The Grand Sermonizer’s Journal

Author: The Grand Sermonizer
Released In:

Efforts continue according to the plan. After a few false starts, our agent was able to kill a suspected member of the Dark Brotherhood today. We had hoped to question the murderer, but our agent was rather eager in her application of dagger and sword.

* * *
I've prepared a series of sermons that will fill the streets of Kvatch with a fear and loathing of the hated Dark Brotherhood. That cult is an abomination in the eyes of the Divines and everyone must be made aware of it! My Sermonizers will spread the word and cast light upon the shadows that hide those murderers.

* * *
I have specifically asked our agent NOT to kill the next murderer she comes across. I've prepared my interrogation hall and am ready to draw the truth out of the murderer - by whatever means become necessary. Akatosh guide my hand!

* * *
The Black Dragon brought a wounded but still mostly breathing murderer to me today. I look forward to applying several proven techniques that are guaranteed to make the murderer talk. Before the day ends, I'll have the location of whatever hole the Dark Brotherhood hides in. Then we can really step up our effort to eliminate their blight from the Gold Coast.

* * *
Akatosh forgive my clumsiness, but I have failed. The murderer was more stubborn and resistant than I expected. He refused to tell me anything of worth, no matter what tortures I submitted his physical form to. Needless to say, I was thorough in my application of pain. He suffered greatly before he finally expired. No matter. I'm sure the Black Dragon will secure another specimen before long.

Strange. Something has disturbed the murderer's corpse in the interrogation hall. Maybe Akatosh has answered my prayer and sent another murderer for me to question. Well, I wouldn't want to keep whoever it is waiting.

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