TES Legends: Battlespire Books

This page lists all of the books included in The Elder Scrolls Legends: Battlespire, released in 1997.

Histories & Biographies

From “The Chronicles of Janisiere” - Brief text about what happened to the heroes of Battlespire

Manuals & Instructions

Arcana Restored - A guide to restoring arcane items in a mana fountain Faux-archaic in style
Book of Rest and Endings - An excerpt describing the ritual needed to put a Wrathman to rest
Book of The Wheels of Heaven - A description of a code and diagram needed to progress within the game.
Instructions for After the Hunt - A note with further instructions, given to the champion after completing the Hunt
The Vagaries Of Magicka - An excerpt from what appears to be an instruction booklet of some kind Found most often in Telvanni districts Interesting mentions of things like "Restorals" and "Congeries"
Trebuchet Ritual - [[beneath several large, important-looking charts and diagrams]] Behold the ritual of making for the Grand and Thaumaturgical and Most Puissant Trebuchet of Overarching Peril. He that touches this parchment to the workings of the Trebuchet of Granvellusa and releases its spirits therein shall apprehend before him an full and ready Engine of Mighty Destruction for […]

Religion & Legends

From “Private Proceedings of the Imperial Commission” - Recommendation to seal the Battlespire gates in light of other matters
From private correspondence of Julianos Cennan, Chamberlain to Uriel Septim - Questions about Mehrune's Dagon's return following the conclusion of Battlespire
Posting of The Hunt Excerpts - Excerpts of a book of rituals for Hircine's Hunts
Spirit of the Daedra - A Dremora sheds light into the nature of the Daedra Highly interesting, and gives us a glimpse into their motivations, desires, and fears
The Posting of the Hunt - An instruction note of the Ritual of the Innocent Quarry, also called the Wild Hunt (not to be confused with the Bosmer ritual)
The Requisite Book of Daedra - Lists the Daedric princes and their spheres of influence


Chimere’s Notes About the Armor of the Savior’s Hide - Tells you where to find the pieces of the Armor of the Saviour's Hide
Harvest’s End, 3E 172 - Excerpts relating to Chimere Graegyn and his dealings with Mehrunes Dagon

Songs & Riddles

Book of Life and Service - Obscure mystical pronouncements and prophecies, few of which are comprehensible or relevant
The Kendhall Book of Riddles - A book of riddles with four called out.

Announcements & Warnings

Quarantine Warning - A warning by the coastal militia
Star Galley Crib Note - Star Galley Crib No Admittance
Star Galley Crib Opening Mechanism Note - Part adverstisement, part instruction Formally written

Inscriptions & Epitaphs

Soul Cairn Coffin Verses Inscription - Answers to coffin riddles
Soul Cairn Retainer Inscription - [[A lengthy inscription identifies one of the Master's retainers who came to the Soul Cairn to die and be reborn in his Eternal Service.]]
Soul Cairn Stained Glass Window Note - A description of a window and the short poem beneath


Anchor Warning - A description of the achors that hold the Battlespire in place
Chimere’s Journal - A diary kept by Chiemere Graegyn during his excile on Caecilly
Password Notes - Transcriptions of passcodes for use in the Battlespire
Starlover’s Log - Journal of a dragonriding battlemage attempting to escape the 'spire

Letters & Notes

Boustrophedon Note - Contains the password to the Battlespire teleporter
Intelligence Training Note - A humorous note insulting the player's intelligence
Jagar Tharn’s Letter - A note from Tharn affirming the authority of one Sirran Angada
Lehmekweh Note - A note from Dagon to his lieutenant about the player
Letter From Balaherne - A letter to the Herne concerning the rules of their Hunt
Letter From Chimere Graegyn - Offers aid to the player
Letter To Fire Daedra - Instructions to not kill the player
Letter To Mactana Greenway - A brief note on the fall of the Battlespire and the means of escape
Letter To The Grand Marshall of The Imperial Legion - Instructions on fixing and using the Star Galley
Letters From The Dremora - Two letters instructing the hero of Battlespire
Note to Jaciel - Like many notes in Battlespire, this book did not have an official, in-game title. It's current title ("Note to Jaciel") was chosen by Lady Nerevar based on its contents. This book has been reproduced exactly as it was found in the game's data files. The "Deyani" mentioned here is likely Deyanira, though I do not […]
Savior’s Hide Note - A short description of the armor
Someone’s Last Words - A note to the player, bequeathing him the dead man's dagger

Lists & Records

A Short History of The Augmented Craftworks - A list of augmented weapons and their effects Mostly a gameplay guide
Codex Arcana - A list of spells
Curiosities Of The Second Age - Lists and describes various enchanted weapons
Imago’s Notes About Neonymics - Lists the neonymics of three daedra important to the plot
The Restricted List of Noble Artifacts - A list of extra fancy weapons which only extra fancy people may wield
The Waters of Oblivion - A mystical text about Oblivion with a funny postscript
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