Antiquities Codexes

The Antiquities system was introduced to Elder Scrolls Online with the Greymoor chapter in 2020. When a player excavates an antiquity, they receive a codex entry with a bit of information, each delivered by a different member of the Antiquarian Circle. Successive excavations can yield further texts. Some objects (the crafting motifs, mythic items, music box, and mount) consist of multiple Fragments, which must be excavated individually before they can be assembled into the final item.

In addition to these Codexes, I've also documented the location that each object may be found, as well as the inventory descriptions for them (where available).

This article is currently based on information from the Public Test Server, and may change before Greymoor's final release. All spelling mistakes in this article are present in the in-game versions of the text.

The Antiquities can be broken out into three different categories:

  • Crafting Motifs, which allow you to craft armor and weapons in Ancestral Elven, Nordic, and Orcish styles.
  • Furnishings that can be used to decorate your home.
  • Mythic Items, powerful items that grant special bonuses.
  • Treasures, which are various valuable knick-knacks for selling off.
  • And the Other Antiquities page, which includes adornments, emotes, mounts, and siege weapons.
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