Letter To Mactana Greenway

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

For Mactana Greenway, Gatekeeper.

A few more names for the Annals and Assizes of Entry. I believe these will be the last for today.

Samar Starlover, Master of the Serpent Blade.
Grad Helthen, Grand Ipsissimus of the dissolving fires.
Clarentavious Valisious, Venerable Artificer, greybeard master of the Hammer and the harness.
Paxti Bittor, Exalted Summoner, Lion-Lord Invoker Pursuivant.
Vatasha Trenelle/Josian Kaid, novice.

[[scribbled in an unsteady hand]]

The daedra prince has forced entry. Battlespire is fallen.

Lomegan surrendered the Portal Keys, and he was struck down. I saw others Taken. Trust no one.

The gate home is closed by the invader’s sigil; the only way out now is the old Star Galley.

I tried to guard the anchors, but most were loosed. If you may avenge us, restore the anchors. If you despair, free the last anchors, and die with our enemies.

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