrest: JL reeled in. Ring? He knows quality. Ready for brush-off. Wayrest: Pretty little rich girl. Sapphires! Likes art. Not stupid. Need to string her along to get that necklace. Belkarth: Goldleaf. Travels with coin. Maybe hide goods, […]
Kjalnar’s Research Notes - Necromancer's plan to raise Tzirzhalir of the Grey Host
Klaandor’s Journal - The blood-curse burning through my body matters not. Nor do I regret my coming demise. I regret only that I will never see Vyctorelle again. At least, I pray I never see her again. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – As my will weakens, I think […]
Knahaten Flu Confirmed - The first cases of Knahaten Flu in a Kothringi village
Kraala’s Journal - Hates: noise Loves birds
Krisandra Edrald’s Journal - A spiteful mother forms a dark pact with a Daedric Prince
Kynmarcher Strix’s Journal - Curse the Prince of Secrets! I now see that my task in Bastion Nymic will be neither swift nor simple. Countless nymics are preserved within these walls, but only as intangible thoughts. To access them, one must go to the right place within this vast maze and command them to manifest in visible form. A […]
Lady Edwyge’s Notes - Notes on an experiment in turning back time It didn't quite work out
Lady Laurent’s Qharroa Notes - Notes on an archaeological dig
Lady Laurent’s To-Do List - The archeologist's personal priorities
Lady Llarel’s Journal - A eggmine-owners daughter muses on building a kwama shelter
Lanath’s Journal - Journal mentioning the Molag Bal aligned Ayleid capital of Abarglas
Lanista’s Journal - A wagon driver's journal recording his encounter with Iron Orcs
Last Words of a Devotee - The final thoughts of a Hermaeus Mora worshipper
Lauron’s Journal - A mage writes about controlling crocodiles
Legend of Chill House - A chilling note about a haunted house
Legionary Jadreitha’s Journal Entry - A Legionary encounters strange mosaics and Daedric rituals
Legionary’s Journal - Captain Siro is arguing with that woman from the Cult again. It’s a shame, seeing command shackle the captain with a “special envoy.” A spotless record for years, then one little loss and the Tharns come down like a hammer. We’re Imperial soldiers. We don’t need babysitters.
Leimaer the Raven’s Journal - The Konunleikar continues, if such a name could be given to the celebration of a false king. The Stormfist clan participates in this farce so I can deliver my lord’s message to the cursed Jorunn … and so I can see his face as realization sinks in, like a dagger in his heart. While I […]
Leonaud Niscel’s Journal - Exploring the Ayleid ruins of Elenglynn
Leonce’s Journal - I can’t believe how much gold Northpoint is willing to pay for a few dirty Orcs. Just a few more days, and I can go far away and spend my earnings in peace. In the meantime, I convinced our coward of a mayor to mobilize the Fell’s Brigade, giving me all the power I need […]
Letter from Duke Nathaniel - To His Royal Majesty Emeric, High King of the Daggerfall Covenant, My Dear Brother, As always, there are several items of note, some related to the security of the kingdom and others of a more personal nature. Please read this privately, and I beg you to exercise discretion in discussing its contents with your advisors. […]
Letter to Hearth-Mother - Describes the ill-fated expedition to the top of mount Sorrow
Letter to Peryite - A fanatic's letter to his Daedric patron
Lieutenant Jascien’s Last Missive - Lament for a desecrated graveyard
Life in the Eagle’s Shadow - An Altmer loves, then hates, then fights the newly founded Aldmeri Dominion
Listens-To-Water’s Observations - A journal, bookmarked with a key
Log of the Intractable - Two weeks out and no sign of the so-called “Renrijra Pirates” or the Brotherhood of the Sakkr-al-Behr. It is my belief that while the Ra Gada have been successful in raiding along the coasts, they would not dare to sail upstream along the winding and unmapped rivers and waterways of Shadowfen. The Redguards are, essentially, […]
Logbook of Druid Anwas - Day 1 I, Anwas, faithful servant of King Kasorayn, have pledged to maintain the record of our journey away from High Rock. While we are not people given to permanence—neither in home nor history—I believe that such a voyage deserves the honor. We seek to establish a new dominion. A place where druids may thrive […]
Logbook of Druid Betrys - Day 1 I, Betrys, Druid of Galen and follower of King Kasorayn, have pledged to maintain the record of our journey to find a new home. I made this promise to Anwas who believed in preserving the story of our exodus and discovery of a new land for the druids. At one time, I served […]
Lord Bacaro’s Journal -   At first my rage at the failures on High Isle and Galen knew no bounds. I had set up everything for success. The alliance leaders should have died at sea, but they were too stubborn. And my Magus failed to kill them at All-Flags. If Lady Arabelle’s champion hadn’t killed the fool, I would […]
Lord Gallio Valente’s Journal - A vampire makes a very special wine
Lorogdu’s Journal - An introspective orc muses on internal strife in his war party
Lost and Dusty Journal - Semkur wagered a week’s salary that I couldn’t spend a night in this place. Nearly swallowed his whiskers when I said I’d do it. The tomb is sealed behind me. I thought I heard someone’s voice, but it had to be Semkur trying to get out of the bet. It is a little scary in […]
Lumber Camp Journal - The rise and fall of Haldain Lumber Camp
M’zum’s Journal - It seems these moon-sugar thieves grow bolder. M’zum simply does not understand it! He has posted guards at the cellar entrance, hired mercenaries to patrol his farm, questioned and re-questioned every farmhand that remains. And nothing! Perhaps these Redhands have played him for a fool. It would not be surprising if they are behind the […]
Maerolor’s Chronicle - A spy in the Oathsworn examines his friends and foes
Magister Irin’s Notes - I told Mirise that I would look at some of the more scholarly students’ writing on enchanting wood for shipbuilding. This area of study could be quite fruitful, given the archipelago’s seafaring culture. However, I think her insistence on pushing her students into this field, and her repeated queries to me about arcane treatments for […]
Magister Otheri’s Research Journal - Tonal magics to help Kwama mines
Maliah’s Journal - Contains the password for the analysis factotums, and a mother's hope
Malizaz’s Journal - A necromancer attempt to prove themselves to their boss
Malofar’s Journal - We found it! Just where the map described it. The legends say that a group of giants came to this land long ago and settled in these caverns. It is the perfect place for me to continue my research and experiments! To think that those fools in Skyrim were frightened by my work. How dare […]
Manifest of Kinlord Rilis XII - Musings of this dark Kinlord
Marbruk Builder’s Log - The difficulties of construction in Valenwood
Martha’s Journal - Something is amiss on the island. Ever since he came back from looting that Nord ship, the Captain has walled off the Inner Haven to all but his original crew. No one in the outer camp knows what they brought back. The Captain’s methods have grown brutal since then. I had always heard Captain Blackheart […]
Marzula-jo’s Notes - A necromancer's experiment log
Master Healer Viralaine’s Notes - An unfortunate development has occurred. Roslenn discovered the laboratory. I had no choice but to sedate her with a large dose of the subject’s blood. I’m simply too close to success to suspend my experiments now. While the circumstances are regrettable, Roslenn’s case may provide new insights. To date, I have administered diluted doses of […]
Master Pythis’s Journal - A rogue Psijic's journal
Master Shelreni’s Notes: The Restoration - Rebuilding a statue of Vaernima
Master Shelreni’s Notes: Torvesard - The Dremora Torvesard came to me with an intriguing proposition more than two years ago now. He promised to fulfill my lifelong ambition to become archmagister and rule over House Telvanni. All I had to do was pledge my service to Vaermina, the Daedric Prince of Dark Portents, and all my dreams would come to […]
Mathias Raiment’s Journal - 2nd of First Seed For a moment today, I glimpsed something which I had not even dreamed possible, a love so forbidden that I did not even recognize my own feelings. Even now, I must wonder… that look, was it just my imagination? 10th of First Seed Again, that elusive impression. As we walked together […]
Mathor’s Journal - Saw a strange light out over the water last night. I’ve seen the auroras do some strange things, but never anything quite like this. Corpses washed up on shore. They were dressed strangely, as if they were from far-off lands. I have no idea where they came from. Tillrani said to send them on to […]
Matthiaume’s Journal - Saint Ellenica’s prayer book is here, but so too are the thrice-damned bandits. As if Rivenspire didn’t have problems enough! Even I am no match for swarms of bandits. I retreated here to tend my wounds and write these words. The bandits wait for me to die. I fear not, for I have Arkay’s protection. […]
Meat for Soup - One person's opinions on which meat is good for soup
Mel Adrys’ Journal - I’ve only been in the area a short while but already find both Skyrim and the Reach almost unrecognizable. In all my years of opposition to the blight, I have never seen vampiric corruption on this scale. I will record my observations here so that they may be useful later on. For myself or whomever […]
Melleron’s Journal - A rotmeth brewer has trouble selling his wares in Elsweyr
Meln’s To-Do List - 1. Add more summoning circles in the courtyard. 2. Servants could be spies. Dismiss them. 3. The door leading to the portal in Tel Rendys Hall is sealed with a ward of my own creations, a destructive resonance. Dispel switch deactivates the ward. Remember, it’s disguised. Use ghost sight lens before touching anything! 4. Banish […]
Mercano’s Journal - Journal of a man who turned to desperate measures for a loved one
Mercenary’s Scorched Journal - … took this job. Bazorgbeg sent us to our deaths. I think I’m the last one. The Dwarf things didn’t follow me in here, but it’s so cold. * * * Leaned against a big tube. The whole thing shifted. There were lights, then steam. At least it’s warm, now. * * * I can […]
Merchant Lords’ Compiled Documents - Merchants documents regarding his contacts
Merien’s Incantation - Note to self: My four fondest memories are the new words of power for the table, as of 7 Sun’s Dawn. The Mages Guild. My wife Amelie. My birthplace Camlorn. My son Tamien.
Merion’s Diary - An alchemist finds love in an unlikely place
Mezhun’s Field Journal - 17th Frost’s Fall Today Mezhun observed several Horker-Tusk tribesmen engaged in what he thought was a disgusting practice. They gorged themselves on boar meat and then forced themselves to vomit the food back up into their bowls. This one was truly shocked, however, when the riekr then traded bowls and ate their fellow tribesmen’s vomit. […]
Might as Well Die Fighting - Going to die here. Damned Goblins. They caught Miari and Tullias while we were exploring the ruins. Jumped us, didn’t even know they were there. Goblins dragged them both to the fires, spitted them and roasted them. Didn’t think the buggers ate cooked meat, maybe just torturing their victims. Miari screamed forever. Ran up the […]
Mikget’s To-Do List - A to do list
Mine Foreman’s Log - Day 746 Another day at the Triple Circle Mine, another half gold in my pay. But I digress. My workers are good men and women, devoted and hard-working. That’s why these continued stories of strange sounds deep in the mine are beginning to trouble me. Tesa brought me a tale today that I would have […]
Miner’s Journal - A group of miners breaks into a dwarven ruin It does not go well, as usual
Minwileth’s Diary - A diary about a companion who has an illness
Mirah’s Journal: The Salvage - (Due to water damage, many of the entries in this journal are barely legible.) If Mirah had coin for every time a smoothskin had a map and a dream, she’d never have to charter her ship to fools for scraps again. Today, a treasure sniffer by the name of Gallus begged every sailor he could […]
Miruin’s Journal - Day 2 Baron Montclair’s put me in command of an expedition to the Erokii ruins to search for some ancient relic for Reezal-Jul. Some old Ayleid thing called the Tear of Anurraame. I just hope it’s bigger than a real tear or we’ll never find it. Day 9 Or is it day 8? Or day […]
Mission Report: Successful - Summary of a mission
Mistress Dratha’s Journal - The Telvanni mistress seeks competent help to deal with a Daedra
Mojha is a Fool - Mojha is a fool. What does it matter that the Dragons are not gods? Are they not godly enough to command our worship? If it will spare this one the whip, this one will bow and scrape and labor for the great lizards. Do not approach this one again. He will betray you to save […]
Moldy Journal - 14th Second Seed Raining again. One wonders why I did not bring proper supplies to this place. Supposing the Bosmer who lived around were anything more than savages was a mistake. 20th Second Seed Assistant has gone missing. I expect I’ll find her body in the river, if the hoarvors don’t find her first. A […]
Moon-Sugar: A Better Plan - An alternate plan for making even more money from some good Moon-Sugar
Morian Zenas Cell Note - I did it! Safety at last and a place to sleep whenever that finally happens. It’s been three years, but I’m sure I’ll get tired eventually. The keepers here say that I’ll have to be housed with the other beasts. Something about their great bubbly lord not wanting me to think I’m important. The other […]
Mustn’t Forget - If that’s all that’s left to me. I cannot leave it behind. If I make others as I have been made, it shall be an heirloom of my new house, my new family. But I must protect it, it must be hidden. What if I forget where I hide it, if the changes affect my […]
My Journal - Journal of the frozen man of Bleakrock
My Kwama Journal - One person becomes insane in a Kwama mine
My Kwama Journal [Metamorphosis] - Fake it till you make it also applies to living like a Kwama
Mysterious Ore Notes - The ore appears to remain somewhat cool to the touch, even when left in a warm area for some time. Is this somehow related to the Ice Wraiths discovered in the western chambers? Did they affect the ore, or were they attracted by it’s existing effects? Requires further study.
Na-Kesh’s Journal - A power-hungry Tree-Minder explains the powers of the Hist sap found at Mazzatun
Naanurrel’s Logbook - The storm has lasted four days now and the Gale cannot withstand its battering waves. I fear we will lose the ship and all hands in these heavy seas. I cannot condemn my son to a watery grave, so now I must do the unthinkable. Long ago I learned from an ancient sailor the ritual […]
Nadafa’s Journal - Nadafa falls for a pale stranger
Nadine’s Diary - Charles may not be coming home
Nahirah’s Journal - One caregiver is concerned about a young Redguard devotee of magicka
Najan’s Journal - A goat herder falls in love with a spirit
Naliara’s Notes - Describes an unsuccessful expedition through the Summerset Isles
Naril Nagaia Journal - A researcher of Ayleids is confronted with an ultimatum
Narnolas’ Notes - Notes about unique Dark Anchors
Narsis Dren and the Lost Notebook - A "famous" explorer find trouble in a Nordic burial far from Skyrim
Necromancer Anniar’s Journal - Necromancers attempt to raise the dead, and awaken Daedra instead
Necromancer’s Diary - A necromancer's journal
Nedras’ Journal - There’s nothing left for me here. Sister and I have tried so hard to make a life, but Gendinora is getting sicker by the day. No one is willing to hire a “cannibal Elf” from the southern jungles. Damned idiots, everywhere. Giants with malformed ears and breath that stinks of cabbage. I keep promising Gendinora […]
Neelo’s Notes - An Argonian attempts to scry for an artefact
Neletai’s Notes - Xoryn appears to have been warped by the Arcane Knot
Neramo’s Journal - Journal of the scholar/explorer Neramo
Neronnir’s Journal - Neronnir's paranoid ramblings
Nettira’s Journal - When we originally spotted this ancient Dark Elf tomb, I knew I had to explore it. I was hoping that my cousin, Grundskar, would have accompanied me, but we got separated when our Fighters Guild troop scattered. I made it past the front door, but stealth was never really my strong suit. I didn’t expect […]
Nevena’s Diary - A novice historian studies an old, mysterious statuette
Niborwen’s Journal - A member of the Oathsworn reflects on her next steps
Nicolard Lia’s Journal - An explorer stumbles onto ancient Nedic ruins while searching for a place to sleep
Nicolard’s Note to Self - A researcher vows to sleep better
Nicolene’s Diary (Private!) - Don't you dare click that link! This is PRIVATE!
Night Runner Captain’s Journal - Smugglers join forces with a Sea Sload
Nikussha’s Research Notes - An alchemist from Black Marsh tries to save a town in Elsweyr
Nilaendril’s Notes - Description of a recently deceased person
Nilata Search Plan - An elaborate list of strange things
Nimriell’s Research - Research notes on Kwama
Nine Commands of the Eight … - From the personal library of Uggissar and Diala—may the Eight watch over them and their child, and may the Divines protect us all. The Divines are a lie. There’s no one watching over us. Our baby is dead! Would that Uggissar had gone to debtor’s prison rather than let us end like this in some […]
Nirwaen’s Diary - Falinseti walks
Nisaazda’s Journal - Preparations to consume a vial of dragon's blood
Nishzo’s Journal - The agent I hired finally found Palhadi and got her talking over drinks. Her drunkenness always was the most reliable thing about her. The information helped me finish a list of my associates and their current locations. Once this cough clears up, I’ll track them down. Some alchemist tried to tell me it’s the flu, […]
No Quarantine for Us - A defiant journal from a plague survivor
No Shira, No Good! - Pirates try to make No Shira Citadel their new hideout
Nolonir’s Journal - Journal of a Necromancer
Nord Child’s Journal - A childs journal
Nord Soldier’s Journal - A Nord soldier experiences strange earthquakes
Norgorgol’s Journal - Bandits get trapped in a Nedic ruin
Northern Heartlands Journal - Entry 55 Tomorrow looks to be a perfect day to climb the cliff behind the house, bask in the sun, and read a good book.
Not Long Now - Out with the lizards!
Not That Bad - An alternate view on the war
Note Written in Blood - A dark hunger grows
Notes of Lovirithel the Sage - A researcher explores an Alessian-era temple to Sithis on the coasts of Blackwood
Notes on Bewan - Just southwest of Dawnbreak, I’ve found the perfect place. An old Elven ruin open to the sea. We can run small boats right into the place, and smuggle the arcana off the island. Don’t even talk about this near the Archmage. He’ll take the coin right out of our fingers.
Notes on Crow Sightings - Mysterious birds are mysterious
Notes on Klathzgar’s Schematics - Translating everything in this ancient Dwemer workbook would take a lifetime, but after scrutinizing each page, I have discovered some tantalizing clues. It seems Klathzgar was building a very special centurion as a gift, or something similar. Of greatest interest is the name “Uurthehnchenthyalft,” which would roughly translate to “Urenenya.” This means I have definitely […]
Notes on Razak - A scholar searches for a Dwemer automaton
Notes on Shornhelm’s Cisterns - Shornhelm’s substructure includes many interconnected cisterns, a honeycomb of pocketed caches which is connected to every potable well within the city. Many of them leak into each other as a consequence of age and shoddy craftsmanship, but only one distributes water on a grander scale! This cistern is referred to as the master source, as […]
Notes on the Mortuum Vivicus - Details of Molag Bal's plot surrounding the Mortuum Vivicus
Novice Oscard’s Notes - The make up of an invasion force into the Clockwork City
Observation Note 154: Z’Maja’s Capture - Instructions for fighting Z'Maja the Sea-Sload
Ofglog’s Journal - Ofglog discovers the ability to fly, mistakenly
Oiarah’s Journal - I’ve been posted to Aldcroft. It’s nice to have a proper camp, near a proper town. Berouche still makes us drill every damned day, but what can you do? I’ve been speaking to the mages that are sharing our camp. They can be extremely interesting. They know a lot about the history of the area […]
Old Drublog Journal - A tribe of Orcs find a new home
Old Monk’s Diary - An innkeeper meets an enchanting woman
On Mirrors and Crows - A note about the talking crows of evergloam
On the Discovery of Relic Fiends - Reflecting on the fall of the Knights of the Silver Rose and the failure of Azura to protect her champions
Ondagore’s Journal - Journal of a Necromancer going mad from a lichdom ritual
Ongoing Journal of Galur Rithari - A Bouyant Arminger becomes a vampire, and desperate seeks escape
Onimiril’s Writings - A research journal
Onri Murien’s Hidden Wishes - I wish I’d never left my family to travel with him. I wish I had enough gold to buy a nicer home. I wish he loved me as much as my last husband. I wish he noticed how nice the flower bed looks. I wish he’d die.
