Cartorrel’s Last Words

Released In:
Author (in-game): Cartorrel


I won’t be coming home this time. As gentle as the seas can be here, we always knew that any voyage could be my last. It won’t be the fickle currents that claim me in the end, but the poison coursing through my veins. I love you and I’m sorry.

The Sea Elves have invaded Wasten Coraldale. A small force now, but I can tell that they’re preparing for more of their kind. It won’t be long before this island becomes a staging ground in a greater campaign.

I’ll never see the mainland again, but if the tides smile upon me, this message will reach it soon.

To whoever finds this. Tell the Royal Navy that the Sea Elves are here. Stop them before more lives are lost. And if you would be so kind, bring this to Wendlain in Alinor.

With love and hope,

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