TES4: Oblivion Books

This page lists all of the books included in The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, which was released in 2006. Books released in its expansions, Knights of the Nine (2006) and Shivering Isles (2007), as well as its smaller addons like Horse Armor and Mehrunes’ Razor, are also included here.

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Fiction & Narrative

A Dance in Fire - This series of books retells Decumus Scotti's adventures in Valenwood during the 5 years war between it and Elsweyr
A Game at Dinner - A published letter from an anonymous spy about the game Prince Helseth cleverly played at the dinner between him and his Councilors
Ancient Tales of the Dwemer - Fables and folk tales attributed to the Dwemer
Argonian Account - An senior Imperial clerk has a troublesome adventure in Black Marsh. Sequel to A Dance in Fire
Beggar Prince - The tale of a Valenwood prince who receives unexpected powers from Namira
Feyfolken - The classic tale of scribe and his enchanted quill
Hallgerd’s Tale - As Hallgerd's stated: "This is a story about someone who was more agile and accomplished in his armor than out of it"
Ice and Chitin - How ice and chitin saved an Officer and her Lieutenant from an army
Immortal Blood - A tale about a vampire hunter who likes to surprise his enemies by striking the first blow Nothing seems to take him by surprise Well Almost
Incident in Necrom - Four adventurers set out to clear a cemetery from vampires Exults the benefits of illusion magic
Knightfall - The legend of Garridan Stalrous, as told by Jaren Aethelweald Required in the Miscellaneous quest "Tears Of The Savior"
Last Scabbard of Akrash - This book has it all -- romance, slavery, and head lopping!
Master Zoaraym’s Tale - This a story about Master Zoaraym and his students at the Temple of the Two Moons in Elsweyr
Mystery of Princess Talara - The classic story about political intrigue in the royal family of Camlorn
Night Falls on Sentinel - An assassin tells of how he removed the crown prince of Sentinel
Palla - The classic, relatable tale of a boy in love with his friend's mother
Purloined Shadows - A young girl learns a valuable skill from a master thief
Ruins of Kemel-Ze - An archeologist's adventure in the fabled ruin
Surfeit of Thieves - A tale about a robbery gone horribly, horribly awry
The Adventures of Eslaf Erol - The life of Eslaf Erol, ironical and completely ludicrous
The Armorers’ Challenge - Two armorers compete for the right to design armor for the Imperial troops
The Black Arrow - A tale which shows that nobles do not always get what they want
The Exodus - This is the story of a young girl named Vralla When she becomes ill, her parents are told to go to the Mages Guild at Olenveld for help Vralla gets better in the end, sort of
The Gold Ribbon of Merrit - An amusing story of two friends, one a self-centered buffoon and the other a quiet but gifted warrior, reuniting for some idle archery
The Locked Room - Yana is a locksmithing student who is interested in the theory and technique of the craft more than the practical considerations of it. Arthcamu is her impatient, pragmatic, and cruel instructor. By the end of the story, one of their deaths is imminent!
The Mirror - A story about an exceptional fighter and his showdown with his greatest enemy
The Rear Guard - An amusing tale of a man trapped in a castle, and the ordeals that he must go through to eat
The Refugees - A group of people hiding from the Camoran Usurper witness the unusal birth of his son
Thief of Virtue - A thief's most valiant theft
Vernaccus and Bourlor - Another book of Hallgerd series, telling about the story of a lesser daedra and a great archer hero
Withershins - A ridiculous book about madness

Guilds & Societies

Fire and Darkness - “Brother, I still call you brother for we share our bonds of blood, tested but unbroken by hatred. Even if I am murdered, which seems inevitable now, know that, brother. You and I are not innocents, so our benedictions of mutual enmity is not tragedy, but horror. This state of silent, shadowed war, of secret […]
Followers of the Gray Fox - The rules of the Thieves Guild of Cyrodiil
Hiding with the Shadow - About thieves and their relationship with Nocturnal, the Daedric Prince
History of the Fighters Guild, First Edition - Tells of the founding of the Fighters Guild in the earl 2nd era
Manifesto Cyrodiil Vampyrum - Information about the Vampires of Cyrodiil
Myth or Menace? - Does a Thieves Guild really exist in Cyrodiil?
Origin Of The Mages Guild - How Vanus Galerion made Magic available to everyone, and outlines the structure of the guild
Pension of the Ancestor Moth - The basics of the Temple of the Ancestor Moth
Sacred Witness - Claims to be a true history of the Dark Brotherhood's Night Mother
The Black Arts on Trial - The summary of a debate about necromancy
The Brothers of Darkness - Tells how the religious organization called Morag Tong evolved into a business called Dark Brotherhood
The Five Tenets - The five rules of the Dark Brotherhood
The Knights of the Nine - The history of the Knights, from their founding to their decline in the mid 3rd era
The Old Ways - The definitive guide to the Psijic Order and their leader, Celarus

