Vardan’s Diary

Released In:
Author (in-game): Vardan

A search of the Ayleid ruins to the north yielded no new information. I wonder if the ancient tales were merely to deter graverobbers. Queen Nuresse was grieved by the death of the king—perhaps she made it all up.

Drusilla returns tomorrow. She might see something I missed.

* * *
Drusilla had no luck. The ruins remain inexplicable. If there is great power here, its whereabouts are unknown.

Drusilla suggested taking local Orcs for interrogation. Under duress, they may provide details we have yet to discover. We will find some who will not be missed.

* * *

Success! Interrogation yielded mention of a hidden door beneath the Orc fortress. This may lead to the fabled library of old King Renwic.

If the tales are true, the library holds the information we seek. I have sent word to the Gravesinger. If he refuses to send aid, I will know his true motivation.

* * *
Aid arrived. Cursed Gravesinger!

I expected adepts of the highest caliber. Instead, I get initiates who have done little beyond raise their first corpse. The Gravesinger is amused, no doubt.

* * *
At last! The scroll confirmed a power here beyond my wildest expectations.

Taking this miserable island from the Orcs is but the start of our crusade. Once the power is in my hands, the armies of the Daggerfall Covenant will fall like leaves before us.

I wonder how the Gravesinger will explain his failure when I conquer Glenumbra out from under him?

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