Dealing with the Recollection

Author: Narsis Dren
Released In:

The research into the ruins of Wendir have proved to be extremely profitable, and I believe that the Emblem of the Last King will be found there. This is a chance for an ultimate discovery! A boon to research! A series of best-selling books for me!

However, a difficulty in finding adequate assistance has arisen. Borfree Dull-Blade is usually a perfect blunt instrument for this sort of thing, but the Nord is off visiting his family, and old colleagues seem to be a bit reticent to engage with this new opportunity. Elfbetta is loyal as always, but while she has a keen eye and excellent research skills, I hesitate to put her into dangerous situations. (Besides, she runs faster than I do.) I cannot expect to hang around dangerous ruins in the hopes of some capable volunteer will show up to aid me.

For this reason, I’ve reached out to a group of militant Wood Elves known as the Recollection. This new organization recently appeared in West Weald—not unlike the new forest that sprang out of nowhere along the southern border. I met with one of their mid-range officials as they are very reluctant to identify who is actually in charge. Perhaps they don’t know, She and I spent a pleasant evening over ale and small plates as I regaled her with my knowledge of the Ayleids (Elfbetta’s extensive research was somewhat helpful here) and my plans for an expedition into Wendir. She volunteered to bring a few trusted members of the Recollection to help with the digging, fighting, and heavy lifting.

Now, I’m not sure I made the wisest decision. Oh, everything is proceeding smoothly and we should have the Emblem of the Last King in hand by the end of the week. I’m just starting to get the feeling these Wood Elves may not be willing to let me take the prize.

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