Histories & Biographies

2920, Last Year of the First Era - A fascinating drama taking place at the very end of the First Era.
Before the Ages of Man - Another history book, recording the Dawn Era and Merethic Era
Biography of Barenziah - The "official" biography of Queen Barenziah, produced for widespread Imperial distribution
Biography of the Wolf Queen - The tragic and violent life of Queen Potema
Black Horse Courier - Collection of newpapers from the time of the Oblivion Crisis
Brief History of the Empire - A summary of 3rd era history, as told through the lives of its rulers
Cleansing of the Fane - Chronicles the destruction of the Ayleid city of Malada in the early 1st era
Daughter of the Niben - The History of Bravil Includes an interesting legend about the Lucky Old Lady
De Rerum Dirennis - A story about Asliel Direnni, an accomplished Alchemist of the Direnni clan
Father of the Niben - An ancient poem about Topal the Pilot, with modern commentary
Five Songs of King Wulfharth - Summaries of the Songs of King Wulfharth, which tell of his rise to, and fall from, power Also includes the hidden songs about his involvement at Red Mountain
Fragment: On Artaeum - The Isle of Artaeum is the home of the Psijic Order
Frontier, Conquest, and Accommodation - An essay about the early Nordic settlement of Tamriel
Galerion the Mystic - A biography of Galerion the Mystic, founder of the Mage's Guild
History of Lock Picking - Exactly what it says: a history of lockpicking in Cyrodiil
Lady Benoch’s Words and Philosophy - An interview with the Wood Elf Imperial Guard Lady Benoch about her life
Life of Uriel Septim VII - A biography of Uriel Septim VII, from the start of his reign to just prior to his death
Mixed Unit Tactics - This is a book about the Khajiiti strategies during the Five Years War
Mysticism: The Unfathomable Voyage - Tells about the origins of the magic school of Mysticism, which lies in the Psijic teachings
Nerevar Moon and Star - Imperial note about Ashlander legends
On Morrowind, the Imperial Province - This is a brief history of the Imperial conquest of Morrowind
On Wild Elves - A treatise on the remainders of the Ayleid civilization
Remanada - A myth of the birth of Reman, and the story of the knight Renauld
Report: Disaster at Ionith - The story of Uriel V's failed invasion of Akavir
Rislav the Righteous - A heroic history book about Rislav Larich, an ancient king of Skingrad
The Battle of Sancre Tor - A history book about the Battle of Sancre Tor, during which General Talos (Tiber Septim) defeated the army of the allied Nords and Bretons through cunning
The Last King of the Ayleids - The Ayleids, or Heartland High Elves, ruled Cyrodiil in the long ages of Myth before the beginning of recorded history. One of the earliest recorded dates, in fact, is the Fall of White Gold Tower in 1E 243, which is commonly assumed to mark the end of the Ayleids. Although Ayleid rule over all of […]
The Legendary Sancre Tor - A history book about the legendary, but abandoned, and now haunted city of Sancre Tor
The Liturgy of Affliction - Memoirs of Vexis Velruan, the man who explore the destruction fanatically by sacrificing anything, including his own body A typical man who had been touched by Sheogorath aspect of Mania
The Madness of Pelagius - A story about Emperor Pelagius III Septim Read in conjunction with other historical accounts
The Real Barenziah - A scandalous biography of the queen-mother of Morrowind
The Red Kitchen Reader - A chef reminisces about memorable meals
The Song of Pelinal - These seven books describe various aspects of the legendary hero, Pelinal Whitestrake
The Warp in the West - A book that clarifies the outcome of the events that took place at the end of The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall
The Wolf Queen - The dramatized biography of Potema, Wolf Queen of Solitude
Vitharn: the Fall - A short story about Vitharn, the ancient kingdom in the south of Shivering Isles

