Letter Concerning Tredecim

Released In:
Author (in-game): Movis Dres

Noble Sovali,

I humbly ask your understanding for sending this letter of request directly to you instead of through our chain of command. We have a request of some urgency that doesn’t have time to flow through the typical administrative channels.

As you’re aware, I’m engaged in a long-term operation to extract information from the leadership of House Telvanni. Our agent inside, referred to as Tredecim, passed us the following note during their recent information drop.

* * *
I don’t know how, but the masters learned that they have a spy in their ranks. One of them, I suspect Master Sulis, enacted a Writ of Execution from the Morag Tong. I knew this work came with risks, but I believed I’d stay protected. Now there’s a good chance I wind up with a knife in my gut.

Since the risk has grown, I want to take some urgent steps. I’d like you to transfer another round of my seasonal pay into Master Sulis’s accounts at the bank in Necrom. This should temporarily alleviate my growing fear of this hired assassin. If you hesitate at complying with this request, consider it in lieu of future information.

Going forward, I want to start using codes when I refer to my targets. That way if I’m caught, I have deniable plausibility. Please use the following names in the future.

Sparrow for Master Sulis

Bristleback for Master Foves

Beetle for Master Thilse

Please let me know if I can expect the financial transfer into Sparrow’s accounts. If not, we have no further need to engage in business.

* * *
Our effort of infiltration has produced excellent results. It would be a shame to lose such an important source over a little extra gold. Please expedite the requested transfer and send reply once it’s complete.

Movis Dres

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