Captain Evani’s Log

Author: Captain Evani
Released In:

Entry 184

The Abah's Landing Thieves Guild was smashed by mercenaries from Taneth. Did the merchant lords finally push back? Could be an opportunity to work with our Anvil connection.

Entry 188

Small shipment delivered to contacts in Abah's Landing. The next time we ship in bulk.

Entry 191

A new Commodore means we need money, fast. Only way to pay the tribute. We'll load our compartments to the gills next time we're in Anvil.

Entry 193

Betrayed! Who is this "Cosh," and how could he know we're smuggling skooma? If I don't meet him at No Shira Citadel, he'll have the Iron Wheel raid my ship!

If I take us to deep waters, the Commodore will think we abandoned the tribute. But our contacts are spooked, and refuse to take the shipment off our hands.

This Cosh has me by the short whiskers. I'll have to meet with him at that blasted old fort. What else am I to do?

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