Manuals & Instructions

A Treatise on Proper Calcinator Use - A handbook of Alchemy explaining the proper way to use a calcinator
Advances in Lockpicking - Information on lockpicking and lock design
Anchorite’s Note - Instructions to create black soul gems Found in the Mages Guild quest "Necromancer's Moon"
Arcana Restored - A guide to restoring arcane items in a mana fountain Faux-archaic in style
Draconis Gift List - A gift list used by the player to track down the Draconis family in the Dark Brotherhood quest "Next Of Kin"
Fundaments of Alchemy - Basic information about alchemy
Heavy Armor Repair - Heavy Armor: A Forge-Wife's Advice - Garshag gra-Sharkub
Light Armor Repair - There are two classes of light armor, metallic and non-metallic. Chainmail, Elven, Mithril and Glass are all examples of metallic light armor. You may be surprised to think that Glass can be thought of as metallic, but appearances are deceiving. What we call Glass is nothing like the windows panes you see in houses. The […]
Mace Etiquette - Guide to proper use of maces
Manual Of Armor - This is a guide about armor for all Imperial officers in the field
Manual Of Arms - This is a guide about weapons for all Imperial officers in the field
Manual Of Spellcraft - An introductory guide to spellcasting
Manual of Xedilian - Explains how to activate and use Xedilian, a dungeon meant to keep adventurers out of the Shivering Isles
Plan for the Big Heist - An instruction paper for a certain Thieves Guild member to steal one of The Elder Scrolls
Potion Recipes [TES4] - Recipes for various potions made from ingredients found in the Imperial Province
Proper Lock Design and Construction - Some notes about the design of locks
Reality and Other Falsehoods - A treatise on the nature of Alteration magic
The Art of War Magic - A collection of phrases and thoughts, intended to help the reader become a better tactician and user of War Magic
The Buying Game - A guide to bartering
The Shivering Apothecary - A short note about the alchemical ingredients that can be found in the Shivering Isles
Way of the Exposed Palm - A method of unarmed combat is described within
Wayshrines Map - If you wish to repent of your sins and rededicate your life to the Gods, pray at the Wayshrines of the Nine. May the Nine hear your prayers and look upon you with tender loving kindness.
Wine Ingredient List - A list of ingredients needed by Battlehorn Castle vintner

People & Places

A Traveler’s Guide to New Sheoth and the Shivering Isles - Guide to New Sheoth and the surrounding area
Children of the Sky - A book about Nords and their Thu'um
Guide To Anvil - A guide to the city of Anvil by a religious noble Clearly bias
Guide To Bravil - A guide to Bravil by a religious noble Clearly bias
Guide To Bruma - Guide to Bruma by a religious noble Clearly bias
Guide To Cheydinhal - A guide to Cheydinhal by a religious noble Clearly bias
Guide To Chorrol - A guide to Chorrol by a religious noble Strongly bias
Guide To Leyawiin - Guide to Leyawiin by a wealthy noblewoman Clearly bias and racist
Guide To Skingrad - Guide to Skingrad, written by a rich noblewoman Clearly bias
Guide To The Imperial City - A guide to the Imperial City written by a wealthy noble Clearly bias
Hanging Gardens of Wasten Coridale - Excerpts of a Dwemer book translated into Aldmeri
Mysterious Akavir - This book describes the inhabitants of the continent called Akavir
The True Nature of Orcs - A short book about Malacath and the Orcs
Treatise on Ayleidic Cities - A damaged historical book of Varsa Baalim and the Nefarivigum

Politics & Propaganda

Ahzirr Trajijazaeri - The philosophy of the Renrijra Krin, a group of Khajiiti revolutionaries
The Eastern Provinces Impartially Considered - A case against Imperial presence in the eastern provinces, Morrowind and Black Marsh
The Pig Children - A vigorous anti-Orcish pamphlete