Oodegu’s Journal—Keep Out! - Planning an evil plan
Ophelia’s Journal - A Covenant officer explains a plan at Bonestrewn Crest
Orchelor’s Diary - The Hound takes over, but where is the Silvenar?
Orders for Falinir - An unskilled hunter to be used as bait
Oshgur’s Destruction Journal - One Orc struggles with magic
Oshgura’s Destruction Journal - An orc is learning destruction magic
Ostarand’s Diary - Diary of an ancient Ayleid
Other Things I Hate - -Pickpockets who crouch to pick pockets -That awful residue left by smoke bombs -Sloppy killers who don’t clean their knives -Stupid people with stupid hats -Stupid people -Stupid hats -People -Hats -Thick windpipes that dull your knife -Pirates -Pirates in stupid hats -Pirates in pantaloons -Chub loon hats -Chub loons -Chub loons in stupid hats […]
Other Worlds Than These - Diary about a runestone and a golden figure
Page from Mender’s Journal - The harpies seem agitated. Could the manor’s affliction be affecting them as well? Or does their aggressiveness have another cause? Recovered suitable harpy feathers, but lost my gloves somewhere around here. Headed back toward manor when I sighted a strange black hound in the woods. Don’t think it saw me, but I had to retreat. […]
Page from Sun-in-Shadow’s Journal - I’m sure I have seen the same swarthy looking fellow near my home several times. Could a rival be trying to spy on me? Perhaps news of Ralasa’s death has traveled? It pays to be cautious. I will talk to my friend, [Player Name], as soon as possible.
Pages from Thiirril’s Diary - Pell's Gate is in trouble
Pale Creatures with a Taste for Flesh - An adventurer goes hunting for the Falmer, and unfortunately finds them
Partially Hidden Journal - A journal that talks about egonymics
Passenger’s Log: Disaster at Sea - Day Seven The warm waters of the Eltheric Ocean have given way to the cold embrace of the northern coast of High Rock. This region isn’t fit for anything but Orcs and horkers! The shores of sandy beaches have given way to crags of ice and snow. And why in the world are we sailing […]
People I Hate - An anonymous list of people who have wronged the author
Picking up the Pieces - A researcher's notes on another researcher's extensive collection
Proctor Luciana’s Journal - A mother, her son, and faith in the Clockwork God
Quartermaster’s Log - A gruesome menu
Ra’khajin’s Journal - A champion of Alkosh decides to abandon his calling and found a new order
Ralos’s Charred Journal - Journal of Ralos
Rana’s Log - Rana's musings and frustrations with Bleakrock Isle
Rasir’s Journal - Experimenting with mushrooms in Blackreach
Raven-Hair’s Recollections - The Reach's haunting memory
Rayno’s Scorched Journal - … overgrown, fur-coated Nord! He has offered nothing but insults since we arrived. We will never be treated as equals here, never! No doubt the Bleakers fled here as no civilized folk would put up with their stu …. … et again! For the sake of my family, I have withheld my temper and my […]
Raynor’s Journal: Bthanual - Proposes a method for controlling Dwemer devices
Raynor’s Travel Diary - Scribblings of one awkward mage
Red Rook’s Journal - Joining a noble group of bandits may be more than what she bargained for
Redfur Corporal’s Log - Theft can be lucrative, but not to the thief
Reezal-Jul’s Journal - The plans of a necromancer loyal to the late King Ranser of Rivenspire
Remnant of Prisoner’s Journal - They made no demands, gave no hints of their goals. I tried to get a look at their leader. He’s a tall man, well-muscled, and carries an axe. He keeps his face covered.
Retching Butterflies dealing log - Bandits dealing with skooma start to experience strange events
Reynila’s Journal - TYRANITE CALX The metal is an interstitial alloy used in the production of Dark Anchors, infused with soul gem fragments and trace other components I have no wish of knowing. By way of a soul magic ritual, Sondivel shapes it into malleable bands, affixed on wrists or ankles. Like weakening the barrier between Nirn and […]
Rhanbiq’s Notes - Entry 28 Nicolas certainly passed through the area, but enough time has passed that few remember the details. “Bellulor would know,” is what everyone tells me. Apparently they mean Bellulor Chatterbreak, some gossipy pickpocket who comes in here to cadge drinks. But not since I began asking around. He must think I’m with the local […]
Rigurt’s Journal - The Nord Emissary for Cultural Exchange remarks on his experiences among the Dunmer
Rilyn’s Journal - Day 58: I saw her in the market today, bringing light to my gloom. Barely spoke to her before her mother rushed her away. Not sure what I did to offend Frifhild; hard to tell with Nords. I think I saw more bruises. Day 60: She’s sleeping beside me, both drunk on wine, couldn’t be […]
Rinyde’s Journal - An altmer chooses the stage over a career in magic
Risa’s Journal - The last thoughts of a regretful adventurer
Rolea’s Journal - A werewolf couple seeks shelter among their own kind
Rothondothrin’s Journal - Journal of a Altmeri traveler
Ruined Watchmaster’s Journal - Mutiny, plots, and the slow decline of Pale Watch
Rulantaril’s Notes - A note on Crow's Wood
Rultari’s Journal - Written during a quarantine from plague
Ruminations by Guard Kleo - Small parchment found near a dangerous foe
Ruurifin’s Journal, Entry 1 - What happens if you build a city in an angry jungle?
Sanavar’s Research Notes - Is there a relationship between Dwemer and Yokudan star signs?
Saradin’s Diary - From the Diary of Saradin, Daughter of High King Durac My father and Virmaril spent another day and most of the night in the catacombs beneath Skyreach. They share a fascination for the dark arts, but sometimes I wonder if their friendship isn’t too complicated. Father bears such a burden as the Nedic High King, […]
Scholar Garrique’s Journal - Journal of an imaginative scholar
Scout Meera’s Report - Reports on a cave infested with goblins
Scrap of Adubaer’s Journal - … separated from the others. Can’t let them escape. Disable the devices, perhaps? Too close to fail now. Even if it means this one’s end as well, Morantor won’t get what he desires. The secrets will die here with us ….
Scrap of Storgh’s Journal - A journal fragment found in Vinedeath Cave
Scraper’s Journal - This place is a wreck. Orgvar said we’d find treasures down here. He thinks this place must have been an old Dwarven factory or something. Most of us on this venture don’t really care whether it was one way or another. We just want to get paid. Excavating these tunnels is a huge pain in […]
Scrawled Note [Damar Farmstead] - Note from a doomed farmer in Damar Farmstead
Scribbled Note - Journal found in a shirne to Sheogorath
Scribes of Mephala - The betrayal of a Scribe of Mora
Scutwork and Drudgery - To-do list of an evil individual
Sealed Letter - Asks the player for their help in finding Dragonguard lore to help banish the dragons from Elsweyr
Sealed Letter - Asks the player for their help in finding Dragonguard lore to help banish the dragons from Elsweyr
Second Invasion: Reports - A firsthand account of the Kamal invasion
Second Khajiiti Journal Page - Journal of a Khajiit detailing a great threat
Second Scrap of Adubaer’s Journal - … to be off the ship and back on land. The sea is not for this one. Night falls and we make camp outside Bthzark. The others are wary but suspect nothing. Finally, something to hold above Morantor’s head, to make him squirm. To think he did not even recognize his former slave. Reminding him […]
Seeker Manadra’s Expedition - A bodyguard's journal, describing an expedition into the lands beyond Fargrave
Sees-All-Colors’ Journal - Plans of the Fighters Guild guildmaster
Selenwe’s Journal - A sister turns to necromancy
Senan’s Note - A dying man's last words
Serpent Hollow Observations - Scholarly notes on Ogre behavior
Set List - A list of bardic songs to be performed
Seythen’s Journal Page - The author wanders off to explore some Daedric shrines
Shadowscale’s Journal - A Shadowscale encounters a Skinstealer
Shagora’s Journal - A fiancee runs off right before a marriage
Shazah’s Diary - A young Khajiit observes the spread of the Knahaten flu through her city
Shomae’s Journal - In search of a traditional Khajiiti instrument
Short Note - Being a bandit isn't good work
Shrine Scavenging Journal - Sometimes, the dying journal genre has a very mundane cause of death
Silver-Claw’s Ledger - Notes on leverage and payment
Silverslip’s Journal - ENTRY ONE A Redguard approached me today about a job. It concerns Song. I was suspicious, but a little curious, too, so I said I’d hear her out. She said Song’s family is alive and well, and is desperate to make sure she’s safe. Apparently, Song left home on bad terms and they want me […]
Sir Hughes’ Journal - A knight has traitorous nightmares about his duke
Sirdor’s Journal - Ancient Ayleid attempts at controlling the jungle went very wrong
Skalg’s Journal - A Mephalan cultist's creepy diary
Skeevers - Last note of a person killed by skeevers
Skooma Runner Logs - Records of smugglers and where their goods are going
Slave’s Diary - A sad and pitiable diary entry from a slave of Molag Bal
Snorfin’s Notes: Arkngthunch-Sturdumz - All right, I’m pretty sure that there’s a component that crazy Barilzar wants in the locked Dwarven chest in the center of Arkngthunch’s final chamber. The active furnace vents are a problem, though. Every time I try to get close to the chest, the fire burns and keeps me back. Looks like I need to […]
So Much Wasted Potential - A journal planning and executing egg thefts from other tribes
Soggy Note - An angry dying man wants the reader to exact his revenge
Solitude: A Charred Journal - Transcription of an old journal supposedly filled with historical dreams
Sondivel’s Journal - I’ve finally done it. The metal—tyranite calx—is malleable with the right application of heat and magic. The bonding causes more irritation to Argonian scales than to salamanders. Still, when under my influence, the subjects don’t complain of the inflammation or irritation whatsoever. Under my latest series, my subjects are completely suggestible, bright and eager to […]
Spectral Assassins - Research on creating Spectral Assasins
Speech Notes - A monument to the Lady of Twilight
Spellwright’s Notes - A Telvanni sailor encounters Hadolids
Sphinxmoth Bandit Leader’s Notes - A bandit group starts fresh in a new location
Spotted a Cave - Something of interest to the Fighters Guild
Star-Gazer Merith’s Journal - A Star-Gazer follows a fox
Stibbons’ Qharroa Checklist - A butler's list of to-dos
Stibbons’s To-Do List - A devoted servant's daily chores on behalf of his beloved mistress
Still-Water’s Journal - An escaped Argonian makes his living as a mercenary
Stitching Flesh - Journal of an Imperial City necromancer
Stonefire Ritual Tome - Tyrannical ambitions of Molag Bal cultists
Strange Rambling Notes - Trying to earn the trust of dark, hungry creatures
Sul-Xan Note - A note on an Idol
Sul-Xan Ritual Site - A journal that describes a ritual site
Sun-in-Shadow’s To Do List - An ambitious Argonia's itinerary
Supply Request: Stronger Sleep Potions - The Captain is developing an immunity to the standard dosage
Suril’s Journal - A botanist is fed up with Black Marsh's rain
Survivor’s Guilt - A soldier laments the death of his companion, who died to a dragon
Sweetness in the Air - The promise of leaving a backwater town
Tahnisa’s Journal - A leader's journal, documenting a town's desperate attempts to save themselves from the plague
Tajirri’s Journal - A Khajiit wanting to make a fresh start finds herself unable to do so
Taking Tolls! - One criminal's money making scheme
Talvini Radus’ Last Wish - A greedy last wish
Tancano the Elder’s Journal - Tancano's thoughts on an ancient city
Tancano’s Journal - Journal of a cannibal
Tattered Journal [Imperial City] - Complaint about working conditions and a lack of booze
Tattered Note [Elita’s Folly] - A bounty hunter dies in Elita's Folly
Tattered Trader’s Log - A trader's log
Tattered, faded scrap - A desperate prayer in the face of some awakened evil
Teldur’s Journal - A traitor is discovered
Telofasa’s Diary - A diary of a woman traveling in Fargrave
Telvanni Journal - Exploring the wonderous caverns beneath Tel Fyr
Terari’s Notes - Observations on a former lover gone mad
Terror of the Death Hopper - Journal of a man researching death hoppers
Testament of Dandera Helas - A priest of Mephala sacrifices themselves so that they can stop Ithelia
Tharayya’s Journal - Chronicles a researcher's search for a Dwemer artifact known as the Guardian's Eye
The Amplification Crystals - Plot for spreading Daedric influence
The Astronomer’s Power - Now is the time to strike
The Bird Totem - A hagraven is behind mysterious disapperances
The Black Dragon’s Journal - The Dragon talks about his past as he wonders about his future
The Black Dragon’s Journal - I haven’t felt drawn to this journal in a long time, but recent events seem to have made me long for those days when I was truly happy. When I had a family that loved and trusted me. Not like these men and women of the Order. They respect me. They fear me. But they […]
The Blessings of Jone and Jode - I am most blessed. Most blessed to see the miracles of the Divines with my own two eyes! I envy the bishop. What a sight it must have been to see the Great Cat descend from the sky above and reclaim his temple! Still, I have borne witness to the acts of gods and they […]
The Bounty and the Shields - This Journal Belongs to Julia Runellius Father told me that if I were to travel and fill bounties, I needed to keep a journal of my activities. He handed me this blank book and told me to fill it. I’m not much of one for writing, but I’ll honor his request as best I can. […]
The Duchess of Anguish - A description of Sai Sahan's iron will under duress
The Empty Room - Excavation report
The Experiment - Playing with the deepest fears and desires of one's co-workers
The Faceless - A dark presence haunts an old Elven ruin
The Falconer’s Log - Weather reports of a ship of the Gold Fleet and its Khajiiti atache
The First Day - A fledgling Razor Master receives a Dagger
The Grand Sermonizer’s Journal - The Ceremonizer desperately wants to question a member of the Dark Brotherhood
The Guise of Woodcutter - An unassuming disguise
The Hedge Maze - Journal of a trapped man
The Inescapable Helm - Journal of an orc with a mask stuck on their head
The Journal of Darien Gautier - Thoughts about nightmares and grocery lists
The Journal of Emperor Leovic - Last Journal of Emperor Leovic
The Journal of Indring the Patient - Why is Falinesti gone?
The Journal of Vivien Armene - A necromancer wants to revive a dragon
The Little Alkosh’s Log - The log of a Khajiiti sailor
The Living Flesh - A dark creation lives
The Never-Woven - Entry 1 Is it worth my eroding sanity? Knowledge, endless knowledge, as long as I’m willing to seek them out. Every fate teeters on a precipice, a threshold where they might be made, or not. We make our choices and the strands of what we choose to do, the way we choose to follow. Fate […]
The New Lord - A powerful new Lord appears at Red-Zeal Keep in the Deadlands
The Notebook of Mage Gadris - A mage makes a breakthrough in reversing the soul-meld
The Pack of Archon’s Grove - A pack of werewolves make Summerset Isles their new home
The Penitent’s Tale - The words of a tortured soul in Dagon's realm
The Perfect Batch - How to make some great Skooma
The Perfect Hiding Spot - An ambush awaits
The Perfection of Fearfangs Cavern - A description of a Nedic ruin rich in nirncrux
The Prison Must Fall - Information about a powerful necromancer named the "Flesh Sculptor"
The Proving Festival - A personal description of an Akaviri festival by a citizen of Hakoshae shortly after its founding
The Prowler’s Log - The log of the Prowler
The Purities of Mania - I will not sign my name to this treatise, no, no, no, no, no. But I am compelled to write down the wonders I have seen and felt in my time in the Shivering Isles. The mania that overtook me was an open maw I both feared and was drawn to. A whirl of madness […]
The Realm as we Know It - A snippet about the Maelstrom Arena
The Root Sunder Market - Description of an archeological site
The Root Sunder Roots - Observations on ruins in Grahtwood
The Source of Power - A powerful battery eludes them
The Trial of Wits - A plaque found in Garick's Rest
The Unbreakable Redguard - Sai Shan is difficult to break, but the Amulet must be found
The Unholy Temple - This insult must be avenged
The Wolf in the Sky - An ancient spirit proves to be unhelpful
They Should Grovel - Hatred for the Withered Hand
Theyo Bezon’s Natural Observations - A researcher of animals meets his end
Third Khajiiti Journal Page - Journal of a Khajiit monk
This is the End - A gangmember laments the fall of the Imperial City to the Daedric hordes
Thozor’s Diary - The tale of an Orc and his giant carnivorous flower
Through the Weeping Scar - A caravan makes their way through a canyon
Tidefall Cantos I - i. Midway through a dreamless night, I awoke upon a wretched beach. And, though the tide was black as ink, it did not stain my skin nor did it ruin my clothes. As I stood up and spat ink from my mouth, I was startled to find I had no memory of traveling to this […]
Timberscar Frustration - Stuck in a boring job
Time to Strike! - One Dominion loyalist's plan to utilize Daedra
To All Who Pass Through - One architect's pride in his twisted designs
Tommy Bones’s Journal - A pirate can't resist the lure of easy treasure
Tonight Was the Night - Tonight was the night, and it was as amazing as I had imagined it would be. It was inevitable, I suppose. Fate. My handsome, pale stranger. We met. We touched. His hands were so cold. Deathly cold. For a moment, I almost pulled away. But only for a moment. Then I moved closer, drinking in […]
Torturer’s Note: Temper’s Fork - Clues to a puzzle deep in the ruins of Orsinium
Torvesard’s Journal - Memory is fleeting, inconsistent. Hence, I have decided to take up quill and ink in the manner of mortals and record my thoughts. In case what I fear has occurred in the past happens again, Oblivion forbid.   * * * I have always been filled with glorious purpose, even if the specifics of that […]
Tracking the Butcher - A bounty hunter in pursuit of Iron Orcs learns a terrible secret
Trapped in Ebon Stadmont - I was a fool to ever come to this forest. I thought myself clever, powerful, unwavering, but through my many years of isolation I now see the truth. I was headstrong. Proud. So very, very foolish. And I’ve suffered because of that. I’ve been trapped within this forest for decades now. Trapped within the past. […]
Travel Itinerary - The noblewoman's to-do list in Anvil and Taneth
Treasure Hunter’s Journal [Chill Hollow] - Ghostly shapes in an ice cave
Treasure Hunter’s Journal [Craglorn] - Dwemer ruins don't always hold treasure
Tree-Minder’s Journal - Something strange happened to the dreugh today. They’ve become hostile, so I asked Gerent Saervild Steel-Wind to help me determine the cause. I asked if anyone has disturbed our reliquaries, but he assures me the relics are safe. Gerent Saervild Steel-Wind and I will set out to investigate what caused this sudden change in their […]
Triigi’s Journal - Too much noise, not enough birds.
