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ESO Gold Road books now available (4/16/2024) by Lady Nerevar

All of the books from the new Elder Scrolls Online update, Gold Road, are now uploaded to the Library! Since these are from the public test environment, they may change when the Chapter is properly released on June 3rd.

You can see the full list of books at this link, but here’s a few special highlights:

Culture & Religion


The Illustrated Improved Emperor’s Guide to Tamriel (4/8/2024) by Lady Nerevar

Last week, on April 4th, Elder Scrolls Online celebrated its 10th anniversary! It’s a rare and momentous thing to keep a game flourishing for an entire decade, and our congratulations go out to the team that made it happen. Zenimax Online celebrated in Amsterdam with a special preview of this year’s Chapter, Gold Road. Our friends at the UESP have a great writeup of that, if you’re interested.

For our part of the festivities, we decided to look back to the original launch of the game, and the Improved Emperor’s Guide to Tamriel that shipped with the Imperial Edition. We’ve had the text for this book available since launch, but are now excited to also feature all of the artwork, too. Thanks to exclusive permission from Zenimax Online, Lady Nerevar has scanned and uploaded all of the artwork that was previously missing, as well as publicly released art, to fully illustrate this gorgeous volume.

You can read the newly illustrated guide right here.

Or check out a few of my favorite new images below:

Welcome to the all new Imperial Library! (3/29/2024) by Lady Nerevar

We’ve got a shiny new coat of paint, dozens of improvements to site usability and functionality, and some major new features I want to highlight: 

  • Dark mode! This feature is still in progress, but you can toggle it on and off at the bottom of each page (your setting will be remembered) 
  • Site now works well on mobile devices
  • Better galleries and image display, including an automatic lightbox mode that lets you view the images without leaving the page you’re on
  • Improved search results which allow you to easily filter which games’ contents you want to see, and displays the total number of results for your term on the site (there are also more improvements to search coming in the future)
Example of the site in dark mode (work in progress)

Under the hood, we’ve completely switched the software that runs the website and introduced a whole new organizational scheme. This means that we’ll be able to update content much faster and create all sorts of collections that were not previously possible. 

The vast majority of our previous books and articles have been carried over, some have been updated and improved, and there’s some completely new material as well, with more to come in the following weeks. The few articles missing were those that were severely out of date, and can still be accessed through Archive.org.

Of course, this is all brand new, so there’s bound to be some bugs. If you find them, shoot us a message in the #website-issues channel on our Discord. There are also lots of additional improvements in the works.

Finally, a special shoutout to waferbaby, baxter, Throûdin, and dreaded.night.turtle of the Ishtar Collective for their advice on this project. If you’re a fan of Destiny lore (and if you’re into TES, you should be!) check out the Ishtar Collective.

Happy 30th, Elder Scrolls! (3/25/2024) by Lady Nerevar

On March 25th, 1994, a little game called The Elder Scrolls: Arena was officially released to the public. Today, 30 years later, we’re celebrating a full three decades of the incredible universe and gameplay that it begun.

So whether you joined all the way back when the Druids of Galen were a throwaway mention on the Breton character creation screen (TES: Arena) or if you came on board when they got an entire year’s worth of game content (ESO: High Isle), we hope you’ll join us in wishing this amazing series a very happy anniversary.

Library Update: Endless Archive (11/5/2023) by Benefactor

Much like our own Imperial Library cataloging books is something that any good library needs. With the release of update 40 for The Elder Scrolls online we can delve into Hermaeus Mora’s Endless Archive, a depository of books held within Apocrypha.

We recently took a trip to this archive ourselves to find it overrun with Maligraphies, Daedric creatures made from ink taking the form of the book they came from. Thankfully this invasion gave us the oppurtunity to smuggle some books out of the Endless Archive. Please enjoy the newest inclusions to the library and if you spot any inky creatures coming out of any of these books please inform the nearest librarian right away.

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