Religion & Legends

16 Accords of Madness - Stories of Sheogorath's interactions with mortals
Aevar Stone-Singer - A Skaal legend of a boy who returns the gifts of the All-Maker from the Greedy Man
An Overview of Gods and Worship - Introduction to the relationship between worship and divinity
Annotated Anuad (A Children’s Anuad) - A version of the creation myth, featuring two brother's love for the same woman
Bible of the Deep Ones - A tome found in Hackdirt, the village that worships the Deep Ones
Divining the Elder Scrolls - An excerpt from a longer book which contains information about the Elder Scrolls.
Gyub, Lord of the Pit - How to pray and sacrifice to Gyub
Heretical Thoughts - The doctrine of the Heretics, one of the rebellious factions in Shivering Isles
Liturgy of the Duelists - A poem from the Shivering Isles
Lives of the Saints - Some brief description about the Tribunal saints
Mythic Dawn Commentaries - Messages to the Mythic Dawn from their leader, Mankar Camoran
Myths of Sheogorath - Stories of Sheogorath's wacky antics, including the invention of music and the murder of a king
Necromancer’s Moon - This is a message to the necromancers of Nirn
Opusculus Lamae Bal ta Mezzamortie - Vampire lore - their creation, and the origin of the Lamae Bal, the Blood Matron
Shezarr and the Divines - The origin and place of Shezarr in the Cyrodiilic pantheon
Sithis - This tells of the connection between Sithis and Lorkhan
Spirit of the Daedra - A Dremora sheds light into the nature of the Daedra, including a glimpse into their motivations, desires, and fears
The Adabal-a - One of the earliest written accounts to come down to us from the early First Era, said to be the memoirs of Morihaus
The Amulet of Kings - Describes the covenant between Akatosh and Alessia
The Blessings of Sheogorath - Describes the thirteen blessings of Sheogorath
The Lunar Lorkhan - An explanation of how Tamriel's moons are the decaying body of Lorkhan
The Monomyth - A theology book that contains some of the most common creation myths
The Posting of the Hunt - An instruction note of the Ritual of the Innocent Quarry, also called the Wild Hunt (not to be confused with the Bosmer ritual)
The Prophet Arden-Sul - Story about the prophet Arden-Sul, in mania and dementia points of view
The Ten Commands Of The Nine Divines - Instructions from the Imperial Cult about how to live a good life
Varieties of Faith in the Empire - The compiled listing of Gods of the Empire formerly known as "The Pantheon" Contains lots of interesting information
Wabbajack - A child accidentally summons Sheogorath instead of Hermaus Mora, and pays the price
Zealotry of Sheogorath - A note about the Zealots, one of the aggressive factions in Shivering Isles