Tryn’s Smithing Notes - Some colorful notes from a smith's apprentice
Tumma-Maxath’s Diary - A necromancer's journal
Tutor Riparius’s List - Task list from Fa-Nuit-Hen to his Tutor
Uchuiran’s Journal - Turning people into birds
Uggissar’s Diary - Tragic luck for a tomb raider
Ulf’s Torn Journal - A rather angry, fragmentary journal
Ulfsild’s Note - Vow to rebuild the Scholarium
Ulrich’s Complete Journal - I never wanted to lead. They just started following me because I’d been in the Lion Guard. As if that made me some sort of hero. Finding Silaseli was pure luck. I tried to keep to myself, but they followed me fleeing the Reachmen. They want me to scare away every half-witted bandit who tries […]
Unmarked Pages - Nirncrux may be key to freeing the writer's master
Unnamed Mining Journal, Page 45 - 28 Sisei Today at bottom, summon a fire atronach to explore. An amazing thing. Fire lake bubbles and rises when summoning cast. The mountain even shakes to match atronach’s movement. I think they talk to each other. This place is not safe. Too much fire magic makes Shadowgreen angry or something. No worthwhile ore, but […]
Uricantar’s Journal - Journal of a man claiming to be seeking the power of Aetherius
Uryaamo’s Journal - Journal describing an ancient, abandoned trading post
Ushutha’s Journal - Questions and deaths plague an expedition into Old Orsinium
Valamuur’s Notes - Notes on the literal growing of a town
Valasha’s Journal - I still can’t believe we’re alive. I’ve never seen a city like Abagarlas. The horrors I witnessed there are etched into my dreams. We do live, though. I have my Ostarand, and we have the crystal. That’s all that matters. – – – – – – – – Since entering the Dwarven city, Curano has […]
Valeric’s Journal - Valeric's father intends to challenge Jorunn
Vantir’s Journal - Plotting for the Planemeld
Vardan’s Diary - Vardan plans to gain the power to conquer Glenumbra
Vareldur’s Journal - Vareldur regrets his decision to join the Veiled Heritance
Vastarie’s Journal - A grieving father turns to necromancy
Vaults of Madness Diaries - Complete madness and ravenous hunger overtake the author
Vazshara’s Journal - A priest seeks to find the truth about the Maw of Lorhkaj
Venom’s Sanctuary Marginalia - The meticulous notes of a Dark Brotherhood assassin regarding the happenings in the sanctuary
Verandis’s Journal - Research log regarding resurrections
Veya’s Private Thoughts - Exiled from Morrowind, this former Morag Tong aspirant finds a new purpose with the Daedra
Vicente’s Note to Ocheeva - Vicente really doesn't like garlic
Village Record, Recent Entry - A batty old mage annoys villagers
Vim’s Diary - Diary of a minister's daughter
Virmaril’s Journal - A spurned suitor seeks an extreme form of revenge against the Nedic High King.
Voidprowler Journal - Today’s Tasks   – Buy five swords and three shields in Fargrave – Find that runt Hezehk – Steal Madam Whim’s secret from that runt Hezehk – Sharpen our new swords – Capture a Lurker (?) – Find out what Lurkers eat – Do a quick raid on the Obscured Forum
Vol’s Journal - A cutpurse takes up storytelling
Volrina’s Notes - They call themselves the Berne Clan, the bastards! They got my brother, but they didn’t get me. I’ve been watching from the shadows as these fiends feast. Some of these horrors are nothing more than beasts, devouring the life-blood of everyone they find. But some are curious creatures—curious about the constructs that still inhabit Galom […]
Voyage of the Seajoy - A ship is ambushed by pirates
Waking Flame Journal - Journal of a member of the Waking flame
Watcher Shavmar’s Journal - How the Nedic kings imprisoned Virmaril
Watchtower Ledger - Davon's Watchtower records
Waterlogged Journal - A city is forced to take desperate measures againts approaching invaders
Waylaid Traveler’s Journal - A caravan and their guards journey through Craglorn
Weathered Journal - A man vows revenge on the thieves that burner his manor and killed his family
Web-Covered Diary - Diary of a Silken Ring cultist
Wenridil’s Logbook - A Bosmer gets high to find an artefact
White Rose Guard’s Journal - 12th of Frostfall The prison has been on high alert for days and the prisoners are on edge. They keep asking me what’s going on but I don’t even know myself. The commander is supposed to give us a briefing soon. 18th of Frostfall It’s official … we’re being recalled and have been instructed to […]
Worn and Torn Page - A final stand
Xynaa’s Book of Contracts - A book of contracts with Dagon
Yenadar’s Journal - A darkness grows within Yenadar
Your Final Warning - I hope you’re still alive. Because I am not. Well, I won’t be in mere moments. My first of these warnings began with disdain of cliche. Writing the final note as blood seeps from my belly fulfills the worst of these tropes. Apologies. Just run. Go back to the beach. Spend the rest of your […]
Your Little Friend, Edu - A trained Reikr has disappeared
Yves Grandvache Ledger - Florentino, please be sure to pass these notes around to the others. I haven’t the time or the inclination, our crimson-loving friend requires a great deal of attention. VASTYR We’re temporarily stepping back from the normal operations here in Vastyr, the contract with Redblade is too important. Leave enough staff at the parlor to ensure […]
Zaban-ma’s Journal - Extra money, but from where?
Zaban’s Letter - A key institution in Summurset has been compromised
Zagrugh’s Journal - Needing a reliable assistant, a shopkeeper considers Daedric intervention

Letters & Notes

A Brother’s Gifts - Buyer beware of baby echatere
A Brother’s Plea - A soldier of the Dragon Cult writes to his sister
A Citizen’s Petition - A letter addressed to the Blackcaster Mages Guild regarding a missing person
A Complaint to the Thalmor - A citizen is angry that his senche-tigers are getting eaten by Lamia
A Cyrodilic Merchant’s Lament - Curse the Pact and its stupid rules! And curse that stiff-necked Dark Elf protector at the temple. You’d think we were offering to urinate on their precious Elder Scroll, the way Vodryn shrieked at us to get out. Is offering quality goods at a fair price now a crime in Cyrodiil? True, there is some […]
A Deal is Struck - A deal between Mehrunes Dagon and the Black Drake
A Death Desired - At last I am here, treading the sacred ground of the Golden Hill. Long have I dreamt of a journey to Sancre Tor; my heart’s desire is granted at last. To see the place of Reman Cyrodiil’s birth and final rest, to set my feet where he might once have stepped—I will not sully my […]
A Discarded Letter - A personal letter promising romance and riches
A Discarded Missive - Congregation instructions for a secret society
A Distracted Enemy - Brief missive on a chaotic creature
A Distracted Enemy - Brief missive on a chaotic creature
A Final Appeal - Plea for help against a Daedric prince
A Letter Home - Author: Swallows-Cats-Whole I know this will never reach you. I’m writing this note in a cage. I’ve been held captive for months. I think they’re planning on attacking Shadowfen. I miss you and sister. Love, Swallows-Cats-Whole
A Letter to Maraya - A duke's wife writers to her sister
A Letter to the Mayor - —out of Velyn Harbor immediately! Our friends in Greenshade are not happy with you, and they’ve learned about your “special funds.” I believe they’ve contacted the Dark … … don’t know what your plans are, but I intend to be as far away from Velyn Harbor as I can possibly get before they connect our […]
A Merchant’s Orders to His Guards - A threatening letter warning never to mention what happened at Zalgaz's Den
A Midnight Ambush - A brief summary of an ambush
A Moment of Your Time? - A trip to a dark place goes about as well as you'd assume
A Nixad Made Me Do It - A girl blames a nixiad for being mean to her sister
A Note [Desyree Marcelle] - Keep your eyes out for a grave
A One-Time Offer - A threat from the Camonna Tong
A Perfect Score - A lucrative deal in a haunted locale What could go wrong?
A Plea for Aid - Feral Gallery is under attack by Dreamcarvers
A Plea for Help - A letter from a friend long thought dead
A Plea for the Elder Scrolls [Covenant version] - The Covenant has the Elder Scroll!
A Plea for the Elder Scrolls [Dominion version] - The Aldmeri Dominion has the scroll!
A Plea for the Elder Scrolls [Pact version] - The Ebonheart Pact has the scroll!
A Plea in Parting - Forgive me
A Prayer for My Family - A sincere prayer during a plague
A Promise and a Warning - A request for information
A Promise Made - A letter between Vaermina cultists
A Ragged Inscription - The Hound must be obeyed
A Request for Relief - A lamentation on the state of Enchanting
A Request for Your Support - A plot against ALMSIVI
A Rumor of Serpents - A Report for the Dragonstar Caravan Company Proctor
A Sad Day for the Ra Gada - Lamentations of a betrayed Forebear
A Sister’s Regret - Ruelde writers to her brother in the Dragon Cult, telling him of the drastic things she's done
A Sister’s Retort - Ruelde writers to her brother in the Dragon Cult, asking him to leave
A Smuggler’s Plan - Something about this plan does not smell right
A Soldier’s Letter - One Covenant soldier's view of what the war is really about
A Tally of Villagers - Sinister plot for the people of Narsis
A Tough Audience - A plan to trade with Trolls Surely it will go well
A Warning from Zimmeron - Zimmeron doesn't need or want your opinion
A Warning to Those Who Follow - How do notes like these always start? In the adventure stories, the dying author begins by gravely stating their name and how they arrived at their deadly situation. “You may call me Gibberil, and I arrived at my fate through the cruel winds blowing me to my doom,” or some such nonsense. I’ll be honest. […]
A Way Out - Jailbreak Hints
A Wealth of Raw Material - The motherlode for the aspiring necromancer
A Window for Escape - Instructions for when and where
A Word to the Wise - Smugglers notes on shipments
Abnur Tharn’s Letter to the Player - A letter, sent in real life, to promote the release of Elder Scrolls Online: Season of the Dragon
About Jhaka - Jhaka isn't proving as useful as advertised
About Mercy - A letter condemning mercy
About That Doll - A woman has been turned into a doll for challenging the Dragon Cult
About the Boss - The Boss just has to go
Academy’s Rejection Letter - A scathing rejecting letter
Adder’s Ransom Note - A ransom note for the Avernos brothers
Admission Denied - Money can't but your magehood
Adventurer’s Almanac, 3rd Edition - DLC advertisement in the form of work leads for adventurers
Aera’s Letter to Denskar - Aera regrets the past and has hopes for the future
Aera’s Letter to Tryn - Aera hopes Tryn can forgive her
Alchemist’s Report - Using a new elixir to make the quarry workers work harder
Alchemy Report - Potions used for a dishonest purpose
Alchemy Workshop Instructions - A plot by the Maulborn to accelerate the plauge
Aldmeri Scouting Efforts - Scouting efforts must be stepped up
All Bow to Mirrormoor! - Whichever Dremora manages to open a portal to the Mirrormoor will win glory
All Our Hopes Dashed - All my hopes, gone
Aloysius’s Note - A letter with a ring, and the story of a lovesick werewolf
Altered Missive - Clean out the werewolves and get paid
Ambush Orders - Keep the interlopers out of the germination site
An “Invitation” to Discovery - The lucky slaves hav been volunteered to test new magical experiments
An Amazing Opportunity - A thief wants to rob the Iron Orcs near Craglorn
An Apology for Missing Jewelry - An order cannot be fullfilled
An Easy Assignment - An assignment to acquire a Goblin's trinket
An Elegantly Penned Letter - A painfully honest parting of ways
An Increasing Problem - Two nobles conspire to hide their mistreatment of the quarry workers
An Invitation to the Whispered Ball - Invitation to a party, no plus ones
An Irate Employer - Maximinus doesn't need excuses
An Offering - Lore as comfort in the afterlife
Ancestral Tombs of the Thirty Revered Families - Lists 30 tombs wich hold clues to the location of the Library of Andule
Anchor Maintenance Notes - A loyal servant warns their overseer
Aneshi’s Note - Instructions for finding a key
Angry Love Letter - A love triangle between warriors
Another Letter from the Reformer - Mercenaries discuss a deal
Another Scrawled Note - A man trapped inside a crate by Daedra
Anvil Lighthouse Report - Conspiracy against a lighthouse keeper with a conscience
Anyone, Please - A sad end
Apologies to Uncle Neldatir - Sorry for digging up your corpse, uncle
Apply More Pressure - A letter inquiring about a medallion
Archdruid Michiel’s Orders - Firesong druids try to capture a nature spirit
Archdruid’s Letter - Guard those crystals with your life
Architectural Survey Summary Report - Survey on repairs needed for Lady Thorn's Castle
Armament Inventory - The Veiled Heritance are about to strike
Arrius Scouting Order - Remove the captured Arrius Keep from your scouting orders
Ascendant Champion Orders - Take the medallions to the Sareloth Grotto
Ascendant Champion’s New Orders - King Emeric must die
Ascendant Order Note - Bringing a kidnapped mage to the hideout
Assassin’s Letter - Describes a mining operation that serves as the cover for vampires in Blackreach
Assassin’s Orders - Orders concerning a political plot
Atrocious Love Letter - A truly bad love letter filled with questionable banking puns
Attention All Egg-Hands - Scribs are wandering off and coming back all slimy
Attention Moon Walkers - To those that walk on pads and keep their claws hidden: Keep your eyes open and wait for your moment. There is a plan in motion to take the man on the high seat from his cats. Watch out for the daughter of the blood. She has been seen lurking around. May your claws remain […]
Aurelia’s Letter - A daughter is closer to solving the mystery of Veloise Mercantile's gold
Avenge Us! - Everyone's dead
Await My Emissary - Don't irritate the emissary!
Ayleid Library? - Horror in an ancient tomb
Ayleid Ruin Exploration Orders - Instructions to thoroughly clear the ruins near Fort Glademist
Azara’s Note - Azara learned too late to avoid Mist Morrow Vale
Azum’s Journal - Azum is plotting to take over
Baandari Peddler Note - Travelling caravans musn't pick up stragglers
Bahzahar’s Summons - Room for more than one skooma supplier in this town
Balki’s Instructions - Find a map in Steadfast Manor
Balorgh’s Plan - A spy reveals a plot against the leader of this werewolf pack
Bandit’s Letter - It seems that reducing the nix-hound population has somehow increased the fetcherfly population
Banneret Jenine’s Orders - Orders to kill three targes on Amenos
Barely Legible Note - I hear nothing but the screams of anguish. Blackened by the torment of their betrayal; their unending shrieks pierce my sanity! I can bear it no longer. Arkay forgive me.
Barelzar and the Daedra - Amado Where are you? I figured out the damned puzzle to unlock the door on my own, without your so-called “puzzle sense”. I guess you are loitering in a tavern in Molag Mal, flirting with Dark Elf women. Again. Or passed out in the corner of the tavern, clutching your tail for comfort. This gate […]
Baron Sorick’s Orders - Instructions for disturbing some dreugh
Battle of Falinesti - Summary of a great battle and its relics
Battle of Thormar - Account of a great battle and its artifacts
Bending to the Flame - A powerful artifact is activated by fire
Black Dagger Recall Orders - Duilius, Report to me at once. Do not wait for your replacement. Tell your troops to stay in camp until she arrives. They are to make no moves and attract no attention until I send new orders. Get on your horse and get here at once. I’ll give you one day to report. Then I […]
Black Snails Shipping Notice - Attention Black Snails: Shipments and correspondence arrive on the tide. All outgoing freight, crew, and mail must be present and counted on Selvil Island one hour prior to tide’s ebb. No exceptions. Direct any questions or complaints to your direct superior. Captain Nisimal
Black Soul Gem Manifest - A letter between Worm Cultists
Black Vine Ruins - The ones I sent to explore further on haven’t returned. I’ll lead a small group to find them. If I don’t return by tomorrow morning, leave at once. There’s no need for all of us to be ripped apart by these stranglers. — Zidal
Blackcaster Notice - A notice warning citizens to stay clear of the Molavar ruins
Blackguard Instructions - Author: MD Blackguard Instructions, One Look for the sites I indicated on your map. The stone coffer—an Argonian reliquary—must be buried in that immediate vicinity. Locate the coffer and carefully break the seal. Make sure at least one of your number remains a good distance away when you open the coffer. I’ve seen such things […]
Blackguard Note - Author: MD Grethaa needs a lesson. Urzashi needs a reminder. Eshundir needs a grave! Return to the Chid-Moska Ruins when the deeds are done. We’re close to finding the items I’m looking for and I need the Blackguards here when that moment finally arrives. MD
Blightcrown’s Notes - The censer of corruption is a masterpiece! Who knew that combining the stuff of dreams with a malignant sickness into a infectious torment could create something so powerful and useful? The guardians of the Infinite Panopticon have succumbed to the corruption emitted by the censers. Not only does it render us invisible to them, but […]
Blightcrown’s Orders - Keep the censers burning to infuse the chapel with Peryite’s blessed breath, but use care. Do not exhaust our supply before we find what we seek. Question the keepers stricken by our Prince’s favor. Where is the relic? Where is Prior Durdryn’s tomb? What other secrets hide in the catacombs? In their fever, they should […]
Blood Pit Prisoner Roll - A list of prisoners
Blood-Feathers Battle Slogans - Different battle cries to try out
Blood-Soaked Letter - Mabkir, Bright Moons, my love! J’zuruk gathered the troupe last night and pled our case. Nuzulaza and Hanilar yowled like ja’khajiit, but in the end, our friends decided your freedom was more important than a new wagon. It will take some time to gather the coin, but this one knows she will see you soon. […]
Blood-Spattered Love Note - I can’t wait any longer for your presence. At night, I dream of you—the small of your back, the little dimple on your chin, the way I seem to glow when you look at me. Tomorrow, I am going to the Underroot. The lamias there are friendly and they won’t begrudge two lovers their secret […]
Bloodthorn Orders - Orders to acquire rare gems
Bloodthorn Orders: Ebon Crypt - Orders to study a dark creature
Bloody Note [ESO] - Conspiracy note from Vassir-Didanat Mine
Blue - Author ruminates on his lineage and the sea
Blue Aedral Shipment Details - Instructions to steal bottles of Blue Aedral]
Boethiah’s Call of Champions - A list of Boethiah's champions
Bogvir’s Letter - Two vampires argue about wine
Borzugh’s Letter - One Orc is most dissatisfied with the current alliance
Borzul’s Suicide Note - AAARRRRRGGGGHHHH! She cannot treat me this way. Borzul gro-Ghol stands for no insults! My shame must be wiped out. Porath wishes me gone? Then I shall go! She spurns my advances? She will regret it! She will see what comes of shaming a member of the Gholin Clan. She will never forget my answer; she […]
Bothamul’s Orders - Smugglers arrange a meeting
Bounties of Blackwood - A call to adventure
Bounty Contract: Wadracki - Bounty on a Dremora
Bounty Order from Sorcalin - Places a bounty on spies
Bowman’s Note - An irritated note from a foreman
Breton Bedtime Stories (Loose Page) - Love note scribbled in a children's book
Brief Letter to an Aldarch - Letter about a magical chalice
Bringing Home the Trolls - Strange "rocks" are causing problems for some bandits
Brondold’s Papers - Various letters and official papers
Bruma Pleads for Aid - Bruma is in trouble
Burnt Note - A plot to discredit Queen Ayrenn
Burnt Papers - … is not easy to come by, even in Blackreach … Edjar was lying. Cave-ins don’t cause those sort of injuries … trust was hard to earn, but he’s sharing the truth about what happened to him and … Edjar’s blood was saturated with neth … is the likely cause of his resistance, but … […]
Burnt, Mostly Illegible Scrap - A plea from a forsaken retainer
By Order of Faolchu - Faolchu asks Salazar to guard the road to Camlorn
By Order of the Silver Dawn - The Silver Dawn prepare to storm Moon Hunter Keep
Call to the Cloisters - A lowly cipher by the name of Meenai-Shai has unwittingly aided in our efforts to access the secrets of the Sidereal Cloisters. A foothold has been made and Mora’s treasured tomes will soon be gathered in the name of our master. Make haste and converge upon the Cloisters. Soon we will have full access to […]
Call to the Faithful [Note] - Locations of ancient ruins for the faithful adventurer
Camp Update - We have the usual number of rule breakers and layabouts for a camp of this size. Halver sneaks food to the slaves after dinner. Dedaenc sleeps during her guard shifts. Branos smuggles contraband through some of the hired laborers. Inform me of any judgments and punishments you deem appropriate. I will see them carried out.
