Gray Host Orders

Author: Rada al-Saran
Released In:

My beloved kin,

I have no words. Tzinghalis is dead.

His killers have retreated to the shadows. Doubtless they mean to harry us in our righteous labor. Already there are whispers of them seeking to stop the spread of the harrowed. I will not abide any further threats to our goal. My family will be delivered from their torment, and not even Molag Bal himself can stop me. To that end, we must accelerate our efforts. All preparations regarding the attack on Solitude must be completed posthaste.

To that end, make sure everything required for the work in the Undergrove is ready. The location is hidden and secure inside the ancient barrow, which fell into the earth for just this purpose, It will make a perfect testing ground for the next stage of the harrowstorms. Exarch Ulfra shall lead those efforts and prepare the way for the final harrowstorm.

Gray Host victorious!

Rada al-Saran, the Ashen Lord

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