Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

We need to get out of here. I’d rather risk stowing away on a boat out of Lilmoth than remain in this place. Whiptail had us break down a wall the other day. The other side was filled with Argonian corpses. He made us go in and search through the bodies to see what they were buried with. We’ve robbed graves in the swamp before, but this was different. I could feel something in there. I knew as soon as moved one of the bodies that I would die here if I didn’t get out.

I believe you now. You said you were seeing things. Hearing things. It’s starting to happen to me.

I saw Argonians walking the halls. I saw them sacrificing their own kin. Those who were sacrificed seemed unafraid, willing. It was all so quiet. It scared me. Especially since I knew they weren’t really there. They were like echoes of another world.

And Whiptail isn’t going to stop. He wants more. He’s become convinced that some ancient weapons are hidden here, blessed by Sithis. So he says. I think this entire place is cursed.

I’m going to make a run for it. I know you want out, too. Meet me in the room we set up for Kassandra at midnight tonight if you’re coming. And burn this scroll after you read it. We can’t risk Whiptail finding out. He’d kill us both.


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