Cantillon’s Correspondence - An early correspondence from a noted healer
Canuldil’s Note - Stuck in Favonius house, northern Elven Gardens. Plautisanus is dead. Monsters everywhere. Can’t make it home. Hope this bottle makes it through sewers. Please help! – Canuldil
Canuldil’s Plea - To whomever finds this: Please find my wife, Ainenya. I left her hidden in our house in the southwestern section of the Elven Gardens. Tell her my final thoughts were of her. – Canuldil
Captain Abitius’s Orders - Signal fores must be lit and legions rallied
Captain Izard’s Orders - A great treasure awaits Possibly
Captain Parondo’s Log Entry - The Captain's correspondence after a victory
Captain Svadstar’s Announcement - A slaver captain suspects betrayal or mutiny
Captain’s Letter - Letter to Queen Euraxia, asking for troop support for a cadre of assassins
Captain’s Orders - Private orders from the countess
Captive’s Crumpled Note - A message to a missing husband
Captive’s Discreet Warning - Don't try anything foolish
Capturing Ammabani’s Pride - One must suffer for one's art
Cardia’s Letter to Father - Cardia runs off with a bandit
Cartorrel’s Last Words - A sailor's last letter to their darling, and a warning about Maormer
Cerise’s Farewell Note - A farewell note
Chamber Instructions - Fellow Ciphers, A friendly reminder. If you use the sacred tears of Hermaeus Mora, be considerate and replace them. Remember, your fellow ciphers can’t use the Pool of Inquiry without them. You can replenish the tears at the Shrines of Hyrma Mora, Herma-Mora, and Hermorah. Pay homage to each aspect of the Great Eye and […]
Chastisement from Zimmeron - General Dar-Liurz, I placed you in charge of our bounty program to encourage our warriors to seek out and kill more of our enemies. You have had limited success thus far, as Jeggord has pointed out on several occasions. More needs to be done. You are authorized to increase the bounty offered. Get our soldiers […]
Chewed Note - Wamasu breeding guidelines
Chores - Tasks for a stable girl
Cipher Dreyla’s Note - Congrats on joining the order, but first you've got to complete a task
Cipher Nelfynn’s Note - Another note asking to retriever the Numinous Grimoire
Cipher Tlaxalt’s Note - Find Volume One of the Numinous Grimoire
Cipius’ Orders - Military orders for the conquest of Evermor
Clearing the Crypts - Privateers have been lost trying to kill ghosts and mudcrabs
Closing Performance Notes - “Only when the mehra was burned in a sujamma molag … the mer was put to the dagon. The mora was safe to travel again!”
Cloudrest Secret Entrance - Idiot, Now, this is a heist. We have to be a tad sneakier than your average citizen. So when you enter Cloudrest, do so through the old passageway. I’ll make sure it’s unlocked for you, don’t worry. -D P.S. – Don’t leave this note on the ground for just anyone to find. Remember what happened […]
Coded Message on Coin - A mysterious message inscribed on a coin
Coded Missive - Our Prince is unsure of which tomes will best illuminate the path. Certainly the Lord of Secrets, in all his pride, will have locked this secret away in one of the powerful tomes kept within the Sidereal Cloisters. We should task a cipher with retrieving all possible keys. Soon enough our Prince will remember what […]
Coded Rutter - Letter encoded with a cypher
Come to Vvardenfell! - A cousin's impressive description of southern Vvardenfell's charms
Commendation Letter - One Captain receives a glowing recommendation
Communications Between Nilphas and Thoryn - Nilphas, Writing notes back and forth in a ledger. Great idea! Anyway, a Dwarven spider is making a racket in the west wing. Its feet keep clanking across the floor at odd hours of the night. It’s keeping me awake. I’d see to the spider myself, but you neglected to give me permission to enter […]
Concerned Letter - A Khajiit merchant is unhappy with a human competitor
Concerning Balorgh - A spy reports back from Hircine's Hunting Grounds
Concerning Garick - A sad missive
Concerning the Saints’ Safety and Security - Worries about the wellbeing and power if the saints that Sotha Sil has turned into clockwork contraptions
Confused Correspondence from Fjurig - Researcher confused about experiment
Congratulations On Another Success! - Thanks for saving the world
Contract Scroll - A warning of Nords and their flaming sword blades
Correspondence from Torvesard - Master Shelreni, Your efforts in Alavelis have been noticed and appreciated. Soon we will have a door into Apocrypha that even the Great Eye will not see. Blightcrown and his Hidden Kindred are personally handling the situation in Necrom. I can safely say we will soon have the relic and the door into the realm […]
Council Meeting Summons - Members of the Redoran Council, The next meeting shall take place at the Redoran Consulate just outside of Balmora. Agenda items include current events in your territory, financial updates, house relations, presentation of pending issues, and propositions for adding items to future agendas. Please bring all pertinent logs and records for presentation and review. High […]
Councilor Jirich’s Records - Records of the four ambitions
Count’s Correspondence - The Count decides to use the Dark Brotherhood to ensure Kvatch's safety
Courier Grenier’s Note - An interrupted note in the middle of an ambush
Courier-Delivered Letter - A note asking to meet
Cover Every Approach - A list of dignitaries to watch out for
Covert Note - Coded instructions for a meeting
Crumpled Note in the Desk - Verrik tires of these recruitment efforts
Culmination and Success - My dearest fellow followers of the Heritance, It is with overflowing joy that I announce to you the culmination and success of all our efforts. Two recent and very fortuitous discoveries have paved the way for our great victory. Thanks to the work of our necromancers deep within Naril Nagaia, we have raised up a […]
Cult Screed - Instructions for Molag Bal cultists
Curious Manifest - List of arcane ingredients
Curnard’s Journal - Curnard is reformedor is he?
Dark Contract - Letter from a Worm Anchorite
Dark Elf Dispatch - Lob wants his men to take down a Dunmer witch
Deal with the Messenger - Knight-Captain, The Society of the Steadfast sent a messenger named Duncan Genis to the Dufort Shipyards. They have orders to confirm our takeover of the shipyards and report on our activity there to Lord Bacaro Volorus. When the messenger arrives, deal with them. Confirmation of our presence must remain secret for as long as possible. […]
Dear Escort - Dear [Player Name] If you’re reading this, you’ve finally caught up to me. As I was translating the stone before you, a door opened ahead. I waited for you, but I can’t risk the door closing. Just read the inscription on the stone, and you should be able to follow. I think you’ll find it […]
Dear Johun Letter - Idesa leaves her man for someone exotic
Death is No Laughing Matter - To whoever bound a skeever’s soul to a senche-tiger cadaver and let it burrow into the mammoth corpse for a lark. I’m going to make it gnaw you to pieces when I find you.
Death to All Mages - As I stood over my child and felt the heat seep from her body, I knew one thing and one thing only—this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Twelvane. That abomination said her magic could cure the wasting sickness poisoning Javalla. She promised me that her potion would ease Javalla’s suffering. But it didn’t. […]
Death-Hunts Await - A naga call to war
Deathbringer Orders - Protect the Anguish Gem. That is your primary responsibility. No: that is your only responsibility. When the last soul has been consumed, send word to the Reaver’s Citadel and we will send someone to collect the gem.
Decoded Coin Message - 5th Last Seed E.Celd, Message received. Northpoint prepared. R.M.
Del’s Claim - The Veiled Queen's forces receive direct orders
Del’s Claim Report - Captain, Unless you have any further objections, we’re going to claim that mine. The queen has commanded it, and we have the forces needed to deal with any problems. It’s far enough from the road out of Vulkhel Guard that we don’t anticipate any problems. Feel free to drop in any time, but we should […]
Deleyn’s Mill Order Form - Order form describing exactly what Lord Diel wants
Delivery Schedule and Manifests - 10th, Sun’s Dawn Evermore: 7 crates of food, 5 crates of clothes, household goods, jewelry (10 pcs.) Hallin’s Stand: 4 crates of food, livestock (4 pigs, 2 goats, 10 chickens), 200 gold drakes Curnard’s stash: 1 crate of food, 1 crate clothing and other goods, 10 drakes 28th, Sun’s Dawn Evermore: 4 crates of food, […]
Delves-Deeply’s Note - Please don't mix up the supplies!
Demands of the Painted Eye - Demands to the commander of Borderwatch
Desperate Time - A scorned husband plots revenge
Destron’s Journal - Notes by an ambition of dagon
Devastator Ursana’s Letter - Request for more subjects
Dictate of Renewal - The lady of Greymoor Keep mandates that the castle be repaired
Digging Orders - All right, listen up, you dogs! I want this place stripped bare. Take anything that looks valuable or powerful. We managed to sneak past those idiot High Elves. Now’s our chance. If the rumors are true, there’s something in this hole that will let us blast that smug look off their stupid faces. Just you […]
Directions to Meeting - Star guides your path true. Today’s meeting will be held in my house, in the western part of town. The key attached to this letter will grant you access to the locked door. If any guards stop you, destroy this note. If you do not arrive in time for the meeting, we will assume the […]
Directions to the hidden book - Someone clean up that mudcrab! It’s starting to stink up the place. Check with the Shaman first though, he may have use of it; however, last time he saw a mudcrab he freaked out and squeeled like a little girl. Why does the captain keep him around? Such a suspicous man.
Directive To Centurion Bodenius - Centurion Bodenius, I read your reports on the difficulties you’ve encountered discerning the secrets of the tombs in the anterior area of the temple, and I am well aware of the number of soldiers who have been killed in the process. Nonetheless, you will not abandon the effort under any circumstance. Somewhere within those tombs […]
Disastrix Zansora’s Journal - Journal of cultist
Discarded Orders - The Euraxian legions must investigate Rimmen's western borders
Disciplinary Action - Quoril, Your burdensome assistant keeper has repeatedly hounded my rangers for opportunities to assist with their duties and applied for yet another transfer to ranger detail. I suggest you keep Elise too busy with her current duties to find opportunities to pester her betters. How you handle your staff is your own affair, but when […]
Dismissal Letter - Merormo, you are no longer welcome at the college. Your continued ill-advised experiments—after repeated warnings—have forced my hand. Please pack your things and vacate the premises at once. — Telenger
Distribution Notes - One distributor tries to expand business
Dominion Condolences - News that nobody ever wants to hear
Dominion Intelligence Topsheet - A khajiiti review of a Domionion intelligence aggregate
Dominion Military Recruitment - General Marenil, On behalf of the Dominion, I applaud your efforts in supplying troops for the war. You have confirmed my confidence in you. Praise for your performance has been passed along to Queen Ayrenn and the Thalmor. More is asked of you, however. The war against the Pact and Covenant stretches our resources to […]
Dominion Orders - Missive from the Dominion to find new bases of operations
Dominion Orders: Enduum - Aldmeri orders to capture a specific site of importance
Don’t Mess This Up - One shipper must be reminded to do things right
Drago’s Orders - Drago must hold out against the Orcs
Dragons: A Report for the Queen - Report concerning the use of dragons to fight Khajiiti rebels
Dragonstar Caravan Company Note - Drakeeh the Unchained's Journal - Drakeeh the Unchained
Dread Lady’s Letter - A summon from a Dremora
Dreadsail Orders - My Dreadsails! I promised you a haven, and now the path to our new home lies before us. I have struck a bargain with a powerful druid of Galen, one who will help us secure a stronghold on the isle. In return, she requests that we acquire a relic held by a rival circle—the Eldertide. […]
Dreadsails Communique - Captain Silengos, The sea lord forwards new orders. You and your crew are to suspend operations north of Y’ffelon and sail your vessel, the Slithermist, with haste to Amenos. Establish a base with all due speed and await further orders. Note that sailing near Amenos is extremely treacherous. Breton patrols and well-hidden shoals demand absolute […]
Dreadsails: Threat to the Isles - Alielle To the Commander of the City Guard, I didn’t want to write this. I thought we’re all sensible citizens here. Surely, we all know the danger pirates like the Dreadsails pose to our lives and livelihood. I was wrong. As I was sitting in the Jaded Ornaug Tavern sipping an ale after a hard […]
Dres Message - Alam, The time for secret names is over. The Morag Tong will find you, if they haven’t already. I just hope this message finds you first. As soon as you read this, come to our camp to the south. Do not hesitate. Don’t make any arrangements. It’s too late for anything other than running. You’ve […]
Drolora’s Trap Summary - Extensive preparations for an ambush
Drop Instructions - A note concerning possible illegal activity
Dusk Captain Zenfis’s Orders - Dusksabers, Master Shelreni has erected a new arcane barrier to ward the entrance to the tower of Tel Baro. Remain vigilant, as these wards are temporary until she has time to conjure something more permanent and durable. Note, only those of you authorized to enter the tower, of which there are precious few, will need […]
Dusksaber Report - As instructed, I mustered a company of Dusksabers and established a camp at Tel Rendys. We soon discovered the missing magister’s defenses are still active and quite dangerous. We can’t take three steps in this place without attracting the attention of angry atronachs. A quick survey revealed: Magister’s Tower: sealed. Stables: ruined. Servant Quarters: nothing […]
Ebon Crypt - Ambrel has a plan regarding this contested place and its treasures
Edweg’s Resignation Note - This Brother of Arkay is skeptical of a plan, and chooses to back out
Egg-Tender’s Unfinished Letter - Tseedesi, I should have taken you up on your offer, egg-sister. Even that little smudge of a trading post would be a welcome escape from all the fuss at home. Things are more frantic than usual this year and it seems as though all eyes are upon the egg-tenders. I’ve barely had a minute’s peace […]
Elphirion’s Journal - Elphirion details a plan to request aid from the Nereids
End of my Patience - Ren-dro is upset at competition in the area
Endegor’s Orders - A relic of Azura was stolen and must be found
Enzamir’s Note - Doubted me, did you? Well, this note is all the proof you need that I beat you both to the top. Next time you see me, prepare to pay up! I was surprised to find this sword up here, though. I believe it belongs to Blademaster Sai Sahan, though I’m not sure why he would […]
Erokii Relics - Orders to search an Ayleid ruin
Establish Watchposts - Military orders to establish watch posts in Cyrodiil
Euraxian Necromancers - To: Lord Gharesh-ri, Speaker of the Mane From: Khamira, Agent of the Speaker We know that the Usurper Queen employs necromancers and dark sorcery, and has done so from the beginning of her reign. In recent months, however, the number of necromancers supporting her forces have increased dramatically. It all comes back to one sourceÐthe […]
Evacuation Order - The prison must be evacuated immediately according to this missive
Excavation Orders - More like a motivational message than a set of orders
Excerpt from al-Danobia Heist Journal - Yokudan history may play a part in solving this vault's riddle
Excerpt from Cosh’s Papers - Confirms the lease of Hubalajd Palace to Cosh
Excuses Don’t Buy Mansions - An angry note with a self-explanatory title
Eyes of the Queen Only - Unsolved murders in Stormhold lead to a loss of faith in the local government
Factor Luluelle’s Report - One frustrated shipment manager's ledger
Faculty Application - A knowledgeable tutor/scholar applies for a job
Faenalir’s Letter - Trying to convert the Oathsworn to the cause of the Recollections
Faithful One - A note by someone who appreciates the faithfulness of a grave tended
Fakimal’s Letter - The Bailiff's resignation letter
Falling - An eerie note about a mystery
Fanatic’s Orders - Keep watch in front of the temple. We need time to accomplish everything she asked of us, so make sure you pay attention to anything unusual. If anything suspicious happens, give us the signal. It’ll find its way to us. Most of the fool soldiers don’t even know about the entrance above the Mages Guild. […]
Farangel’s Delve: Further Orders - You’re costing us too much coin. H. is getting tired of the expense of keeping all this cargo in a warehouse. Because you’ve also been somewhat less than discreet, we don’t want you to stay in that hidden cave for much longer. To be honest, we don’t think you’re doing enough to keep that cave […]
Farewell Missive - A final apology to a friend
Farewell Note to Lauriel - A sister's goodbye note
Fasaran’s Diary - Musings on the formation of the Dominion
Fascinating Relics - An eccentric sorcerer's note to his assistant
Faven’s Note - Denial of a request for Deadric tenants
Felgol’s Note - A dying adventurer hates statues
Fell’s Brigade Orders - The commander requests more Orc prisoners
Ferhara’s Warclaws - Letter promoting a mercenary company
Ferone’s Instructions - Glad you’re interested, Ferone. If you recover the map fragment from Stonelore Grove, I’ll pay you honest gold for the effort. The druids shouldn’t cause you any trouble, but it’s wild out there, so watch where you step. Bring the fragment to me at the Dufort Docks.
Final Letter of Sergeant Berarah - A dying soldier provides a clue
Final Statement of Leobert Charien - One wronged man follows his nemesis into a dark and evil place
Final Thoughts - A person apologizes for joining the Scaled Court
Final Will and Testament of Fovus Rivul - Final will of a person captured by cultists
Final Words - Crawled out of cave. Can go no farther. Egg-brother Bosekus was right. Should have moved with him to Cropsford.
Firuth’s Writ - This is to formally request that the Argonian Hireling, Sun-in-Shadow, be given the rank of Retainer, of Great House Telvanni. She has aided me in several matters, behaved with great discretion and continues to support the activities and goals of the house. Firuth, Master Mage Great House Telvanni
Firuth’s writ of Endorsement - Endorsing Sun-in-Shadows promotion to Retainer of House Telvanni
Fists of Thalmor - Orders to protect the harbor during an important ceremony
Five-Fold Felicitations! - A match-making aunt introduces several potential suitors to her niece
Fleet Queen’s Orders - Fleg's Note - Fleg
Fleg’s Note - A pirate warns his captain about some faulty reassure maps
Follow-Up Performance Notes - In response, the morag of Koal Canton released their kwama… bled all across the anmor and poured their shein upon the ground.
Folsi’s Report - While I haven’t gotten any closer to determining the true identity of the target of your writ, Tredecim, I have discovered that House Dres has established a camp to the south of Ald Isra. I have no doubt that the traitor you seek is in league with these House Dres agents. I suggest you look […]
Fool! - No one steals from me and lives to enjoy the spoils. Consider your debt paid. T.
