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The Elder Scrolls Elsewhere


Ready to leave the Library? Here are some interesting links.

  • Academy for Dwemer Studies
    Learn about the Dwemer language and witness a working Orrery, among other things. (Now hosted by after the Whirling School's disappearance.
  • Andux's Daggerfall Studio
    This website hosts some excellent tools for disassembling Daggerfall.
  • The Beginner's Guide to Daggerfall
    This is still the home of the best Daggerfall walkthrough and of other useful gameplay information. (Internet Archive Link)
  • Beyond Oblivion
    A site about Oblivion in a blog format. Not bad!
  • The Daggerfall Embassy
    Very informative website, provides information about Daggerfall. Also the home of Dagvid, the best Daggerfall video player ever, created by Corroded_Coder.
  • The Daggerfall Workshop
    A website with useful tools to explore the contents of Daggerfall.
  • Daggerfall: An Enthusiast's Guide
    A really useful site, covering and detailing almost all the cities of Daggerfall. Too bad it's not finished.
  • The Dragon's Eyrie
    The personal homepage of Mark Jones, one of the devs of several The Elder Scrolls titles. Contains some interesting art and behind-the-scenes stories.
  • Faling Awkwardly
    General gaming blog but notable for a series on the Metaphysics of Morrowind.
  • The Official Elder Scrolls Website & Forum
    The official one. You can even download some good things here, including the full working version of Elder Scrolls I: Arena.
  • The Hlaalu Stronghold
    The website of Lord Hlaalu. Contains some interesting stuff, such as Thirsk Riddler's Hall, Order of the Moth and Words of Wisdom.
  • TES Lore subreddit
    Subreddit aimed at the discussion of Elderscrolls lore
  • Interkarma's Workshop
    The website of Interkarma; contains some excellent tools for exploring Daggerfall from the inside out.
  • Michael Kirkbride's Homepage & Tumblr
    Yep, the homepage of the man behind the obscurity of Redguard and Morrowind. Contains some concept art.
  • Tamriel Foundry
    An excellent website dedicated to Elder Scrolls Online. 
  • Tamriel Rebuilt
    Tamriel Rebuilt, the enormous effort in recreating the continent of Tamriel, piece by piece. A really ambitious project. The website contains some interesting concept art and various lore expansion papers.
  • Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages
    The legendary website of Dave Humphrey, contains tons of information about Elder Scrolls.
  • Wiwiland
    French Elder Scrolls Fan site, with an emphasis on user made francophone mods.
  • The New Wirling School
    Dedicated to the study of Vivec Sermons. A reincarnation of the now lost Whirling School