Unsent Letter to Zazazrala

Released In:
Author (in-game): Yanabhi

Dearest Zazazrala,

By the time you read this, Yanabhi will be gone. For years, this one sought to gain your favor. I brought you gifts of sugar and sweet roses. I fed and cared for your house-cats while you pranced across Tamriel on your trip abroad. I cleaned your parlors and privies to a mirror sheen. But still, you rebuff my advances. Clearly, you value strength and vigor above all else.

To that end, this one made his way to Predator Mesa. When Yanabhi mentioned his plan before, you scoffed and thought him a coward. Now, you will see how wrong you’ve been! When I return home with heaps of harpy feathers and terror bird talons, perhaps you will think more of me.

Your most daring suitor,


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