An Elytra’s Life - An essay about Elytra
Ayleid Reference Text - Ayleid Inscriptions and their Translations The following inscriptions were painstakingly transcribed and interpreted over many long years, and are preserved here for all time. —Av molag anyammis, av latta magicka. “From fire, life; from light, magic.” —Barra agea ry sou karan. “Wear lore as your armor.” —Agea haelia ne jorane emero laloria. “Wisdom learned by […]
Bark and Sap - An essay about Gnarl, Amber and the root tunnel system
Darkest Darkness - Daedra summoning and the Dunmer religion
Dwemer History and Culture - Discussed the trivialization of the Dwemer in popular culture thanks to the books of Marobar Sul
From Frog to Man - An essay about Grummites
Glories and Laments - An archaeologist's observations about Ayleid ruins
Liminal Bridges - This document provides "hypothetical" instructions on how to travel between Mundus and Oblivion using sigil stones
Lithnilian’s Research Notes - These are Lithnilian's notes of his expedition into Bramblepoint Cave and his discovery of a Welkynd Stone
Lost Histories of Tamriel - This is a fascinating (and short) excerpt about the Aedric prophecies, more commonly known as the Elder Scrolls Finding it is the objective of the Thieves Guild quest "Lost Histories"
Magic from the Sky - A valuable treatise on Ayleid magic This is a great reference source on Welkynd Stones and Varla Stones
Modern Heretics - Modern Heretics: a Study of Daedra Worship in the Empire by Haderus of Gottlesfont Daedra worship is not prohibited by law in Cyrodiil. Primarily this is a result of the Imperial Charter granted the Mages Guild permitting the summoning of Daedra. Nonetheless, chapel and public opinion is so strongly against Daedra worship that those who […]
N’Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis! - The ramblings of the vile Sload Necromancer
Namlir’s Shivering Bestiary - A bestiary of Shivering Isles
Nirnroot Missive - This document discuss the history and possible future of Nirnroot
Notes on Racial Phylogeny and Biology - Reasearch on the ability of different Tamrielic groups to have kids with each other
On Oblivion - An introductory guide to Oblivion Lists all Great Daedra Contains a minor gameplay hint
Relmina’s Logs - Recording all her immoral experiments with flesh magic
Response to Bero’s Speech - The author responds to various claims about magicka theory made by illusionist Berevar Bero
Sentinels of the Isles - A treatise on Golden Saint / Dark Seducer culture and history within the Shivering Isles Author’s Note This volume attempts to catalogue and analyze known, suspected, and rumored facts about the two races that serve to maintain order within the Shivering Isles. It is by no means intended to serve as the authoritative work on […]
Souls, Black and White - The basics of souls and soulgems
The Doors of Oblivion - A book written by Morian Zenas' apprentice about his master's travels in the realms of Oblivion It contains mentions to events in past The Elder Scrolls games and features Divayth Fyr as a character
The Dragon Break Reexamined - Reexamines the Dragonbreak in historical terms
The Firmament - A document about all the constellations
The Living Woods - An essay about Gnarl
The Predecessors - Essay about the ruins of Shivering Isles Theorizes about a cataclysm that occurs every a thousand years, the Greymarch
The Standing Stones - An essay about the Obelisks that randomly dotted the Shivering Isles grounds
The Waters of Oblivion - A mystical text about Oblivion with a funny postscript
Varieties of Daedra - Mostly information about the ranks and types of the Dremora

Songs & Poems

A Less Rude Song - And you thought Dark Elves were prudes
Lord Jornibret’s Last Dance - A narrative ballad of a overly handsy lord and the end that befalls him
Mannimarco, King of Worms - An epic poem about Mannimarco, the King of Worms
Song of Hrormir - The retelling of the quest of Hrormir to rescue his brother from the Dark Kings of Aelfendor
The Legendary Scourge - Poem about the mace of Malacath
The Ravings of Fenroy - A book of 'poems'
The Third Door - A humerous song about the love and scorn of Ellabeth, Queen of the Axe.
The Warrior’s Charge - A Redguard poem about the constellations

Jokes & Riddles

The Red Book of Riddles - Clever riddles for the discerning gentleman


A Hypothetical Treachery - An amusing play about a bunch of backstabbing adventurers
Horror of Castle Xyr - A one act play about a Telvanni Wizard’s experiments
Legend of the Krately House - A frightening play about a haunted house
The Lusty Argonian Maid - A hilariously raunchy tale of an Argonian maid and her Imperial master


An Elder Scroll - If you are not a Moth Priest, do not expect to be able to read this
Death Decree - A Death Decree for Robert Wisnewski
Mysterium Xarxes - A Daedric ritual text
Pale Pass Map - A map to Pale Pass
Sketch of the High Fane - A sketch of the Ayleid ruin Malada, also known as the High Fane
Soiled Writ of Assassination - A Morag Tong writ of execution for Commander Telani Adrethi Found in Sundercliff Watch
Summon Rufio’s Ghost Scroll - Used in the Dark Brotherhood quest "The Purification"
Test of Patience - A map needed to complete a quest
Tome of Unlife - Images from a necromatic book
Wanted Poster of the Gray Fox - A wanted poster for the imfamous thief


Amber Materials List - List of materials for creating armor and weapon from Amber
Arena Poster - Advertisement for the Imperial City Arena
Madness Ore Materials List - List of materials for creating armor and weapon from Madness Ore
Taxidermy Needs List - A list of ingredients needed by Battlehorn Castle taxidermist