For Captain Telomure - Telomure, If you’re reading this, you were crazy enough to follow us. Don’t. Justiciar Avanaire isn’t working alone. These mages were waiting for her. Even with the entire squad, I’m not sure we can survive. But, for crown and country, we must try. We need you alive to make a report. Don’t let her get […]
For Donel from Father - One supportive father does his son a favor
For Letter Finder - A starving tribe loses knowledge civilization to the winter
For Mathal - Nephew, If you’re reading this, then your uncle is dead. I thought the score we needed to get out from beneath Rakhad was in Dune. I was wrong. I thought the moon-sugar and skooma was an investment. I was wrong. Mathal, he will not stop with me. I’ve left the house to you and your […]
For My Love - Maxten, I fear that there will always be a part of me that loves you. Perhaps that makes me a fool. And perhaps someone stronger or smarter than me would have left you sooner. Someone else might have seen you for what you really were before falling in love with you. But here I am […]
For the Archery Competition - The Stormfist Clan intends to cheat in this contest
For the Doyen, Sleek Splendid-Paws - A thief looks to get in on a heist
For The Drinking Contest - The Stormfists are cheating yet again
For The Preliminary Duels - The Stormfists don't play fair
For The Tracker’s Competition - The Stormfist Clan continues to cheat
For Your Next Celebration - To: Duchess Elea Dufort, Castle Navire As the anniversary of the ascension of House Dufort approaches, I thought you might like a bottle of your family’s favorite wine. I know how hard these are to come by. May you raise a glass to your house and to your father’s memory. And long may House Dufort […]
Foreman’s Complaint - A mine can't produce this much stone
Foreman’s Letter - A geode mine proves less than profitable for the Mages Guild
Forged Letter From “Zali” - Sweet Maormer Prince, My cheeks grow warm thinking of you, but our love cannot be! I’ll wait where you saw me last. Hurry, before I change my mind! — Zali
Forged Second Cohort Orders - A change of plans for the troops
Franara’s Journal - An Orc has overstayed his welcome
Frayed Note - Varos and Illius I love you both I love
Frederick’s Letter - A letter regarding a person's desire to join the Blackcaster Mages Guild
Freshly Penned Note - Rilos, Nerandas requests a meeting. Usually I would send Nisimal, but a case of gout has rendered him useless. Given that you are his deputy, the task falls to you. Make haste to the wharf east of town and find out what troubles our friend. Nerandas insists on total secrecy so you must use a […]
Frirhild’s Journal - Eislef suspects but doesn’t know. No telling what he’d do. Rae found my pipe but didn’t know. Told her it was one of Eislef’s. Running low, might try moon sugar if I run out. Every time Eislef sees that Elf he yells at Rae. Not her fault. Can’t help herself. I can’t help her either. […]
Frog Stealing Plans - Helane, Got word from an associate about a Redguard merchant staying in Vastyr. Says his name is Munubra and he’s come all the way from Hammerfell with something real special. A dragon frog. Seems this sandpiper sees the frog as some sort of business partner. Can you imagine? Now, I know you can’t tell a […]
From Jofnir to Merric - A plot by the guildmaster
From Regent of Serpentine Stratagems - Exarch Arnoth receives orders from Regent Cassipia
From Shad Astula with Love - One young mage is living the dream and serving the Pact
From the Journal of Balver Bemis - Llaro Ralas is the worst excuse for an Oathman I have ever encountered. He is abusive, frightening, and arrogant—even by Telvanni standards! Last week he chewed me out in front of Spellwright Varsva and I had to stand there, head down and meek as he heaped abuse upon me. And then he struck me across […]
From the Regent of Fanged Fury - Mighty Inazzur, Please continue your efforts in eastern Craglorn. With the help of the Iron Orcs, the Scaled Court will soon have control of the entire region. And remember, your resolution and steadfast loyalty will be well rewarded. —The Regent of Fanged Fury
Funny Stuff, Sil - Henlor isn't falling for Sil's obvious ploys
Furious Letter - A less than calm letter
Further Missive from the Mages - The Mages Guild sends a letter to a geode mine
Gaea’s Letter - Do what ever Jerntann says, and don't ask questions
Galidor’s Scribbled Note - Innkeeper, Despite my many protests, rascals continue to congregate outside my door. I know criminals when I see them. ONE of these ruffians, a snot-nosed youth with shaggy red hair, seemed particularly set on sowing MISCHIEF. Take care of it, or I might have to take matters into my own hands. Galidor
Galmon’s Note - Galmon gives some cultists the slip
Gamirth’s Final Message - Gamirth cannot wait for his love any longer
Garick’s Message - Garicks decides that death by vines is not appealing
Garil’s Journal - The meat they're eating is people!
Gascone’s Memorandum - A note on departing
Gaston’s Instructions - Gaston needs Welkynd stone fragments
General Serien’s Orders - Your job is support. Ahknara and her team will approach from the east. — General Serien
General’s Order 12008 - A grim order for execution
Get Back to Work - You see this? This is what happens to mutineers. I’ve got my eye on you rabble. Keep your damn mouth shut and do your job or you’ll end up like these fools. Get back to work.
Get it Done, Conele - Author: Serien I don’t care how you do it. I don’t care if you have to invade that mud-hut pigsty next door and enslave every Argonian there, get it done! That heart is the key, and I will not fail in my mission. And neither will you. – Serien
Gilded Letter - The player foils yet another plot
Gjarma’s Orders - Cultists prepare for a ritual
Glademist Scouting Order - Success at Fort Glademist
Glenumbria: Alessian Orders - To all Alessian Soldiers, The Direnni believe they have the advantage. They are comfortable in their camps and secure in their victory. They have lost focus. Word has reached us that the Direnni will launch a major assault in the coming hours. When this happens, we will send our Alessian scouts under the cover of […]
Glonnir’s Letter - Author: Glonnir Bremril, You won’t see this letter, but I had to write something. Elphirion’s decided it: a sacrifice to stop Malgoth. Madness or martyrdom? The storytellers will decide. I guess in the end there’s the desire to confess. I should’ve spent less time in the forest, hunting, or in my cups. I should’ve been […]
Gold Coast Missive - Gold for Khajiiti tails
Gold Coast Trading Company Note - The Company doesn't want to do dirty business
Good Travels! - An introduction to Morrowind
Goodbye Note - A girl runs away to join a necromancy cult
Graverobber’s Note - Gilradil, Be a dear and search this crypt if you would. That’s a good graverobber! It’s rather dark and dreary down there, and I’d rather not get cobwebs in my hair. Besides, I’m paying you well to recover relics, heirlooms, and other such valuables. I’ll be at the camp. Bring whatever you find to me. […]
Gray Host Communique - Instructions to prepare for the greatest Harrowstorm of all
Gray Host Intelligence Dispatch - Order to agents of the Gray Host
Gray Host Orders - My beloved kin, I have no words. Tzinghalis is dead. His killers have retreated to the shadows. Doubtless they mean to harry us in our righteous labor. Already there are whispers of them seeking to stop the spread of the harrowed. I will not abide any further threats to our goal. My family will be […]
Grazzar’s Threat - A letter threating to reveal a person's old exploits
Green Serpent Bounty - Reward for anyone who brings the three nobles lost in the jungle to me. Alive. The Ascendant Order has promised pardons and a way off this miserable island—even for the banished. And don’t even think to try to approach the Order directly. They only deal with me. If you let these nobles slip through our […]
Greetings from the Orcthane - Request for aid for a rebellion
Grida’s Note - Grida wants bath salts
Grida’s Note to Dralof - The bath salts proved fatal to poor Grida
Grigerda’s Letter - Grigerda's presence is requested
Grim Jest - Make sure this one suffers. He’ll get the joke eventually.
Guardian’s Decree - Instructions found in the caverns of Kogoruhn
Hadaz’s Final Letter - Instructions for ending the Claws of Daegon
Hald’s Interrogation Transcript - sadistic transcript of an interrogation
Half-Burned Note to Borodin - Golun is dead, but the author has regrets
Harrani’s Report - Incidents around Kenarthi's Roost
Head Overseer’s Orders - Notice from the head overseer
Heading to Imperial City - A father is desperate to reach his family in the Imperial City
Heed My Words - How to become an Iron Orc chieftain
Hegris’s Orders - A plan to occupy Bruma
Heirloom Vase - A mother's inscription on a vase
Hidden Kindred Instructions - My fellow kindred, As the Supreme Plague Master of our glorious order, I command you to follow these instructions to the letter. Bring the Pestilential Lord’s implements to Firewatch and meet me at the harbor. We will complete our journey to Necrom aboard the merchant ship Stormwing. Make sure the vials containing the holy miasma […]
High King Emeric, I Implore You! - An overlooked noble begs for attention
High Priest’s Orders - Order from a cultists
Hildune’s Secret Refuge - Our scouts have located another potential hideout—though Hildune’s secret refuge isn’t much of a secret anymore. Hildune was spotted going into his well. Instead of coming out wet, he emerged with mined materials. Our scouts convinced Hildune to go away and never return. A search of the well showed us that Hildune discovered a long-abandoned […]
Hizrabi’s Report - Captain, As you asked, I’ve taken a closer look at the old ruin north of Do’Krin Monastery. The lunar clergy has some kind of “proper” name for it, but the local commoners just call it Claw’s Strike. Why is it called that, anyway? Didn’t your sister say something about an old battle with the Wood […]
Hlaalu Construction Syndic - Having Hlaalu construct Balmora and Suran on Redoran's behalf appears to have been a mistake
Hlaalu Letter - House insiders scheme to better the slave trade
Hope and Recriminations - A smuggling operation in Summerset is in danger of being discovered
House Dres Order - To all brothers and sisters of House Dres, We are on the verge of a great victory over our hated rivals, House Telvanni. Yes, we have mutual business relationships that keep profits flowing, but our current operation at Ald Isra will reap benefits for our house for generations. Unfortunately, word has reached us that an […]
Hubert’s Notes - Mashana—do not leave Wind Keep! We came to mine … bears and were trapped …. The food is running out …. Marisse didn’t make it.
I Count the Nights - A lonesome lover thinks of her beloved
I Need Your Help! - A request for assistance
I Suspect Duplicity - One scholar suspects foul play
Icereach Coven Note - Letter to the Matron of the Icereach witch clan
If You Can Read This, Open It - Telenger requires assistance
Ilasaba’s Excuses - Ilasaba didn’t make it to the party because she feels superior to the rest of you. Your sense of style offends this one. And your food tastes like moist sawdust. However, Ilasaba is too much of a coward to say this out loud, so she shall always find some reason to be busy and not […]
Ilessan Tower - B. Loot as much from Ilessan Tower as you can. We need resources to take to our new allies. We will have the big house north of Deleyn’s Mill—Noellaume Manor—by the time you’re done. Flank the Daggerfall guards when you get here. — T
Ilthag’s Orders - Orders to troll trainers
Imperial Architect’s Correspondence - An architect's report on the legendary sewers of the Imperial City
Imperial Incursions: Officer’s Lament - An assignment to Black Marsh is punishment for one legionary
Imperial Mutiny! - Some Imperial Legion soldiers plan to desert
Imperial Recall Orders - All Imperial troops are recalled to the Imperial City
Imperial University Note - An angry student doesn't like their accommodations
Imperial University Note - An angry student doesn't like their accommodations
Impressions of Northwind Mine - The mine is not the ideal location for this operation
Improved Cataclyst Model - Plans to use the Riven Cataclyst
In Reply to Concerning Rumors - A misguided letter, in hindsight
In the Event of Your Demise - One member of the Veiled Heritance receives consolation of a sorts
Incomplete Letter - An unsigned letter about a kwama operation
Increased Bandit Activity - Headwoman Harrani, While this one understands the guard is needed to help Mistral recover from the storm, cessation of regular patrols has led to increased bandit activity along the roads. One can hardly step away from one’s stall without being accosted by ruffians. If it is not bandits, it is harpies driven inland by heavy […]
Increased Dominion Activity - The Dominion is setting up more camps outside Cormount
Indal’s Letter - Indal sends his thoughts and prayers
Information Request from Emeric - Emeric wished to remain well informed
Ingfred’s Work Order - Lizard, Time for you to learn prospecting. Go to the areas we talked about. If you find anything that seems promising, take some samples and bring them back to me here in Dusktown. Don’t forget where each sample came from! A bonus goes to whoever finds a good seam. With luck, you might just buy […]
Instructions for Lothnarth - Lothnarth, You need not interfere with the slaves. The guards I’ve hired will see that they remain productive and have food and rest when needed. I want accurate logs of production each week, so that I can see if my experiment helps the mine keep producing at optimal levels. No one should bother the crystal […]
Instructions for Placement - Norion wishes for discreet corruption
Intercepted Star-Gazer’s Document - Olior reports on his discovery in Upper Craglorn
Invitation Cover Letter - Invitation to an event hosted by Councilor Vandacia
Invitation to Morrowind - A personalized request for seasoned adventurers
Invitation to Orsinium - An invitation to Orsinium, on behalf of the king
Invitation to the Hunt - Invitation to a hunt of Orcs and Khajiit
Invitation to the Kinlady’s Conference - An invitation to Kinlady Avinisse's mansion to talk about politics
Invoice for Comestibles - Delivery invoice for feed products
IOU Honor Guard Armor - He's got a real good feeling about this next bet
It Lives! - A Regent announces his greatest accomplishment
It’s the Hunt that Counts - A killer keeps a record of past kills
Ithis Omalor’s Orders - A plot to overtake a caravan
Izbadd’s Letter - A warning that goes unheeded
J’daththarr’s Letter - An overly empathetic Khajiit's farewell letter
J’saad’s Note - A Khajiit keeps hearing voices
Jackdaw Fort - The cove is VERY important to their efforts
Jardirr’s Commendation - A commendation letter for a dedicated officer
Josseline’s Letter - Squabling among necromancers
Journal of the Oculary - Journal about visions concerning a Dwemer device
Julian Notes - Pet peeves of a mage
Kal Druun’s Notes - Clues for solving a dwemer door puzzle
Kalodar’s Letter - Kalodar regrets his selfishness and how it hurt the ones he loves
Keeper’s Farewell Letter - A dying elf warns of something lurking in the acropolis she protects
Kennel Tender’s Letter - Father, I have found work in Wrothgar, not terribly interesting but it pays well enough. My employer is a beatmaster they call Eofryd Durzog-Whistler. She’s a little eccentric. She has a natural talent for taming beasts, it’s obvious, and I think she likes them better than she likes humans. As far as I can tell […]
Khajiiti Merchant’s Invoice - One flower, paid for in full
Khajiiti Note - If you're going to steal, don't get caught
Khasaad’s Treasure Map - [Khasaad has scribbled all over the map in haphazard notes.]
Khenarthi’s Roost: Interim Orders - Need to wait before exploring the Temple
King Joile’s Orders to General Mercedene - Secret orders of rebellion during times of siege
King Kurog’s Promise - Kurog agrees to the Oathbound's terms
King Maxevian’s Orders - An ancient comand to protect Orsinium against resettlement by the Orcs
King Nantharion’s Orders - Instructions to find and destroy the Skein of Secrets
King’s Haven Scouting Record - Survey of a potential settlement site
King’s Haven Trade Record - What the settlement gives to the local tribes, and what it takes from them
Kinlady’s Letter - Kinlady Avinisse thinks that the Aldarch's plan of locking up foreigners is brilliant
Kireth’s Taarengrav Note - Kireth writes about an old Nordic ruin
Knight Ondrisse’s Orders - Knight Ondrisse, Within the next few days, several ships will be damaged on the approach to High Isle. We expect wreckage to wash up in Loch Abhain or along the northeastern shore of High Isle or the southeastern shore of Amenos. Capture any survivors from these ships and bring them to me. Muster all reliable […]
Knight Richel’s Orders - Knight Richel, Tomorrow morning a wagon escorted by two Society of the Steadfast retainers will travel to Steadfast Manor from the docks at Castle Navire. Take your knights and set up an ambush along the road. You are to kill the two retainers—a man named Grenier and a woman named Danise. They have seen things […]
Kotholl’s Contract - A House Hlaalu contract
Kuralit’s Clue - Kuralit saw a Bosmer thief sneaking into the bank
Kurlash’s Orders - Sergeant Kurlash, Do exactly as I say and tell no one. Take this crate of weapons to the dock northeast of Dro-Dara plantation. Leave it and return immediately. The pickup is not your concern. — General Godrun
Kurog’s Orders - Instructions for protecting the Moot in Orsinium
Kwama Miner’s Note - Plans to start a new kwama mine
Kwama Shipment Manifest - Self-explanatory
Lady Weatherleah’s Journal - A mother's note to her dead son
Lashum’s Report - The nobles made it ashore, but can't be found
Last Warning, Cat - Get off your furry butt and work faster
Last Will and Testament - A slain Nord's last will and testament
Last Words of Gordianus Fortunatus - An ironically named man laments his fate at the hands of the undead
Laughing Moons Ledger - A ledger from a plantation
Leave the Crimson Oath Alone - Notes about the crimson oaths
Leave This Place - A warning that the reader should leave their current location
Ledger of Souls - A ledger of newly acquired souls
Leeza’s Bloodthorn Report - Esteemed Leader, Our camp, in the clearing set between where the water spills from Mire Falls, has already achieved exciting results. Not only have we intercepted a dispatch from Aldcroft, but we’ve also captured a Lion Guard scout! If we wait long enough, perhaps King Casimir will wander in and surrender! —Leeza of the First […]
Legate Minutes: Concerning Goblins - A complaint about goblins
Legionary Ulrath’s Report - The last of the Legionaries stationed at Fort Hastrel reports of a Daedra attack
Lerineaux’s Concerns - Captain, Martin continues to press us for details. I continue to tell him nothing. We’re very deliberately staying out of the Bloodthorn’s path. Whatever they have planned, we can’t afford to be tarred by that brush. Meanwhile, Lerineaux continues to work at the supply chain. We’ve identified a quartermaster in Wayrest with a drinking problem, […]
Letter Concerning Tredecim - Noble Sovali, I humbly ask your understanding for sending this letter of request directly to you instead of through our chain of command. We have a request of some urgency that doesn’t have time to flow through the typical administrative channels. As you’re aware, I’m engaged in a long-term operation to extract information from the […]
Letter for Vittoria - Vittoria, Saulinia’s assassins got me in the gut. Found a place to hide, but don’t have long. Check the well. Hid a key in the bucket. Unlocks cellar door in the stable. That’s your way to Calo and the rest of the Irregulars. I always loved you.
