Dulza’s Log

Author: Dulza gro-Morkul
Released In:

By Dulza gro-Morkul, Merchant of Fells Runs

I have many regrets, but none quite so strong as my decision to take our clan's ancestral sword on my journey. Knowing that it will never again be wielded by a gro-Morkul's hand fills me with more sorrow than my own inevitable death. Well, there's nothing to do now but survive, for escaping this cursed world of metal seems impossible.

What a tusking fool I was. Traveling to Craglorn seemed so easy compared to some of my past jobs. Sure, I knew it was a land of strange and powerful magic, but when did that ever scare me off? So long as the gold was good and the deal legit.

The storm that swept me into this strange wasteland was unlike any I've seen before. The lightning flashed strange colors, the rain poured hot against my skin. I heard chanting all around me, the language chilling and strange. Those words will haunt me till my dying day.

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