A Brother’s Gifts

Author: Anonymous
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I hope this letter finds you well, for I know that we did not part on the best of terms. When you got the invitation to Orsinium, I was adamant that you were on a fool's errand and insisted that you stay and help run father's business with me. When your first gift arrived, I nearly wrote you to tell you how wrong I was. The generous sack of gold saved the shop and kept your brother-in-law and nieces fed for weeks.

When your second gift arrived, I was intrigued. A curiosity, for sure! Those mudcrab-like legs. That adorable nose and furry back. I sold the cute little thing to a wealthy Breton, a traveler from Wayrest, who insisted that he must have it. He paid me a small fortune. Again, I nearly wrote you to tell you that I had been wrong all this time, but I put it off.

A few weeks later, I'm glad that I did.

I smelled them before I saw them. The Wayrest Breton, with this monstrous crested beast in tow, shouted at me from across the counter at our stall. He demanded that I return his gold, with an added gratuity, because this creature ate his fine silk shirts. Apparently this monster, now the size of a large tusked bull, liked to butt up against the supports of the Breton's house and nearly knocked it down.

Lucky for me, the magistrate decided the dispute in my favor: "Let the buyer beware."

Whatever this beast is, you are a fool for sending one to me. Please do not send another.

Love and kisses,
Your Sister

P.S. Feel free to send more gold though.

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