Announcements & Warnings

Public Notice - A paper posted on Claudius Arcadia's house

Inscriptions & Epitaphs


A Bloody Journal - The journal of Vilena Donton's son, found near his corpse Note that there is a mistake in the text: over at the Loredas entry, "Viranus" should be "Vitellus"
Agnar’s Journal - Journal of Agnar, chieftain of Thirsk after the departure of the Nerevarine
Akaviri Diary - The diary of a poor Akaviri courier Official translation included
Alyssa’s Journal - Second Seed, TirdasTraelius surprised me when he brought me to this place. It is quite beautiful here. This will be a much-needed vacation from the city. I have found the cool water from the stream nearby to be quite refreshing. The spot above the waterfall is a great area to clear my thoughts; I shall […]
Amantius Allectus’ Diary - The theft of this diary is the objective of the Thieves Guild quest "May The Best Thief Win"
Ancotar’s Journal - Journal of Ancotar, a mage who lives near the village of Aleswell Due to his dislike of the locals, he has apparently used a mass invisibility spell on them
Arbiter’s Log - A note found in Xiditte
Arkved’s Notes - Proof that stealing the Orb of Vaernima can have unpleasant consequences
Charred Notes - Knowledge gained put to good use
Chid Moska - A note about a ruin
Cindanwe’s Notebook - The notebook of Cindanwe, the owner of a spore farm and hated by her subordinates
Circus of Cheerful Slaughter - Happiness is loneliness
Conjurer’s Note [Prisoner] - The prisoner remains uncooperative. There is little doubt that he was on his own, and none will come to his aid. It has been made clear to him that unless he reveals what he knows, he shall pay most dearly. And yet still he holds out. We give it one more week. If he does […]
Dar-Ma’s Diary - Diary of the Argonian Dar-Ma, found during the Miscellaneous quest "Shadow Over Hackdirt"
Diary of Springheel Jak - The diary of Jakben, Earl of Imbel, formerly known as Springheel Jak
Dire Warren Journals - Two journals that were recovered from Dire Warren root system
Dirty Scroll - A dirty scroll found in the Ayleid ruins of Vilverin
Drothan’s Field Journal - Describes how to open the gate to the chamber that contains Mehrunes' Razor Found in the Mehrunes' Razor official plugin
Drothan’s Journal - Journal of Frathen Drothan, a rogue Telvanni who wants to topple the Imperial authorities in Morrowind Found in the Mehrunes' Razor official plugin
Faded Note - A note found on the top of one roof in Crucible
Frostcrag Spire Memoirs - Information about Frostcrag Spire from its former owner This document is found in the Wizard's Tower official plugin
Gelebourne’s Journal - The journal of an adventuring brotherhood member, found during the Miscellaneous quest "A Brotherhood Betrayed"
Glarthir’s Notes - A bosmer's ramblings, including actions by the player
Greywyn’s Journal - The journal of Greywyn, the former owner of the Vile Lair Found during the The Vile Lair official plugin
Grommok’s Journal - Journal of the orc warrior Grommok, telling his feat recovering the Akaviri Dawnfang/Duskfang
Journal of Claudius Arcadia - Claudius Arcadia is the man who prayed to the Night Mother, dealing for the life of Rufio He's currently arrested and spending his days in Imperial Prison
Journal of the Lord Lovidicus - Lord Lovidicus is Agronak Gro-Malog's father, Arena Grand Champion This journal proves that Vampires are fertile Found during the Miscellaneous quest "Origin Of The Gray Prince"
Log of Emma May - A log from the ship called the Emma May Found during the miscellaneous quest "The Forlorn Watchman"
Lord Jaren’s Journal - The journal of Lord Jaren, tells the story about the unfortunate fate of the Lainlyn rebel leader, Lord Kain.
Lost Boy Cavern Notes - Tell the story of Vangaril and Erandur, two necromancers who take different paths in life
Mirili’s List - The list of alchemical ingredients needed by Mirili Ulven
Perfumed Letter - Finally, somebody sees me for what I am. I’ll admit I was taken aback by their approach – a paralysis spell hardly seems like a proper token of respect, but I’ve given it some thought and they probably didn’t think I would willingly associate myself with them. In fact, they were probably right to do […]
Ramblings of Audens Avidius - A note by Audens Avidius after he was arrested
Scented Parchment - Their screams and battle cries are incessant by now, and the din of steel and training bags is overwhelming. They’ve been bringing more and more of us in here over the few weeks of my captivity, and the lust for each other’s blood is reaching a fearful pitch. What am I going to do? I’ve […]
Scrap from Lorgren’s Diary - A scrap of Lorgren Benirus' journal, the ancient Necromancer of Anvil
Sir Amiel’s Journal - The journal of Sir Amiel, late leader of the Knights of the Nine Found in the Knights of the Nine official plugin
Slythe’s Journal - Journal of Slythe Seringi, who in his on belief did a holy pilgrimage to a dangerous daedria-infested caves
Small Diary - Some sort of diary Contains a password Found in Sundercliff Watch
The Path of Transcendence - A journal of Celedaen, a member of Mages Guild who practiced Necromancer and in the process to gain lichdom
Traelius’ Journal - 4th Mid Year, Morndas __________________________ Alyssa has been very nervous these past few days, even thinking about packing up and moving out of here. I will hear nothing of it. She does not understand the importance of this place to me. The city is too busy and too noisy for me to think clearly. Only […]
Traitor’s Diary - Contains interesting background information about the Dark Brotherhood traitor.
Worn, Faded Note - A note found on the corpse of the Vampire Ghola gro-Muzgol

