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Ready to leave the Library? Here are some interesting links.

Other Lore Websites

Websites where you can learn more about lore, or discuss it with fellow nerds.

Join us on Discord to chat about lore, report issues, or ask questions about TIL.

An introduction on the concepts and themes of Elder Scrolls lore

Posts new lore to coincide with new game releases, and has the last active official Elder Scrolls forum.

The UESP is the oldest and best wiki for the Elder Scrolls.
They also have a great Discord.

The Elder Scrolls Lore subreddit. Most active discussion spot on the internet.

Dedicated to the line-by-line breakdown of the 36 Sermons of Vivec. Also hosts other metaphysical writings.

Projects and Mods

These mods seek to expand beyond the provinces of the games, or remake them for a modern age.

A modding project to add mainland Morrowind in TES3.

A confederacy of province mods for the TES3 engine.

This collaboration of mods seeks to create other provinces in the TES5 engine.

A re-creation and expansion of TES3 in the TES5 engine.

A re-creation and expansion of TES4 in the TES5 engine.

An ongoing re-creation of TES2 in the modern Unity engine. Adds modern conveniences, modding ability, and makes it far easier to play!
Also available on Good Old Games.

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