Letter from a Prison Guard - Dear Yatrela, So how’s my favorite sister doing? Still trying to impress that overblown braggart who dares to call himself king? I know you say you’re happy and that you love the horker, but I don’t know what you see in him. Kurog couldn’t polish the shield of our chief, and I know that you […]
Letter from Abnur Tharn - The Chancellor summons all able heroes to Elsweyr
Letter From Agenor - A letter the opposition leader in Skyrim Mentions Skuldafn
Letter from Ajim-Jaa - Mach-Taeed, I need you to take a second away from your carvings and really listen. As your egg-brother, it’s up to me to look after you and make sure you don’t fall into trouble. And I can’t think of any bigger trouble to avoid than that Shadowscale who calls herself arbitrator. She may seem docile […]
Letter from Althen - Turenn, After so many years of lying low, I thought they had forgotten about me, but it seems that’s not the case. The Ring of Daggers is still after me and they’re closing in. One of their agents is asking questions around Moira’s Hope and I need to escape. In the short term, I am […]
Letter from Altholmir - A letter mentioning the disappearance of Falinesti
Letter from Ansdurran - Letter informing about a recent acquisition
Letter from Astara - Letter regarding a sanctuary
Letter from Aurelia Jourvel - Dearest Izzy, Thank you again for your kindness, your friendship, and the push out the door. I’ve had ever so much fun! After leaving High Isle, I visited a little town in Stormhaven and took some painting classes from a well known still life painter (yes, I have been painting again). I decided to go […]
Letter from Azandar - From the Desk of Azandar al-Cybiades, Sanctum Sanctorum, Skywatch, Auridon, Tamriel, Nirn Salutations and good tidings, cohort! I’ve been ruminating on our adventures at length and felt inspired to pen this missive. Consider, if you will, history. Those of us who read into the historical record at length are often confronted with the strange ebb […]
Letter from Baron Materre - Schemes against Emeric and trade with Orsinium
Letter from Bashshi-ra - A letter mentioning Senche in Valenwood
Letter from Berfonas - A letter mentioning the Silvenar and Green Lady
Letter from Camarino - Dearest sister, Just like we thought, Father was the one stealing the loaves from the cupboard. Mother yelled and yelled, and we laughed and laughed. We would have laughed harder with you there. Get well, little sis. Auri-El watch over you. — Camarino
Letter from Chill Hollow - Osa, I followed the rumors and found the cave. It’s a chill hollow within the rock, full of ice and who knows what else. The legends of treasure must be true as well. I can feel it! Soon, I’ll have enough gold for us to buy the farm you always talk about. Then we can […]
Letter from Clan Mother Tadali - Clan Mother Hizuni, No doubt you heard that the Dragons have been unleashed. They seek others of their kind in the deep places of the world and have even released the Demon from the East. We both knew this day would come, and we both know what it means. The Demon from the East must […]
Letter from Cyrus V. Nasby - Most Honorable Sirs, I am writin to you so as to relate that which I came upon, havin traveled then in Bangkorai and heard sech rumors as can hardly be believed by ears and bein that which reason cannot rightly accept nor admit, lest the eye behold it firsthand, as mine have. To wit, that […]
Letter from Dannic - Ancalmo, You won’t believe this. That bumbling Jahadar actually found the skull. It’s being held in a cave south of Longhaven. I still can’t believe Malangwen managed to lose it just after we took it in the first place. I’m making her come along with me to get it back, with Jahadar to lead the […]
Letter from Deesh-Jee - Claiming the Skald-King’s axe. Good for you. I’m sure it will make an excellent trophy. Also tells me that these nobles are more important than the Ascendant Magus let on. But why don’t we have the other two nobles in our hands yet? Get out there and find the others! The Magus doesn’t accept excuses, […]
Letter from Druid Laurel - [Player Name], I find myself in need of capable help in these unfamiliar lands. Your name was mentioned to me as someone who might be a good candidate. Time is short. I’ve drawn my location on the back of this letter, please meet me there as soon as you’re able. I promise I’ll find a […]
Letter From Ember - Hey, This is going to be a sappy letter. Sorry. I keep saying I’ll stop getting all emotional around you but you’re the one who keeps doing nice stuff for me! So really, this is your fault. Anyway, it’s been really nice having Jhaka and Silverslip back. I thought it would feel strange now that […]
Letter from Faradan - Bad news to a mother about her son
Letter from Farrul Lupus - Letter between two former Councilmen
Letter from Gabbi - Gabbi writes about Lord Fildgor and his minions
Letter from Gad - Boss, I understand that those ridiculous pirates helped get us started, but they’re no help at all at the dig site. I almost wish they weren’t with us at Fauns’ Thicket. I’ve had to send the workers back to Vastyr a couple times now because of drunken brawls. They kept getting offended because we were […]
Letter from Gorvyn - A letter mentioning the Llodos Plague
Letter from Gothurg - Gothurg's sister has an unhealthy interest in trolls
Letter from Inalieth - A letter regarding the history of Bastian
Letter From Isobel - My friend, That day we met outside the tourney grounds was … well, it was a turning point for me. I was so full of anxious energy, like when you’re at the beach with too much sun and saltwater taffy. Until you came along, all quiet and confident. You made such an impact on my […]
Letter from Julles Laurdon - My dear Kiv, I cannot wait to see you again. As I promised when last we met, I have found a necklace fit for you. A rather elegant ruby. Red is very much your color, I feel. To cement our bond. I wear the gold pendant you gave me every day, close to my heart. […]
Letter From Karpu-sa - Honored Clan-Mother, The roads are dangerous of late. Bandits attack without fear of reprisal, and harpies, driven to roost by the storm, strike without warning. These developments have driven this one to hire a pair of mercenaries. Both are hardy walkers, so please triple this one’s order this month. Please, do not worry about protecting […]
Letter from Kireth - A letter to Vvardenfell from the interpret Dwemer explorer
Letter from Lady Arabelle - [Player Name], Your name was passed to me by a mutual associate as someone who could be trusted to get a job done. I am desperately in need of just such a person. Meet my agent, Jakarn, in your alliance capital. Offer him your assistance in a matter of vital importance to all of Tamriel. […]
Letter from Lady Belain - Letter regarding failure of a mission
Letter from Lady Lleraya - House Montclair is poised to take over
Letter from Lenwe - Son, don’t worry. I know you were scared when you went down there, but everything will be all right. Your friend from down the road just got the salve yesterday. Maybe he’ll be joining you soon? I know you wouldn’t want him to get sick, but I’d feel better with someone watching out for you. […]
Letter from Leramil the Wise - [Player Name], Fate has selected you to aid me in a perilous situation. Know that the future of at least two worlds hangs in the balance. The Lord of Secrets, Hermaeus Mora, has foreseen that only with your assistance can I save Nirn. Meet me in Stormhaven and learn more of this dire threat. Leramil […]
Letter from Leramil the Wise [Torvesard] - Hermaeus Mora needs the player once again
Letter from Lord Oursin Materre - A father instructs his son to sabotage the Breton-Orc alliance
Letter from Lyris - Communique from Lyris to her partner in Solitude, about the plan of the Ice Reach Coven
Letter from Magistrix Vox - Letter mentioning the Dres/Maulborn alliance
Letter from Minique - We tried to smuggle in some Springwater wine to help bolster your spirits. The guards took it from us, though. Don’t worry: As soon as you’re out of there, we’ll throw you a great, big party. Drinks on me. — Minique
Letter from Mirudda - You shouldn’t have to be reminded of our agreement, but this one seems to find herself in a position where she has to. We haven’t had any fresh travelers through here for weeks. If we don’t have travelers to ambush, we don’t get any gold or valuables, which in turn means you get nothing. You […]
Letter from Nothelas - Nothelas finally learns to listen for the Green
Letter from Oleenla - Egg sister, Rain strikes stone as I write this. Thunder echoes, yet no lightning arcs the sky. A strange sort of storm, to be sure. We had hoped to make the pass at Mud Tree, but weather and hardship have forced us through Alten Corimont. I had not hoped to write until Hissmir and am […]
Letter from Paheiza - Nurhei, No matter how many times the mire-gnat bites at the crocodile, he continues on his way. So it is with your threats to myself and my egg-sister. Yes, I have debts to you, but my means of producing gold will not quicken by intimidation alone. I need but a little more time. Keema-Ru knows […]
Letter from Peverel - Peverel is having trouble with Orcish diplomacy
Letter from Queen Euraxia - Instructions for dealing with Abnur Tharn and gaining entrance to the Halls of Colossus
Letter from Queen Prolyssa - Letter to the Knights of Watcher's Hold about the Orcs
Letter from Quintus - A husband hastens his beloved's research
Letter from Quistley Silvelle - A letter from one brother to another
Letter from Ragna - Yrna, Life at Tal’Deic Fortress never gets dull! In my previous letter, I told you all about the Dremora that replaced poor General Redoran. Well, now I’m practically running this place! Oh, the Skald King continues to send me specific agendas to promote and messages to deliver, but Captain Doronil has turned to me to […]
Letter from Rakhad - Threatening letter regarding an outstanding debt
Letter from Sharp - I dreamed once that I was a river flowing wild across untamed land. I spread, searching for direction, but every direction was no direction, and I ran dry. That’s what it was like searching for who I was. That’s why I stopped. Sondivel took so much from me. My home. My family. My free will. […]
Letter from Sister Glynolde - Request for more Harrowstorms
Letter from Tamien Sellan - Tamien informs his father that his true talents don't lie in magic
Letter from the Governor - My dear Lord Jarol, I look forward to our next meeting. I have always enjoyed our working relationship, and I am ever so grateful that you have agreed to allow us to use the secret chambers beneath your estate for a conversation that needs to remain extremely private. Our guests should arrive promptly by the […]
Letter from the Intended Couple - A couple cannot go through with a request
Letter from the Orsinium Orphanage - A letter of thanks to a generous donor
Letter from the Reformer - Deredrien, Welcome to the operation! Any and all past involvement with Reynila is, of course, forgiven. Do as I ask and you’ll have your debts to Harn Orenvi wiped out in no time. I’ve arranged for a few of my mercenaries to meet you outside Necrom. From there, lead them to Reynila’s campsite. Per your […]
Letter from the Skald-King’s Agent - My trusted contact, The information you have provided so far hints at a terrible threat not only to Skyrim, but potentially to all of Tamriel. My liege, Jorunn the Skald-King, wants to stop this threat before it grows in scope and power, but I need more details. I need proof to convince the authorities in […]
Letter from Thukhozod - A title passes from father to son
Letter from Tillrani - Rana, I’m tired of the excuses. Yesterday’s training exercise was shameful. When I was in charge, we never had these problems. I think Rolunda would make a better soldier than some of these milk-drinkers! Get them together. The Pact is depending on us. — Tillrani Snow-Bourne
Letter from Turo - A warning of reprisal for misbehavior
Letter from Vetitia Marcott - I swear to you, sister, this time is different. That fool Lindres traded access to the funds of an entire merchant house to pay off his debt. We’ve secured a small amount of gold already, enough to contract with the Oathbound Clan for some muscle. We’re making plans to follow the money back to High […]
Letter from Vila - A Mephala cult meets in the ashlands
Letter Home - A letter from the Drothmeri Forgemaster's apprentice to his lover Found in the Mehrunes' Razor official plugin
Letter of Complaint - A complaint from the Overseer
Letter of Execution - Letter about the execution of a necromancer
Letter of Resignation [Aishah] - Angry resignation letter from a Khajiit trooper
Letter of Resignation [Trilam Farethi] - Angry resignation letter from a Khajiit trooper
Letter of Understanding - Ren-dro, As requested, I’ve included a full listing of the security accommodations that will be in place during your visit to Riften next month. Now stop your complaining. I’m serious, this is the last time I submit to one of your ridiculous demands. You milk-drinking cats and your cowardice. Stuff your moons up your arse. […]
Letter of Warning - Claims that a murderer lives in the Wetherleah court
Letter of Welcome - Letter welcoming the remnants of the Gray Host
Letter to a Scoundrel - Darius, You have ruined my life. You gambled away my mother’s ring and now I find my dearest father murdered by your butchering friends. I cannot bear this any longer. I know that Accalia will never let me leave, so I am getting out the only way I know how. May you rot in your […]
Letter to Abbot Kulan-dro - Reassignment to the Temple of the Seven Riddles shouldn't be considered a demotion
Letter to Agnor - A spiteful letter to a failed Orc chief
Letter to Akash - My Dearest Akash, The services you and your tribe have provided are invaluable to my cause. Who but the Wood Orcs could unearth so many remains so quickly? Aside from the Altmer, of course, but they are blind and would move to stop me rather than help. And your construction of the altars matched my […]
Letter to Alma - Alma, Stay strong on the Shadowed Path, my heart. Perform your duties for our lord and obey my orders. For now, this is your lot. You must not rise too swiftly in our ranks, or favoritism will be cried out by the others. Volcatia especially is watchful, slit-eyed with suspicion and jealousy. Curb your impatience […]
Letter to Amirmil - A lover's sad farewell letter
Letter to an Aldarch - Letter describing an Aldmeri ceremony
Letter to Ando - Ando, Gelves just gave me a bloody earful. I don’t know where you disappeared to, but you should have been with me to bear the brunt of his tirade. He says to ease up a bit on the townsfolk. We’re supposed to leave them alone for a few days, let them get a little less […]
Letter to Apprentice Gwerina - Request for an apprentice to join a cult
Letter to Ariana - Passing on tips about a bounty
Letter to Armorer Uthik - Production of nirncrux-infused armor must increase
Letter to Artisans Craftworks - Gendyn, I know you’re busy, big brother, but I still haven’t received the shipment you promised me! Please send my order as soon as you can or we’ll have nothing to sell at the family shop. Anyway, I can’t wait until I get up to Mournhold. I want to see this wonderful forge you wrote […]
Letter to Bakul - A sister's warning to her brother about dragons
Letter to Balorgh - Warewolves plot to infiltrate Hircine's realm
Letter to Baloth Bloodtusk - Mighty Baloth Bloodtusk, I received word that your brother has fallen against my forces at Orsinium. It is a regrettable thing, and know that my grief is sincere. If only he had knelt to a worthy king, he would be feasting and drinking beside you. I know you will agree that if anyone is to […]
Letter to Belya - Belya, Your services are required in Cheydinhal. The rebellion is bearing fruit. You must be our eyes and ears. Take no risks but hasten here. — Iocundus
Letter to Betra - Betra, I hope the trip to Fort Amol goes well and that your business there concludes quickly and profitably. I miss you so! Please, please, please try to make it home in time for my birthday. That would be a most excellent present! The Konunleikar is in full swing and I’ve never seen the city […]
Letter to Bhoki - Egg-Sire, I seek no forgiveness for my foolishness, despite your many warnings. By the time you read this, I have already gone to the Path of the Lily. I either saved the novices from Mewah-Jez’s stubbornness or I have not. Either way, I assume I have been taken captive and scheduled for punishment. All because […]
Letter to Bodani - An Ashlander wisewoman becomes Mabigrash
Letter to Calahawn - Calahawn, I must firmly decline the invitation to join your magical misadventure. Appealing to Hircine to aid you against “all the Dominion” is insanity, not to mention gross overreaction. It’s always dangerous to nudge the shoulder of a Daedric Prince. Why further doom yourself by relying upon a patchwork band of sorcerous fools? I don’t […]
Letter to Captain Helane - My Dear Captain, It appears I missed you at home. I did, however, have the pleasure of meeting six or so of your men. Tough as they appeared, I’m afraid they simply couldn’t hold their liquor. I do hope to make your acquaintance again soon. I really need to thank you for what you’ve done […]
Letter to Captain Lerisa - Captain Lerisa, I see little point in this exercise. What good can come of the crew listing lost possessions? Will Deregor suffer without his lucky dice? Will Haerdun languish without his illustrated Lusty Argonian Maid? I slave still to scrape together enough gold for a ship, let alone the trivialities the crew lost on the […]
Letter to Captain Leronus - Legionaries aren't deserting, they're being murdered
Letter to Captain Oghul - Hail, Oghol. I just received your letter from the post in Alinor. To answer your question, yeah, the trade’s been good since the Elf-Queen’s mandate. Better than good. These Tall Elves are a pompous bunch, but gold’s gold, and they pay better than most. That said, sailing around Summerset’s no roll in the daisies. I […]
Letter to Casolinwe - A linguist's interactions with Mannimarco as a Psijic acolyte
Letter to Councilor Dolvara - Additional oversight is required in Balmora after unfortunate events there
Letter to Councilor Lovidicus - Letter between two former Councilmen
Letter to Cynhamoth - Ah, fair Cynhamoth, how you flatter me with tempting gifts! You know I’m watching my waistline, but still you send me buttered scamp knuckles. (They were delicious, by the way!) —Sir Cadwell
Letter to Danier - Danier, Our shop’s outside Wayrest (to avoid city taxes). I hope they won’t find us. Go to Sentinel, where it’s safe. —Matilde
Letter to Darene - A letter to request aid searching for an artifact
Letter to Deredrien - Deredrien, Mevei insisted I ask for your help. I’m desperate and tired of you not responding to my letters. I’m slipping this one under your door so I know you got it. We’re camped across the river from the old Sailenmora outpost, heading north across the road between two boulders. Help us, and Mevei and […]
Letter to Dhalen - Jorunn's brother furthers his plots to take over
Letter to Diabolist Volcatia - A plot to expand Daggerfall's influence
Letter to Dockmaster Arnauld - Dockmaster Arnauld, As per our arrangement, here is your payment for your continued assistance and discretion. It is imperative that you direct official attention away from salvage operations on High Isle until we have finished our work at the Shallows. You may find yourself tempted to look deeper into our business, or see whether we […]
Letter to Dorbin - Dorbin, Thank you for accepting this most urgent mission. The college will be in your debt if you are successful. I hope the advance we gave you is sufficient. Report to me at the Bards College in Solitude to pick up the disguise. And please, be as discreet as possible. Leiborn
Letter to Dusandar - A painter's letter back to his partner
Letter to Edhelfin - A threatening letter from a sister
Letter to Egranor - Egranor, I know. You said never to contact you. But what happened at Quendeluun … I didn’t sign up to be a traitor. The Heritance in bed with the Ebonheart Pact? It flies in the face of everything I believe. You must report this. I can only assume that Earran has taken a more extreme […]
Letter to Elanwen - Yet another ruin infested with all sorts of undead
Letter to Elistrenne Starflower - Dearest Elistrenne, New hideout is all set. It’s in Deshaan, in the Forgotten Crypts. Yes, the place you tried to talk me out of. Find the key enclosed. I’ve had a problem with past contractors who allowed keys to fall into the wrong hands. Keep it on your person, will you? Not rattling around in […]
Letter to Eraven - A magister's letter to her Mouth
Letter to Estre - My Dear Estre, It pains me to know of your opposition to Ayrenn. While I can see your view on maintaining the purity of the Summerset Isles, I cannot disregard the importance of what our queen is trying to do. As I have a close relationship with both of you, I am unable to take […]
Letter to Evis Marys - Letter to an incompetent conspirator
Letter to Evrien - Evrien, You soulless, gold-gouging son of a horker! When I see you next, surround yourself with bodyguards or I’ll strangle you and let the Bloody Hands feast on your remains. Tripling your transport fees is outrageous. Our present need forces me to pay, as you well know. But when order is restored to Cyrodiil, I’ll […]
Letter to Exarch Braadoth - Praise of the Iron Orc nirncrux-infused craftworks
Letter to Fadeel - You try my patience, Fadeel. Huzal hungers, but we have seen no “fresh meat” for days. Have you forgotten the terms of our arrangement? I expect to see at least one foolhardy wanderer per day. If you cannot deliver this … well, it wouldn’t be very difficult for Huzal to track your stench across the […]
Letter to Feina-Darak - A mother's note to her daughter about their shared bloodline
Letter to Finia Marcott - Letter from a Duchess concerning a scandal
Letter to Firilia - Firilia, It’s been … ages. I’ve failed. I know it. Even now, I write in this and know your eyes will never see it. I got the medicine. As promised. The one thing I ever managed to do successfully for this family. And I return only to find that Falinesti is no longer here. Would […]
Letter to Geldrion - Geldrion, Next time, don’t hide your gold in a stupid barrel. Any old fool could come along and take it. I took your gold to the bank for safekeeping. That’s what banks are for, you know. Didn’t mother teach you anything? I didn’t want to lug the shield along, too, but it’s not like anyone […]
Letter to Grand Warlord Dortene - Grand Warlord, I agree with your decision to retain control of the Elder Scrolls. The scrolls are needed for the war effort, as you say. Handing them to the Moth Priest would only result in them falling into the hands of the Dominion or Pact. I have had temple guards escort Belenius away from the […]
Letter to Grand Warlord Sorcalin - Grand Warlord, Though it makes me uneasy, I concur with your decision to retain control of the Elder Scrolls. Our troops need the boons the scrolls provide. And turning them over to the Moth Priestess would be tantamount to handing them to the Pact or Covenant. While I revere the scrolls and honor the Moth […]
Letter to Grand Warlord Zimmeron - Grand Warlord, The Moth Priests’ plea galls me. Don’t they know there’s a war on? They cannot expect us to hand over the Elder Scrolls we worked so hard to obtain. You were of course correct to refuse the Moth Priest who is plaguing us. I sent Pavonius away from the temple and gave the […]
Letter to Haeralf - Love letter from one nord to another
Letter to Haladan - Dear Haladan, How good it feels to write you again. I apologize for the long gaps in our correspondence. The trade ministry set an aggressive schedule when Queen Ayrenn sent out her decree, leaving me little time for personal matters. I’ve spent most of the last month at sea. Now it comes to it. I […]
Letter to Halakaku - The disappointed owners of an Elsweyr Kwama mine want to offload it on another unsuspecting sucker
Letter to Hanza - Hanza, Your goats won’t shut up! I understand why you asked us to deliver them for you. We saw Imperial troops nearby and sheltered in the cleft where we once played as children. We should have let the goats go free. If these beasts continue bleating, though, we shall be discovered. We’ve killed the loudest, […]
Letter to Headman Bhosek - I demand that you take immediate action against the traitorous “Captain Helane” and her band of Sea Drakes! They have held the island’s only lighthouse for over a year now. In that time, 18 ships have run upon the rocks. I have no doubt that Helane is sabotaging the lighthouse to wreck these ships, leaving […]
Letter to Herminius Sophus - A letter warning against an expedition to Makela Leki's final resting place
Letter to Hosni - A mother warns her son about a seemingly dark woman
Letter to Idirfa - Uggissar's family takes refuge in a dangerous place
Letter to Imedril - Plans for some quiet reading
Letter to Imwyn - Imwyn, If you’re reading this, then I’m probably dead. Dead, or we’re laughing about this together around a fire. The Stormfists caught me out in the open. I managed to find this copse. I found a tree to hide beneath. But I don’t know if I’ll make it out of here. Listen, you were wrong […]
Letter to Irm - Dearest Irm, Today Ingfred the Tall had another job, so I’ll be down here a little longer. He wanted me to look for ore samples out in some caverns we haven’t surveyed. I had to be careful he didn’t follow me. I think he was hoping to “accidentally” run into me out here, skeever scum […]
Letter to Isrudde - An alchemist wishes to purchase "red brittle"
Letter to Jakarn - All right, sweetmeat. After this favor we’re even, yes? For now, anyway. Tu’heiba travels with her coterie to Darkpool Mine, a sulfur pit far to the west. You should hurry, though. This one does not know how long she plans to stay there. See you around, lover-boy, N
Letter to Jakild - Dearest Cousin Jakild, How’s that husband of yours? Still treating you well? And his annoying brother, Kerthor? Still annoying, I’m sure! Are there really enough trees in that part of the tundra for you to make a decent living? And the weather, are the days as gray as the ones in Windhelm? I hope you’re […]
Letter to Jazish - Letter of a Khajiit merchant in Firsthold
Letter to Kathner - A serious question from friend to friend
Letter to Kharekh gra-Bagrat - A scheme to turn the falsely imprisoned into slaves
Letter to King Folbert - The knights of Watcher's Hold beg for relief
Letter to King Maxevian - Begging the king for relief that hasn't come
Letter to Kitza-Enoo - Letter informing of an opportunity to capture a Daedric relic
Letter to Lady Sulima - My darling, Our time together has restored a broken spirit and a wounded heart. Your kindness reminds me what it is to love again. I know my travels can cause strain between us, but it is all in our best interest. One day, very soon, I shall complete my travels and my work. At that […]
Letter to Lady Weatherleah - Pelena wants the cook fired for asking too many questions
Letter to Laenira - Let's hope Laenira doesn't try to pick the wisps
Letter to Laryaril - Conspiracy by members of the Veiled Heritance
Letter to Lauriel - A woman away from home begs for word from her younger sister
Letter to Leonce Gavendien - Devious schemes of robbery
Letter to Littorn - A steamy love letter
Letter to Lozruth - Come alone, and soon
Letter to Magister Meln Rendys - Telvanni trade and politics
Letter to Mairrna - People are disappearing and birds appearing
Letter to Marillan - Contains a riddle for Dragonguard recruits
Letter to Marina - A somewhat ominous and threatening letter
Letter to Marshal Hlaren - A letter to the Marshal of Suran
Letter to Master Rethan - A plot and a brew
Letter to Matus Amnis - A letter from one cultist to another
Letter to Mertis - A plot to steal a plot of land
Letter to Mirudda - Fewer and fewer travelers are using the roads thanks to all the recent trouble. There’s no one to send up your way. Please, give me some time. I have a plan to start trying to send them from the cities. I need a few days to actually get around people though. Just keep that slimy […]
Letter to Mother Ciannait - Icereach witches plan to increase their power
Letter to Mouth Vabdru - Vabdru, I must say I was disappointed by your last letter. A mouth must keep the politics of Ald Isra from interfering with their master’s more important work. If I must address the frivolous concerns of my rivals, what purpose do you serve? If they continue to insist that I am in fact doing something […]
Letter to Mylenne - Motivational speech, from one werewolf to another
Letter to Nabor - A betrayal of Necromancer siblings
Letter to Narsis - Letter from a plague victim
Letter to Negaelion - Someone needs to get their life together
Letter to Norasea - Dear Norasea, My heart breaks at this dreadful news. You must come to Lillandril at once! The Sapiarchs have ample resources. I promise you, we will cure this affliction, no matter the cost. I’ve met someone. His name is Emile, and he possesses a rare gift when it comes to the arts of healing and […]
Letter to Ofglog - A note about a disappearing Orc
Letter to Orzorga - The general would like to put the commander back in charge
Letter to Otumi-Ra - A letter to an old friend
Letter to Paathi - A Moon-Bishop is acting suspicious
Letter to Pelena - An assassin blackmails the woman who hired him
Letter to Pentarch Draljura - Reachmen Clan informing ready for ritual
Letter to Percy Velmont - The lady Anais Belmont informs her brother of her sudden departure
Letter to Purifier Cyrus - The Silver Dawn, once hunters, become the hunted
Letter to Raelynne - Plans to raise armies in old ruins
Letter to Raerana - A somewhat possessive love letter
Letter to Rana - A letter informing Rana of her court-martial
Letter to Reezal-Jul - A rather incriminating letter
Letter to Roshilde - Roshilde, We need to get moving. As soon as you get this, start making your first trip back to the surface. Pretty soon, we’re not going to have enough people to haul everything up. Another sentry took a chunk out of Zabashil last night. He’s alive, but he won’t be carrying much anymore.