Letters & Notes

A Poorly Scrawled Note - The story of a pathetic troll
An Undelivered Letter - A sad farewell letter from one of Drothmeri recruits Found in Sundercliff Watch
Andre’s Letter - A letter to Andre from his daughter with a warning and a request to cancel his expedition
Apprentice’s Note - A note to the Drothmeri Forgemaster Found in the Mehrunes' Razor official plugin
Bloodstained Note - A letter from Greywyn, giving away his lair upon realization that his time was almost over Found in the The Vile Lair official plugin
Brother Piner’s Notes - Piner's drafts of a letter to his mother and the letter itself
Brugo’s Take Note - Brugo is the leader of the Black Bow Bandits This note is about his take of the profits
Cann Letters - Letters found in Cann, a ruin in the Shivering Isles
Conjurer’s Note [Shield] - Acolytes, The Shield is here. We know this, and yet we have not found it. The fort has been cleansed, and yet still it eludes us. No doubt it was hidden from eyes such as ours, hidden with the intent to keep it from those who would learn its secrets. The gate to the lower […]
Conjurer’s Notes - Notes written by a conjurer at Fort Bulwark
Crumpled Piece of Paper [Piner] - Mother, Goods Gods! Don’t go crazy on me! You’d think the streets of the Imperial City were filled with rioters and the Legions were being called out to restore order. We’ve had no disturbances at all here in Chorrol, and I’ve heard of nothing at all in the City or in the other towns. People […]
Daravyn the Gray’s Long Forgotten Note - This is a note from Daravyn to his beloved This letter holds the key (a riddle) to a treasure hidden within the walls of Rosethorn Hall
Decrepit Note - A note of Arielle Jurard, after she has been imprisoned in the grotto of Battlehorn Castle
Earana’s Notes - These notes are given to the player during the Mages Guild quest "Chorrol Recommendation"
Hastily Scrawled Note - A note accidentally dropped by Falcar that contains locations of altars that can be used to create black soul gems Found during the Mages Guild quest "Necromancer's Moon"
Hirrus Clutumnus’s Will - The will of Hirrus Clutumnus, the person who wanted to be freed from his mortal coil
Horse Armor Note - A horse armor advertisement Received at the beginning of the Horse Armor Pack official plugin
Instructions: the Gray Cowl - A document briefing Moth Priests about the powers of the Gray Cowl and their attempts to find and use it Found during the Thieves Guild quest "Turn A Blind Eye"
Invitation from Umbacano - A letter from a collector of Ayleid antiquities, received at the beginning of the Miscellaneous quest "The Collector"
Jailor’s Letter - Instruction for the Drothmeri Jailor Found in the Mehrunes' Razor official plugin
Jearl’s Orders - Order from Ruma Camoran to Jearl, a Mythic Dawn spy in Bruma
Letter from Branwen - This is a letter from Branwen to her father, Owyn
Letter Home - A letter from the Drothmeri Forgemaster's apprentice to his lover Found in the Mehrunes' Razor official plugin
Letter to Sheogorath - A letter from Relmyna, the creator of Gatekeeper, reporting about the situation in the Fringe and most importantly the status of Gatekeeper and its weakness
Love Letter from Relfina - This is a love letter from Relfina to her dearest Roland
Lynch’s Instructions - These instructions for Lynch were to be destroyed after being read Found during the Miscellaneous quest "An Unexpected Voyage"
Ma’zaddha’s Crinkled Note - Ma’zaddha's note about Nelrene’s sword, which is supposed to be used to kill Syl, the Duchess of Dementia
Mysterious Note - Instructions to the Dragonborn
Note from Bothiel - A request note from Bothiel, the keeper of Arcane University Orrery
Note from First Mate Filch - A note from First Mate Filch to the "Capn"
Note From Raminus Polus - This is a note from Raminus Polus to Hieronymus Lex about a valuable artifact being stolen from the Arcane University
Note from The Gray Fox - This is a note from the Gray Fox to the Arcane University
Note to Gwinas - An invitation to join Mythic Dawn cult
Notes: Captain Montrose - A note by Imperial Guard Captain Montrose after examining a slain Mythic Dawn cult member
Orders From Lucien Lachance - Eliminator, You have served the Dark Brotherhood well in the short time you have been with us. Indeed, the rate of your advancement has been rather remarkable. Now the Black Hand itself is in need of your abilities. You must proceed with all haste to my private refuge in the ruins of Fort Farragut, located […]
Pale Pass Crumpled Note - A document found in the Pale Pass which is involved in an undocumented quest
S’krivva’s Note - A note from S'krivva to J'baana about a theft
Scroll [Cann] - Dearest Brother – I just don’t understand it. We always dreamed of a place to host the Elaborate Spectacle, and I finally found it. These ruins feature a grand, tiered room suited to a great display, and I promptly persuaded our brothers and sisters to migrate here. Yet, the Elaborate Spectacle has never gone as […]
Scroll [Fain] - Thanks for delivering more sacrifice victims... I mean, volunteers
Sealed Note - A note by Lucien Lachance for a certain member of the Dark Brotherhood to meet him in the Castle Farragut
Steward’s Note - Note requesting aid from the steward
Suicide Note - Found deep inside the Old Mournhold, a farewell letter
Suspicious Letter - The letter that brought down Ulrich Leland's career as Cheydinhal' Captain of the Guard
Telaendril’s Ocheeva Note - A note from Telaendril to Ocheeva regarding her schedule
Transfer Orders - This is what happens to overzealous members of the Imperial Watch
Undelivered Letter [Jalbert] - A lovely letter from Jalbert the Necromancer Whose new haven is Vilverin Just in case the letter would have made you curious

