The Illustrated Improved Emperor’s Guide to Tamriel

April 8, 2024
Written by: Lady Nerevar

Last week, on April 4th, Elder Scrolls Online celebrated its 10th anniversary! It’s a rare and momentous thing to keep a game flourishing for an entire decade, and our congratulations go out to the team that made it happen. Zenimax Online celebrated in Amsterdam with a special preview of this year’s Chapter, Gold Road. Our friends at the UESP have a great writeup of that, if you’re interested.

For our part of the festivities, we decided to look back to the original launch of the game, and the Improved Emperor’s Guide to Tamriel that shipped with the Imperial Edition. We’ve had the text for this book available since launch, but are now excited to also feature all of the artwork, too. Thanks to exclusive permission from Zenimax Online, Lady Nerevar has scanned and uploaded all of the artwork that was previously missing, as well as publicly released art, to fully illustrate this gorgeous volume.

You can read the newly illustrated guide right here.

Or check out a few of my favorite new images below:

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