Letters & Notes

Witness Letter from Thavere

As the lighthouse keeper I often am up late at night and witness things in town that would otherwise go unseen. On many occasions, I have seen Hrisskar (and Raflod) sneaking about at night and breaking into houses or the Census Office. I once caught Hrisskar in the lighthouse. He claimed he was drunk and […]

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Witness Letter from Ganciele

On multiple occasions I have seen the Trooper Hrisskar Flat-Foot: bully citizens of Seyda Neen, in particular one Fargoth, steal the belongings of citizens of Seyda Neen, cheat at cards and nine-holes, ask citizens to commit petty crimes on his behalf, and refuse to obey direct orders. He is a disgrace to the uniform, which

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Witness Letter from Eldafire

I did not personally witness Hrisskar steal any of my possessions, but I stopped inviting him into my house when I noticed that every time he was there, some small, valuable item (silverware, a ring, a rare limeware cup, and so on) was missing later that day or the next. And usually a few days

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Witness Letter from Arrille

For years I have seen Hrisskar Flat-Foot bully and threaten guests, drink and wench and break furniture without paying, and ask complete strangers to commit crimes. A shocking number do as he asks for petty rewards. Many are caught and end up in jail, and Hrisskar jokes about their foolishness. Although he owes me hundreds

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Witness Letter from Albecius

I have seen Trooper Hrisskar Flat-Foot cheat at nine-holes and, when called out, draw his weapon and threaten the accuser. In this incident, I asked him which he feared more, the axe or the flame, and he backed down. I reported this incident to Knight Errant Sellus Gravius, who assigned unpleasant duties to Hrisskar, which

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Our Story, Part IV

I opened a portal to Eyevea. Or at least, I thought I had. I emerged in complete darkness! But a mage is never without means of making light. I could feel masses of magicka like the sun somewhere far above me, so I began to climb through the caverns, which gave way to cleared ruins

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