Journal of Nerile Belvayn

Released In:
Author (in-game): Nerile Belvayn

This book was added in the Bal Sunnar dungeon.

What I like most of our new home is the cool barrier from the sun. The rock outcroppings cast shadows across this sheltered valley that are both dramatic and welcome. The heat of midday barely touches my skin with such generous protection.

The Matriarch told us that she hears the stone whisper. Something about her conviction leads me to believe her. She did lead us to this place after all. I find myself trusting her implicitly, even when it feels risky. Her speech sometimes sounds as though she channels a greater mind.

Many of us, maybe all, did not approve of the political maneuverings we saw happen back home. Reverence of self-appointed gods does not sit well. But I also have no wish to become a nomad and forsake our House legacy. So a promise of safety and seclusion in this tumultuous time was precisely what many of us sought. And Matriarch Lladi has provided.

While excavating for our well, we found something. An object, but not solid. Air and light ripple around it in a unreal manner. The Matriarch seems beside herself with joy. This is our inheritance, she claims.

I think she knew it was down there. While she’s overseen the town’s expansion, it was always with a slight remove. Until one day she insisted we dig on a precise location. We could not vary from the spot she chose. Then, once we did, there was the object.

I wonder what it portends.

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