Letter to Rulassalmo - Dear Rulassalmo, It’s only been a few days since I left Vulkhel Guard, but I miss you terribly. I hope business picks up, and I have an excuse to see you again soon. I hate that we live so far apart. Distance is so cruel to young relationships. I hope my letter reaches you safely […]
Letter to Runescriber Kulth - Rune-inscription has to speed up
Letter to Savarak - A letter about a plot to poison Dratha
Letter to Selenwe - A mother is concerned about her youngest daughter's behavior
Letter to Selloe - Selloe, Imagine my surprise when I received a message from Auberic Dufont. He is very anxious to receive his entry token for the next scheduled event. If I recall correctly, and of course I do, you were tasked with making sure it was delivered to him with all appropriate pomp. He is a very wealthy […]
Letter to Sentulus - A plot to unravel the Covenant
Letter to Seyne - A letter from a proud sibling
Letter to Shirnama - Shirnama, You must be more selective in your recruitment. As our presence in Senchal grows, more and more seek to join us to find refuge from the coming storm. We have no need for weak, unskilled rabble. You must now seek warriors. The underground arena in the Black Kiergo should suit our needs nicely. Select […]
Letter to Skull-Brother Xandier - A collector of Nedic artifacts speaks of great treasures
Letter to Sonya - A sad letter from a husband to a wife
Letter to Stelvene Lothaire - Stelvene! Come back, you fool. He yet lives! I can take you to him. We have a wagon! Your father has an entire legion looking for you. How much of your fortune have you spent hidden away for this long? Come home, and I will tell you everything I know. Abandon this madness. Abandon this […]
Letter to Strastnoc - Strastnoc, You’re probably resting your hairy arse on the throne of Evermore by now. I wish we were having as much luck. I know this deal with the Worms is important, but I’m starting to wonder whether we can really trust them. I’ll explain more when you get back. Linele
Letter to Sybilline Elve - A small loan is needed to get a regal family back on their feet
Letter to Tarnamir - Announcing an apology tour
Letter to Tavo from Nahrina - Dearest Tavo, Please try to return to Sentinel as quickly as you can. If the debt collector comes and we come up short, I fear what he might do. A dozen relics should more than cover our debt. Yours forever, Nahrina
Letter to Telenger - A glowing recommendation for a young Apprentice
Letter to Thalrinel - My Dearest Thalrinel, I write to you in the hope that I find you in good health and good spirits. You will need both in the days and weeks to come. I know you were not looking for this much excitement so early in your tenure as Treethane of Silvenar, but the gods challenge us […]
Letter to the Grand Chanter - A priest of Akatosh desperately wants reassignment
Letter to the High Priest - A letter about the father of a child
Letter to the Icereach Coven - Correspondence between the Icereach Coven and their benefactor
Letter to the Magnastylus - Letter from one Magnastylus to their replacement
Letter to the Overseer - Miners are getting suspicious about the growing disappearances in Blackreach
Letter to the Pentarch - Pentarch Zaros, Preparations are complete, my Breton brother. We are ready to begin the ritual. Send the latest shipment to Kilkreath Temple. Sister Ambritt will put everything to good use. You have done well. Await my next command. R
Letter to the Twilight Mage - Master Avayan, This one will be visiting Selfora shortly and would love to make use of your fabulous crafting stations— provided you’re amenable. I’ll even bring a few bottles of golden wine to refill your pantry! —Magister Marashi
Letter to the Withered Rose - Regarding secret tunnels underneath a brotherl
Letter to Valenia - A secret admirer extenda an invitation to meet
Letter to Vashabar - A member of Narsis Dren's West Weald expedition complains about bad treatment
Letter to Vethisa - Vethisa will receive reward or agonizing punishment
Letter to Vibius Sosia - A letter about daedra belonging
Letter to Vigrod - Letter to a Companion from his mother
Letter to Volgo - Yet another cultist searches for the relic
Letter to Windhelm - A brother asks his sister for shelter
Letter to Wyress Gwen - The weird vines around the Wyrd Tree are getting worse
Letter to Yazara - Yazara, In the wake of my father’s death, I intend to return to the clan and claim his title. I trust you will not make any hasty decision regarding the new chief until I arrive and we can discuss. — U.
Letter to Zemarek-Thul - Another wacky letter from Cadwell
Letter to Zurga gra-Murtag - Hey, Zurga, I’m fed up with spending my days in this hole under Belkarth. I want to get back into the fighting game, challenge myself some, you know? This new arena at Dragonstar sounds like just the thing. But I can’t just walk away from this job because I told the Big Boss I’d do […]
Letter with Singed Edges - A woman away from home begs for word from her younger sister
Letters from Leon and Rosalind - A collection of letters between lovers
Letters from the War: Cyrodiil - An Argonian soldier recounts a battle alongside his Dunmer and Nord allies
Letters from the War: Mead! - An Argonian abroad visits a meadery
Letters from the War: Mournhold - An Argonian assigned to Mournhold writes of the city's attractions
Letters from the War: Windhelm - Shei-Halu, Hello, egg-sister. How are things back in the village? Are you still champion of the teeba-hatsei field? Does Reek-Koos still follow you around like a haj mota stalking a mudcrab? I really do miss home! I’m writing from the Cold-Moon Inn in Windhelm, the capital city of Skyrim. Yes, there’s a lot of snow […]
Lighthouse Orders - Knight Stegor, Take a band of recruits to the Gonfalon Head Lighthouse and remove the Kynareth idol. The Lord wants the light extinguished to deny Kynareth’s guidance to certain ships arriving soon. Do not damage the idol or harm the keeper unless you have no other choice. We don’t want the lighthouse to remain dark […]
Liquid Silver - Information on this elusive metal
List of Sequestered Guests - Races and genders of foreigners detained in Summerser
Lleraya’s Orders - Lady Lleraya Montclair
Lockpick Sales-Duty - Dear Mizareh, You are to return and remain on lockpick sales-duty until either we relieve you or a Dark Anchor pulls the entire refuge into Coldharbour. By Rajhin’s stolen skivvies, the only reason I trust you to mind the till is that you wouldn’t know how to steal it. Oblivion take you! —SP PS: You […]
Look at this Guard Dispatch! - Thieves Guild members guess the writer of a humorous guard notice
Look to the Dawn - A warning against darkness
Lord Jarol’s Deep Thoughts - Lust-filled musings about Fortunata of Anvil
Lord Wallavir’s Wedding Invitation - Invitation to a posh (and gift-grabby!) wedding
Love Letter to Aishah - A rather steamy Khajiiti love letter
Love Note to Adrienne - Dearest Adrienne, How I miss you, my darling! Though it’s been less than a day since we last met, I can’t bear it any longer. Please meet me at our special spot in one hour. I’ll bring the wine and food; you bring just your lovely self. Don’t be late, my love! — Erning
Love Note to Catina - Dearest Catina, How I miss you, my darling! Though it’s been less than a day since we last met, I can’t bear it any longer. Please meet me at our special spot in two hours. I’ll bring the wine and food; you bring just your lovely self. Don’t be early and don’t be late, lover! […]
Love Note to Enna - Dearest Enna, How I miss you, my darling! Though it’s been less than a day since we last met, I can’t bear it any longer. Please meet me at our special spot in three hours. I’ll bring the wine and food; you bring just your lovely self. Don’t be early and don’t be late, lover! […]
Lovingly Written Note - A note regarding some soldiers
Lucius’ Note - Trapped in a tower and surrounded by trolls
Lyranth’s Letter - A request to meet with Lyranth
Maelmoth’s Marvelous Masterpiece - An enchanter advertises a marvelous bottle
Mages Guild Authorization - The Mages Guild hereby grants Warlock Kargand authorization to organize an excursion into the tunnels beneath the Elden Tree, the necropolis known as Elden Hollow, to investigate the disappearances of mages Bakkhara and Dracien Montue. Both went missing following the release of an unknown magical phenomenon that occurred when Canonreeve Oraneth finished an unidentified ritual […]
Magister’s Writ - To the Council and esteemed members of Great House Telvanni I, Magister Therana of Tel Branora, do hereby request and support the elevation of the slave Argonian, Sun-in-Shadow, to rank within our House. She should be lifted from the slave caste and established as a ranked Hireling as soon as possible. Sun-in-Shadow has shown great […]
Magistrate’s Message - To the most illustrious and kind Headman Cosh, My Headman, I cannot imagine why you have sent to me this day a message of such terse words. I cannot understand why you have sent to me this day a dangerous, poisonous asp. I am happy to report your jest has been received with good humor. […]
Mammoth Duty - You will rotate duty between scouting and watching over the mammoths. The great beasts must be kept secure at all times. They become more agitated with every hour we keep them confined, and that’s making them dangerous. One of the beasts broke free last night and trampled its guards to death. It then caused immense […]
Maormer Memo - Agent Arstul, Get yourself down the coast and set up a watch near Vulkhel Guard. I’ve gotten word the queen has recently arrived. The marines we’re holding at South Beacon will be valuable hostages; just have to use them at the right moment. Contact with the Royal continues apace. Once the Summerset Isles are ours, […]
Mark of Egg-Births - Alocation of eggs to various parties
Master Shelreni’s Orders - Dusk Captain Zenfis, My business at Tel Rendys is not quite done. Detach a strong company of Dusksabers and establish a camp at the tower. I will join you there. Do not attempt to enter Tel Rendys until I arrive. Meln the Mouthless set powerful defenses in place that will take time to circumvent. Curse […]
Memo from Menoit - I’m taking Gristle out bear hunting in the caves to the north. Do not hesitate to find me if anything comes up. I won’t bite your head off, like Justal would. — Ranger Menoit
Memo to Captain Doronil - Captain Doronil, I simply cannot understand the intent of these new orders from the General. The way he commands the watch to be set leaves gaping holes in our defenses during parts of the evening. If we were short-handed that would be one thing, but we have plenty of soldiers for the job. Please share […]
Memo to Captain Siro - I’ve done all I can. Be grateful I convinced them to let you live, let alone keep a command. We’re even now. I don’t want to hear from you again. And keep yourself safe, old man. Magus-General Septima Tharn, Seventh Legion
Memorize and Burn! - A note about codespeak
Merchandise Retrieval Order - An order to not deal with a certain mage
Merdyndril’s Orders - In the name of Magistrix Vox, All Maulborn must continue to monitor and secure Lake Hlaalu. Tests of the Llodos plague continue, and we maintain camps within the area. The new formula isn’t as strong as we hoped. I am returning to the Gorge to make a more potent concoction. I will also continue to […]
Message from Fennorian - Friends, Further work with Old Mjolen led to a discovery that promises to unravel the entire mystery that has confounded us so far. To that end, I returned to the mining settlement called Dusktown. If you have additional need of my services, I have secured lodging in a building on the south side of town. […]
Message from Geneura - Make no mistake, no one leaves the pack, ever. I want Engitaale found. Scouts reported seeing her near Vlastarus. Bring her to me, dead or alive.
Message in a Bottle - Of all the audacity! They attacked my ship. And for no reason. We were approaching Northpoint, heading for the tunnel, when Montclair’s troops attacked us. If this is because someone robbed Lady Lleraya again, I’ll make sure heads roll in the thieves’ quarter! We’re taking on water, but I’m going to try to get the […]
Message to Jena - Jena— This is your last chance to settle your debt. It has cost me a great deal to find you. Cheydinhal wasn’t far enough. — M
Messages from Hews Bane - Letters from members of the Hews Bane Thieves Guild
Messenger’s Report - The dockmaster assures me that these hooded knights are just mercenaries hired by House Dufort to guard the shipyards, but I don’t trust him. In fact, I don’t see a single laborer here bearing the emblem of House Dufort. I fear the reports Lord Bacaro received about rogue knights commandeering the shipyards prove true. I […]
Mildanor’s Ripped Note - A partial note of a plan to steal Glyphics
Milvia Terthil’s Note - Murdered by Bosmer and their Daedra friends
Minahel’s Note - See if there are any other druid trinkets that other idiots like Ellorien and Linawys might stumble over. We had to put Ancul to sleep for now. The effect of that relic took him rather quickly. He foolishly touched it up with his bare hands. If you start to feel strange, leave the chamber. Perhaps […]
Mine Foreman’s Orders - Don’t care what you’ve heard about disappearances in the mine. Don’t be frightened like little Wood Elves that break like sticks in a bad storm. It is a Wood Elf trick. Keep working. Or you will be beaten. If you are beaten and you still don’t work, you will be shamed in front of entire […]
Mirulon’s Report - Supports daedric actions in Summerset
Missing Citizens - A list of missing people, just like it says
Missing Miners - An overseer wants to keep disappearing miners quiet
Missing: Gordonkha the Shark and Lazy Murshez - Describes two thieves who never xamback from a heist
Missing: Khiruna - Help finding a missing person
Missive from Cyrodiil - Graccus: Your request for more infantry is denied. Your request for more supplies is denied. Your request for more spymasters is denied. Your orders were to go into Reaper’s March and destablize the Dominion. Instead, you wasted half your resources destroying one valueless village, and the rest you squandered on a pointless book hunt. You […]
Missive from the Mages Guild - A request for a certain type of stones
Missive to Alchemist - Special delivery today: live prisoners. We caught five Pact scouts on patrol. Two escaped. Interrogate them to find out where their base is located. Use any means necessary, and silence them permanently once you’ve retrieved the information.
Montclair Assassin’s Orders - House Montclair thanks you for your service and for your patience in this matter. We know you will perform admirably once the targets are identified. While we finish assembling the list of targets, stay close to the city. Further instructions will reach you shortly.