Lists & Records

Alval Uvani’s Schedule - The schedule of Alval Uvani, a Dark Brotherhood target
Battlehorn Castle Notes - A collection of notes and receipt from the purchase of Battlehorn Castle.
Deed to Benirus Manor - The deed to the Benirus Manor in Anvil
Deed to Frostcrag Spire - The deed to Frostcrag Spire, received at the beginning of the Wizard's Tower official plugin
Forged List of Candidates - A forged version of reccomendations for the Captain of the Anvil Guard
Imbel Genealogy - An incomplete genealogy Found during the Thieves Guild quest "Boots Of Springheel Jak"
Interviews With Tapestrists - An interesting interview with a famous Khajiit Tapestrist, focusing on a tapestry immortalizing a battle between Valenwood and Elsweyr during the Five Year War
Lists of Candidates - Dairihill's original list of reccomendations for the captain of the Anvil guard
Lord Kelvyn’s Will - A note and last will of Lord Kelvyn the last descendant of Lord Jaren of the Knight of the True Horn, while defending his Battlehorn Castle
Macabre Manifest - This is a manifest listing possessions from recently deceased people Found during the Miscellaneous quest "Unfriendly Competition"
Steward’s Registry - Drothmeri Steward's Registry, contains information about the comings and goings from the camp
Tamrielic Lore - The Last Living Dwarf lists all the artifacts that he knows
Waterfront Tax Records - For the first time in decades, the inhabitants of the Waterfront district of the Imperial City have been made to pay taxes
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