TES3: Morrowind Transcripts

This page contains dialog, journal entries, and other pertinent game information from TES3: Morrowind.

Morrowind's dialog structure is different than other games in the series. Instead of selecting a dialog topic, you click words or phrases in the dialog block to learn more about that topic. A lot of the responses for these topics are shared between the same race, class, or faction of characters. So if you ask one shopkeeper about "shein" another one is likely to say the same thing.

The player is called "Faern Sargtlin" in this writeup. He's a male Dunmer Bard born under the sign of the Thief.

Main Quest

The main quest of Morrowind has a main path, as well as an alternate path that involves the player killing Vivec and bypassing all of the regular quests.

Several of these quests can be completed in any order, and most have slight variations depending on your character's faction, race, or gender. Some can also be completed with or without violence. Only the male, Dunmer, nonviolent whenever possible path has been documented here.

TES3 Morrowind: Introduction - Transcript and video of the intro cinematic, as well as the introduction offered in the game guide
TES3 Morrowind: Arriving in Seyda Neen - The player lands in Seyda Neen, gets their assignment, and finds the spymaster Caius Cosades
TES3 Morrowind: Arkngthand Dwemer Ruins - On their first assignment, the player has to explore the ruins of Arkngthand
TES3 Morrowind: Andrano Ancestral Tomb - In their next assignment, the player must recover as skull for a mage
TES3 Morrowind: Huleeya, Morag Tong Informant - Seeking more information about the Nerevarine Cult with the first of three informants in Vivec
TES3 Morrowind: Addhiranirr and Mehra Milo - Following up with the other two Vivec informants
TES3 Morrowind: Ashlander Informant - The player speaks with the final informant and gets their next assignment
TES3 Morrowind: Urshilaku Tribe - Gaining the trust of the Ashlanders to learn more about the Nerevarine first hand
TES3 Morrowind: Sixth House Base - Coming face-to-face with the Sixth House
TES3 Morrowind: Curing the Corprus - The player cures an uncurable disease, meets an ancient wizard, and gets one step closer to fulfilling a prophesy
TES3 Morrowind: The Lost Prophecy - Meeting with the Dissident Priests to recover the last Nerevarine Prophesy
TES3 Morrowind: The Third Trial - The player must solve an Ashlander riddle and be blessed by Azura in their journey to becoming recognized as the Nerevarine
TES3 Morrowind: House Hlaalu - Convincing the Councilors of House Hlaalu to name you Nerevarine
TES3 Morrowind: House Redoran - Getting House Redoran to endorse you as Nerevarine
TES3 Morrowind: House Telvanni - Getting House Telvanni to endorse you as Nerevarine
TES3 Morrowind: Ahemmusa Tribe - Clearing a Daedric ruin to earn the title of Nerevarine
TES3 Morrowind: Zainab Tribe - Procuring a bride for the Ashkhan in exchange for his appointing the player Nerevarine
TES3 Morrowind: Erabenimsun Tribe - Staging a minor coup to be named Nerevarine
TES3 Morrowind: Meeting Preparations - Named Nerevarine by all Ashlander Tribes and Great Houses, the player prepares to meet with Vivec
TES3 Morrowind: Meeting With Vivec - Meeting with the god-king Vivec and learning the truth behind Dagoth Ur and the Tribunal

Tribunal Expansion

The Tribunal expansion was released in November 2002 and has the player travel to Mournhold, the capital of Morrowind. Although it can be played right after you start a new character, the story makes more sense if you've progressed through to being recognized as the Nerevarine during the main quest.

TES3 Tribunal: The Dark Brotherhood - After an assassination attempt by the Morag Tong, the player arrives in Mournhold
TES3 Tribunal: King Llethan’s Death - Helping investigate rumors to get on King Helseth's good side
TES3 Tribunal: Temple Informant - Continue investigating on Helseth's behalf, this time in the Temple
TES3 Tribunal: Disloyal Guard - Rooting out a traitor in Helseth's Royal Guard
TES3 Tribunal: Evidence of Conspiracy - Uncovering who conspired to assassinate Helseth... and letting them go free
TES3 Tribunal: Common Tongue Author - Stopping a newspaper from talking badly about the King
TES3 Tribunal: Meeting Queen Barenziah - A frank conversation with the Queen Mother and her biographer
TES3 Tribunal: Goblin Army - Killing some goblins on behalf of Almalexia
TES3 Tribunal: Shrine of the Dead - Work with the priesthood of Almalexia to purify an ancient shrine
TES3 Tribunal: Barilzar’s Mazed Band - Recovering a ring from the litch Barilzar and meeting Almalexia herself

Bloodmoon Expansion

The Bloodmoon expansion was released in June 2003. In it, the player travels to the snowy island of Solstheim. The quest line branches halfway through, allowing you to either side with Hircine and become a werewolf or join the Skaal and fight against him. It is entirely separate from the main plot of Morrowind and from Tribunal, so you can play it at any point.

Main Quest
TES3 Bloodmoon: Dry Fort - The player arrives in Solstheim and uncovers a great alcohol conspiracy
TES3 Bloodmoon: Weapon Smuggling - The player uncovers a smuggling operation, and Fort Frostmoth is attacked
TES3 Bloodmoon: Thirsk - Trying to find out more about the attack at Thirsk meadhall
TES3 Bloodmoon: Ritual of the Gifts - The player must perform rituals around Solstheim to gain the trust of the Skaal
TES3 Bloodmoon: Wisdom Test - The investigates a crime among the Skaal
TES3 Bloodmoon: Strength Test - The player encounters omens of doom while defeating some Daedra
TES3 Bloodmoon: Skaal Werewolf Attack - Defend the Skaal from a werewolf attack, and become infected in the process
TES3 Bloodmoon: Find the Totem (Side with the Skaal) - Choose to help the Skaal against the werewolves, starting with locating an ancient totem
TES3 Bloodmoon: Perform The Ristaag (Side with the Skaal) - Participating in a ritual hunt with the Skaal
TES3 Bloodmoon: Ominous Sign (Side with the Skaal) - Investigating dead horkers at Castle Karstaag
Side Quests
TES3 Bloodmoon: The Udyrfrykte and the Chieftain - After an attack on the meadhall, the player must become its chieftain
TES3 Bloodmoon: Oddfrid White-Lip’s Prophecy - Retrieve a skull and hear a prophetic message about TES4 Oblivion
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