Moon-Sugar Plans - Distribution of a wealth of Moon-Sugar
More Scorions - Notes on working on teh Scorions
Morkuldin’s Final Delivery - Manifest of a grim delivery
Mossy Note - Tried to find someone and died in the attempt
Mouth Vabdru’s Journal - An unpleasant conversation with Mouth Saruse today. She informed me that her master requires Master Shelreni to stop directing spies and scrying devices against other house masters. I denied any such intrusions, but Mouth Saruse brushed aside my protests. More trouble. The Assembly of Masters is considering a new bylaw requiring members to disclose all […]
Mud-Covered Letter - Tredecim, Your information continues to pay dividends and our gratitude only grows. Your recent message about the Permeation Snare project greatly excited our house mages. If House Telvanni were to wield such an incredible weapon, it would tip the balance of power too far in their favor. Your efforts ensure peace in our land. As […]
Murshez Is Dead - Report of a partner's passing
Museum Guild Letter - A letter about a mueseum guild
My Dear Vanessa - A letter from a lumberjack to his love
My Dearest Love - A runaway slave's loveletter
My Golden Child - A secret message from a ring of slavers
My Little Present - By now you’ve found my little present in your bed chamber. You have disappointed me, Banu. Word of your sad performance before the Emissary of the King reached my ears, and I just had to offer commentary. Do not fail me like this again, or you will find the next message harder to miss. — […]
My Sweet Flower - An anonymous love note
Mysterious Letter to Federo - Federo, I used to be like you. I told myself that if I could swallow my disgust at the reprehensible things I was asked to do under the magisters of House Telvanni that things would be different when I was one of them. Heed my words: the only difference between slaves and rank-climbers like us […]
Ne Salas: Need Reinforcements - Urgent – Expedited response requested. The Daggerfall Covenant has infiltrated the ruins of Ne Salas north of the Gray Mire. Their numbers are swelling in a manner that suggests they have a concealed passage into Grahtwood. I do not have the manpower to halt their progress. Please send reinforcements immediately. — Thaendil
Necromancer’s Journal - Another of my cellmates dead. Typical. There are few mortals with the strength of body, of character, to survive here. But I will add young Vayron to the throne (when the masters have finished with his flesh), to serve me when my own body grows weary. Though I wish I could do what the masters […]
Necromancers: A Report for the Queen - Euraxia's chief necromancer reports on the progress of their evil plans
Need More Animus Geodes - Deskin, The animus geodes are far too fragile to serve as a permanent solution. If jostled or dropped with a soul locked inside, they crack and flake until they shatter. A sharp blow turns them to dust! You’ve complained about their price, so I must wonder how much you paid for these things. If anyone […]
Nellor’s Bandit Connection - G, Shaking down Nellor tripled our weekly take! He has a good eye for saps with full purses. If he wants to keep that eye, he’ll send more of them our way. You were right about using innkeepers for this job. They’re natural liars, and they deal with enough travelers to spot the easy targets. […]
New Opportunities - Virian has a name for Verill
New Solution Instructions - Updated recipe for stonemelt potion
No More Shipments From Sentinel - Scorpions are interfering with privy matters
No Reason to Worry - H, Apologies for the lapse. Our supplier grew suspicious. Don’t fret overmuch, the appropriate mouths will be fed. We recovered your wayward bird. Its belly ran afoul of the storm, but we think it can be saved. If it is not in your hands by the next full moons, we are discovered and you should […]
No Significant Danger - Foreman Fabricius, It has come to my attention that you find our camp defenses inadequate. Your concerns have been noted, but we require every able hand for the excavation. We are making tremendous discoveries, and I will not have that pace slowed. I have left a small but capable group of fighters to defend the […]
Notable Transactions - Some less than scrupulous transactions
Note [Basins] - Bandits accidentally kill a lady
Note about “Wood Elf Etiquette” - Remarks on an offensive book
Note for Khazasha - Note to Khazasha
Note from a Bottle - Drawn to the eagle on my bottle, were you? Perhaps you appreciate the Eagle, and would help it soar. Perhaps you will meet me and help the Queen’s eyes see true. The eagle’s eyes watch the main road into this den of iniquity. Perhaps I’ve had too much Gossamer Tawny Port and should stop making […]
Note from Akash - Our employer wants nine bones from nine different beasts in each altar. Do not mix them up. Do not cut corners. She will know if you do, and she will not be happy. And if Oraneth isn’t happy, I won’t be happy. — Akash gra-Mal
Note from Alasan - A grim trade agreement
Note from Azhnura - Ushenat, I received a report that two of your recent initiates waited a few days and then attempted to escape after they lulled some of the trainers and monitors with their seeming docile behavior. This does not please me. The conversions must be true. Their minds must be truly opened and devoted to Trinimac. Your […]
Note from Captain Accalia - Engannas, Here is your share of the loot. You killed more of those filthy priests than any of the others so I am awarding you the Dagger of Mara as your prize. Once the Stonefire Cult has paid me for the Chalice you will receive an additional measure of coin. — Captain Accalia
Note from Captain Dunveril - The grandmaster’s son is named “Sen.” Find him and take him by force if necessary. Put him in the old Daedric tomb just outside of town. The locals won’t enter—they’ll be afraid of angering their ancestors. — Captain Dunveril
Note from Ciridor - Note about Hircine's will
Note from Commander Derre - I’m asleep. If you wake me, the camp better be on fire! — Commander Derre
Note from Danni - Thieves conspiring to meet
Note from Firuin - I am leaving you, Galithor, for one who appreciates my talents. My skill! You wasted my genius on such trivial things. Chilling drinks. Tricking insects into euphoria so their ichor would not curdle your precious brew! I created a colossus for you! Tall as a mammoth and twice as strong. Cold as the empty voids […]
Note from Gadri to Federo - Federo, Do me a favor. Never hire me on for this client again. I don’t mind the work itself, but all this cloak and dagger nonsense isn’t worth the rate I’m getting. It’s already a secret lair with a secret door near the bridge to some Dwarven ruins! Tell your other contractors I’m leaving the […]
Note from Gullveig - Thorulf, I trust this note finds your dealings in Fullhelm near fruition. My business in Riften is nearly concluded. Anchorite Garmar has no talent for our peculiar arts, but he’s capable enough in his own fashion. Once I’ve settled matters, I’ll move to Lost Prospect to complete my ascension. I may call on you afterwards […]
Note from Jahla - Overseer Basri, Courage to you and full-hearted greetings. The preparations are laid for glorious victory. The coast south of Velyn Harbor is nigh unoccupied, fertile ground to set the roots of our raiding parties. It should be no difficulty to conceal our ships among the rocks, or inland among the trees, and take them to […]
Note from Jeegren - The cave, my friend, lies north of Kragenmoor. As I have said many times, the fungus there grows to amazing size. I know you don’t believe me. I know you have called me a “lying shellback.” But I tell you, it is true. May the Hist dry my scales if I speak false! — Jeegren
Note from Kamu - To any members of the Fighters Guild who find this, We are being pursued by shadow creatures of some sort. They look like mer—possibly Bosmer—but this one can’t tell for certain. Something in the forest called to us, requested our aid. It was a voice, apparently coming from the tower behind the walls. We have […]
Note from Khezuli’s Contact - K— My employer’s new arrangement makes it harder to meet in public. Get me the base mixture and I’ll get you the payment. I hope you haven’t forgotten how to combine the ingredients in the mixing mechanism. All you have to remember is keep things orderly. Just add each ingredient carefully. The sweet, sticky moon […]
Note from Lady Weatherleah - A noblewoman bequeaths her fortune to her dog
Note from Magister Osanne - Stormfist Clan discovers rare ore in Eastmarch
Note from Maryn - Sorry about this, but my arrangement with Adreso is too valuable for you to ruin. I’m only sorry I didn’t kill that fool before he finished his Black Sacrament. Nothing personal, just die. If it makes you feel better, it will look like an accident.
Note from Morantor - Note concerning an expedition to a Dwarven ruin
Note from No-Fingers - Dear Uta-Tei, Thank you so much for the herbs. Comes-When-Called is doing much better. His fever is gone and he is as sprightly as ever. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how much our lives changed since we moved here. I know I was once your protector, but I hope that […]
Note from Orlugash - One Orc is very angry about perceived blasphemies
Note from Razum-dar - Bad things happening in Khenarthi's Roost
Note from Sagabar - A criminal correspondence
Note from Scout Justal - Because some hunting parties can’t seem to get their acts together, I’m taking my falcon out, east of the camp, to hunt for some real food. If anyone wants to find me: Don’t. — Justal
Note from Slim-Jah - A note about Dominion movements
Note from Theomund - Note mentioning ancient Nordic barrow
Note from Thulvald’s Logging Camp - Note about a possibly haunted forest
Note from Umindior - Quen, Sorry to abandon you, but I can’t stop thinking about Neri. I’ve decided to go and find her. Try to convince her to leave the Dreadsails. I’ll see if she’ll tell me where the relic is, so that we can at least finish this contract. If the gods are with me, we’ll meet you […]
Note from Uxunath - We’ve done it. Our strike against the Remnants broke their order. The Cenotaph now belongs to the Dreamcarvers. There’s still much to do before we claim the Remnants’ power as our own. The Remnants keep their pact with Hermaeus Mora locked away inside a pocket realm they call the Crux. This pact is the core […]
Note from Uxunath - The Cenotaph now belongs to the Dreamcarvers
Note from Valkynaz Nokvroz - A note about lucents
Note from Zidal - Our contract is binding, and yes, I do expect you to follow through with the exploration. Take your team and head to the Black Vine Ruins by tomorrow, or I’ll bring this before the treethane. You don’t want to risk that, considering you jilted her son after she’d spent all that gold on things for […]
Note in a Dead Man’s Hand - Note about a dreugh egg thief
Note in Bag of Vvardenfell Silk - [Player Race], forgive me for departing before your arrival. Please give Enthis and Turil my best. I’ve made off with the rest of their silk. Feel free to give these remainders to one or the other with my best. Yours, Chanda
Note on Broken Crate - The plan begins! The amount of the concoction contained within isn’t viable when diluted in water. To achieve our goals, more of the elixir will be needed. To this end, more crates are on their way. Stay alert and watch for the next shipment. — M
Note on Torn Parchment - One undead's thoughts on freedom
Note to a Scarlet - Ominous invitation to Fyrelight Cave
Note to Agolas - A great lock, a poor score
Note to Arathel - Arathel, I know what you’re planning. Trust me, kid—you’re playing this all wrong. We need to talk. Make your way to the Anchors Aweigh Inn and order a Deathland Ale from the Khajiiti bartender. She’s one of ours, so you can trust her. Move quickly, all right? I can’t help you if you’re dead. E
Note to Arida - Arida, It looks like we’re going to evacuate. Whatever that thing is in the sky, it’s not something we can fight with swords and arrows. Best to retreat and take as many citizens out with us as we can. Guildmaster Kahlosh insists we ward the guildhall. He’s a stickler for rules and regulations, that one. […]
Note to Barkeep - Barkeep, I did my part. This place was full last night. They drank, you made your bit, so I expect full payment. I’ll be staying with a girl I met. She has a cottage just north of someplace called “the Gray Mire.” At first I thought she was talking about your ale. Deliver my money […]
Note to Captain Henrisa - A plan to stop the Daggerfall Covenant through embarrassment
Note to Cardia - Dearest Cardia, The wealth I’ve gained from this last job should allow me to finally leave these bandits. I want to get out of here as soon as we get paid off by the Stonefire Cult. We’ll run away together and finally buy that little farm we’ve always wanted. I’m sorry about losing your mother’s […]
Note to Cynric - Cynric, The others are starting to notice I seem distant often, deep in thought. Those thoughts are always of you and our secret moments by moonlight. They’re all I can think about now. I’m sorry I was late last time, I shall correct that mistake tonight. Until then. Forever yours, J
Note to Darius - Darius, Here is your share of the loot. You performed with bravery and intelligence during our raid on the Temple of Mara, and I want to make certain that all of my lieutenants are amply rewarded. The Phylactery is yours to do with as you please—keep it or sell it. — Captain Accalia
Note to Emabeth - Emabeth, I understand you and your brother’s concerns, but my decision is final. Our families have kept vigil here for six generations. They were forgotten but they still did their duty, as we must do ours. Not only that, but we’re finally profiting from it! Don’t worry though. I don’t intend to return Emeric’s gold, […]
Note to Gilbard - One smuggler doesn't deal with necromancers
Note to Graguz - Graguz I appreciate your enthusiasm for converting potential candidates. But it has come to my attention that the survival rate of your converts is starting to reach rather high numbers. Perhaps a little more patience and less “personal application” might be more conducive to actually increasing our ranks instead of thinning the general population. Be […]
Note to King Jorunn - A note factoring into the Eastmarch main quest
Note to King Nantharion - King Camoran Aeradan chastises King Nantharion for his encroachment of Cyrodiil
Note to Lt. Stenric - Chin up, Lieutenant Stenric. I know it’s been a long and hard few months, but your vigilance will pay off. Once the invasion begins, we will be able to charge down the mountains and take the enemy completely by surprise. You will be a part of history. And all you need do is hold out […]
Note to Lucien - Warning about the Red Rooks
Note to Marianas - Dearest Marianas, I plan to return to you soon. The operation in Claw’s Strike is running well after the initial few hiccups. There are prettier Khajiit than Fishbreath, with nicer attitudes, I guess. And he does have an awful angry streak, always threatening to feed the others to his senche-lions. But he’s fair and he […]
Note to Menthery - Note about a Dark Anchor dropping near the city
Note to Nathyn - Nathyn, I am leaving Tel Dreloth. I have come in to some wealth due to the death of a distant relative and have no need to work as a servant anymore. Mistress Dreloth says I should not tell you where I intend to go. First, because she was always right about your condition, and leaving […]
Note to Neri - Neri, You seem preoccupied, but conserve some energy for your actual duties. Minahel wants those fools Ellorien and Laniwys locked up until we figure out exactly what they did. They’re in the old druid rooms where we usually lock up drunk and disorderly sailor until they sober up. Do a pass now and again. Make […]
Note to Nicolas - Worthless but interesting artifacts
Note to Nilsmon Booklover - Hey, Booklover. Stop leaving your damned bottles all around the barracks. If you puke in the necessary bucket again, I’ll dump it over your head. You stink of rum and sorrow. Drink to excess elsewhere, put on some pants, and take a bath. You may not be an aspirant, but at least try to comport […]
Note to Nurese - Note to a lover
Note to Parsifal - Author: Master Davynu Dearest Parsifal, Given that Iryan has gone missing, I’ve left you in charge of safeguarding the house. As you know, I hate the idea of strangers tramping around my home, muddying the floors and soiling my instruments. Please take the proper precautions to keep out the riff raff. I’m trusting you. Don’t […]
Note to Pellus - Note between raiders about missing loot
Note to Rilasi - Dearest Rilasi, I’d hate for you to think your hard work here has gone unnoticed. I noticed. Talk soon, Your Lark of Rosgard
Note to Rufinus - Rufinus, I’m meeting with our new employer in a fortnight to hear his deal. If it’s better than the Khajiit’s, we’ll dissolve our relations there. No loss. Look for my next letter soon.
Note to Selias - Selias, We did it! The old man is dead and I have it! Meet me near the Netch Tree and I will pay you what I owe. Make sure you aren’t followed, I hear Nervyna has been sniffing around. — Tervur
Note to Sir Quatrius - Requests will be attended to
Note to Tajirri - Tajirri, Blue serpent slithers next to the woods Four pointed paint shows the goods They do not glitter, but mark the way They’re prepared to leave town today R
Note to Throne Keeper Farvad - A note about a desecrated mausoleum
Note to Ulguna - A grisly note about torture
Note to Vanus - A mysterious letter from an old friend
Notes on the Fable of the Dragon - List places that correspond to riddles in the fable
Notice to All Research Assistants - All remaining flasks of the original toxin must be relocated to the storage chamber in the rear portion of the cave, so as to keep them separate from Master Nerandas’ new formula. Please make a full accounting and report any irregularities to your direct superior. Pride and Prosperity for House Hlaalu.
Notice: New Working Conditions - Reminder to all workers! Break time has been reduced, effective immediately, to ten minutes instead of the prior fifteen minute break periods. This will remain in effect until productivity returns to the levels I specified in last month’s directive. You have only yourselves to blame for this change. With the current challenges we face here […]
Notice: Pledge Duties - Attention, you drunken louts. The task of remembering who offers the pledges for some of your favored stomping grounds has proven more difficult than the butchery and looting you do there. If you find yourself confused by intoxication or a head wound, the pledge givers and their responsibilities will now be outlined here. Maj al-Ragath: […]
O Blessed Spinners - O Blessed Spinners, My name is Ulthorn, and I am in need of your wisdom. My love has left me. Life is nothing without her. She did not want to go, but it was fate, they said. I do not believe in fate. How can it exist when a single word can change the path […]
Oath of a Dishonored Clan - Clan warfare among the daedra
Oblan’s Letter - My dear, lucky friend Oblan, Your captain’s patriotic foolishness has drawn you the best possible assignment! Imagine, “scouting” for the navy around Khenarthi’s Roost! You’ll hit the sands long before any of those officious marine thugs have time to look around. I’m sure you know, most of my supplies come from KR. Since you don’t […]
Official Missive from Holgunn - A warning about a possible assassin
Oleen’s Dowry Reminders - A series of salty riddles
On Activation - Placement of the corruption stones is less important than activation. Our priestess has ensured that the corruption stones are imbued with the ancestral energy of the holy site. One stone should cover the entire site; the other five stones are insurance. It may seem excessive, but we can’t be too careful. The traitor-queen’s political machinations […]
On Calling the Drowned Dead - My father first used this spell to call the dead from the sea twenty years ago. Today, we perform this again in his honor. There are shipwrecks along the beach just west of the docks. Conduct the ritual there and our glorious rise begins.
On the Chamber of Passage - Septima Tharn doesn't mince words
On the Holy Symbol - Priestess Lanwe, one of the queen-pretender’s lackeys, has in her possession a holy symbol that could be disruptive to our plans. Find her, kill her, and take the symbol. It is the only relic at the site powerful enough to destroy the corruption stones. They’ll be able to cleanse the site eventually, but something will […]
On the Matter of the Prisoners - Missive to a Coldharbour justice
On the Purchase of the Alavelis Mine - Kynreeve Ryl, I purchased a glass mine in the village of Alavelis. Our Hidden Kindred allies will construct an arched gateway there using the mystic qualities of malachite ore, the compounds provided by Prince Peryite and Prince Vaermina, and my own specially crafted spells. This will provide the portal we need to enter Apocrypha without […]
On the Spirits of the Hel Shira - To the most revered Magus-General Septima Tharn, I know the 7th Legion’s first forays into the Hall of Heroes ended rather unfortunately, but I am pleased to report that your generous time spent in teaching me the ways of the occult has proven valuable for us both and the Empire as a whole. After spending […]
On the Trail of the Forgotten Mane - While searching for the tomb of a lost ruler, this investigator finds Daedric forces instead
On the Work at Alavelis - Master Shelreni, Our work here in Alavelis nears completion. The Hidden Kindred have followed your instructions carefully. The gateway will be ready as directed, and the stone you requested to rebuild the sacred statue is now on its way to the destination you provided. The Prince’s shrine will soon be restored to its former glory! […]
On Valerianus Lentinus - Complaint about an over zealous priest
Opening Performance Notes - “One day, in full view of the n’wah, the mehra of Koal Canton … and so he crushed some muckspunge pulp into a netch’s tentacles.”
Operations Report: West Narsis Mining Concern - Report on troubles going on inside a mine
Or Else - A letter demanding results Wuuthrad mentioned
Order of the Eye Dispatch - The scryers have made a discovery
Order of the Waking Flame Ritual - Describes a Ritual of the Waking Flame
Orders are Orders - The soft-skins can’t do their dirty work alone, but who are we to refuse their gold? They want to break up some stupid wedding, then help them … but be smart. These Elves have different magic than we do. Maybe they can help with the crown. I don’t trust that Speaker-in-Empty-Air or her promises. I […]
Orders for Athal - Athal, You get the hardest job. Head toward Cheydinhal. Don’t go anywhere near the town for now. Find a cave or ruins and make a strong base. Stay hidden. After Claudette and Zandur have completed their tasks, we’ll move against Cheydinhal. That’s all you do for now. Wait for my signal.
Orders for Attius - Failure won't be tolerated by this general
Orders for Immediate Retrieval - Where to find, and how to use, wildburn seeds
Orders for the Recruits - Once, you bent your knee to the tyrants who drive this war. Now, under the cloak of the Ascendant Order, your true purpose becomes clear. In your footlocker you will find the resources you need to complete your mission—an anchoring lodestone and a mystic sigil. Place the lodestone at the base of the mast and […]
Orders from a Knightly Order - Orders mentioning the Memory Stone of Makela Leki
Orders from Commander Pyline - Our efforts within Northpoint proceed as planned. Lady Lleraya assures us that success will soon be ours and the march toward Shornhelm will begin shortly. Keep to your posts and remain vigilant. If the Shornhelm Guard shows up, dispatch them immediately. And continue to watch for any of the missing Northpoint Guard who escaped or […]
Orders from Duke Renchant - Private note about an Imperial plot
Orders from Fildgor - Orders from the Orcthane