TES3 Morrowind: The Lost Prophecy

Released In:


Caius Cosades

"Faern Sargtlin. Thank you for your report. I'm very happy you've been cured. Unfortunately, I've had a bit of bad news. I've been recalled to the Imperial City. You'll be promoted to Operative, and will head the Blades here in Vvardenfell until I return. I've only waited here to give you your final orders before I go."

:promoted to Operative:
"That makes you the ranking Blades agent here in Vvardenfell district. As far as I know. There may be other Blades agents here I don't know about. It wouldn't surprise me. I may be gone a while, and you'll have expenses. Here's some gold. And you can use the house until I return. And I won't be needing these blacks or the ring while I'm in Cyrodiil. Maybe they'll come in handy. Take good care of them."

Faern Sargtlin

(receive Caius' Black Pants, Caius' Black Shirt and Caius' Ring)

Caius Cosades

"Internal politics. Some concern about my sugar. I thought about refusing the recall. But they have members of my family back in the capital. I'm afraid it may have something to do with the problems with the succession. As the Emperor's health declines, factions are maneuvering for advantage. I may be gone a while -- that's why you're promoted to Operative."

"Continue pursuing the Nerevarine prophecies, as the Emperor commands. First, go to the Hall of Wisdom and Justice, and get Mehra Milo to help you find the lost prophecies. She's being watched; if something has gone wrong, find her private quarters; she'll leave you a message there under the code word 'amaya.' Then take the lost prophecies to Nibani Maesa. From that point, you'll have to follow her directions, and follow the prophecies. Good luck."

Faern Sargtlin

(go to Balmora Silt Strider, and buy passage to Vivec)


Faern Sargtlin

(go to Vivec, Hall of Wisdom)
(go to Milo's Quarter)
(search the room, and find "Note to Amaya")
(go to Vivec, Mages Guild and buy 2 Scroll of Divine Intervention)
(use levitation to reach The Ministry of Truth)
(manage the way to the Milo's cell)

Mehra Milo

"Do you have the Divine Intervention scrolls? I have an escape plan."

:Divine Intervention scrolls:
"I'll need one Divine Intervention scroll myself for my escape plan. Getting out will be a lot faster and safer for you if you have one, but if you haven't got one for yourself, maybe you can find some other way out. Now, listen. Here's my plan. Give me a Divine Intervention scroll. I'll meet you at the secret Dissident priests monastery at Holamayan. For safety, we'll travel separately...."

"When you get out of here, look for a woman named Blatta Hateria on the East Docks of Ebonheart. Tell her I sent you, and that you want to 'go fishing.' She'll bring you to Holamayan by boat. I'll meet you there, and we'll get the lost prophecies from Gilvas Barelo, the leader of the Dissident priests. And magic conceals the Holamayan entrance -- speak to Vevrana Aryon, a monk at the dock at Holamayan, about the hidden entrance."

Faern Sargtlin

(give the Scroll of Divine Intervention)

Mehra Milo

:Divine Intervention scrolls:
"I have the scroll. I'll meet you at Holamayan. Goodbye, and good luck."

Faern Sargtlin

(go to Ebonheart)


Nevosi Hlan

"Pleased to meet you, Faern Sargtlin, and welcome to the Imperial town of Ebonheart. We're always eager for news here. Have you heard the latest rumors? Or would you care to share a little secret? One hears things here and there."

"Ebonheart is the Imperial headquarters for Vvardenfell district, and a busy seaport. Duke Vedam Dren is the district's ruler and Emperor's representative. The Duke lives in Castle Ebonheart. The District Council chambers and the Hawk Moth Legion garrison are also at Castle Ebonheart. The East Empire Company buildings and docks are outside the castle, facing Vivec to the east."

:East Empire Company:
"The East Empire Company is a monopolistic mercantile enterprise chartered by the Emperor and managed by a board of directors appointed by the Emperor. The Company has sole authority to trade in certain goods, like flin, raw ebony, raw glass, and Dwemer artifacts, and it also enjoys favorable tariffs and regulations for import and export of other common and exotic goods, like kwama eggs, marshmerrow pulp, saltrice, and Telvanni bug musk."

"Because of its wealth and the favor of the Emperor, the East Empire company wields considerable influence in the Duke's administration."

:Imperial cult:
"Ebonheart's Imperial cult shrine is in a small walled keep in the far western end of Castle Ebonheart. The altar there cures disease and poison. Lalatia Varian is the Imperial Priestess, Synnolian Tunifus, the Mara Healer, Kaye the Zenithar Trader, and Iulus Truptor, the Stendarr Savant."

"Agning is the publican of the Six Fishes; he rents beds and sells food and sundries. The Imperial cult shrine services include a priest, healer, monk, enchanter, apothecary, trader, and savant. The Imperial Legion services of the Hawkmoth Legion Garrison include a healer, smith, master-at-arms, scout, trader, chaplain, and battlemage. For other services, visit Vivec City -- the Foreign Quarter, in particular, for Fighters Guild and Mages Guild services, and the Great House compounds for kin and retainers."

:someone in particular:
"Cavortius Albuttian is the head of the Imperial Guard, Duke Dren's palace guard. Frald the White, Knight Bachelor of the Imperial Legion, is the head of the Hawkmoth Legion Garrison. Lalatia Varian is the head priest of the castle's Imperial cult shrine. The wealthy Canctunian Ponius is the chief factor and banker of the East Empire Company."

:Unrest in Cyrodiil City:
"Uriel Septim is sick, and wizards say his heir, Geldall Septim, and the younger Septims, Enman and Ebel, are just doppelgangers placed in the household during Jagar Tharn's tenure as Imperial Battlemage. They say the Guard charged a mob demanding destruction of the false heirs... lots of folks were killed."

Faern Sargtlin

(go and find Blatta Hateria)

Blatta Hateria

"Yes. I'm Blatta Hateria. Do I know you?"

"Do I know you? Were you thinking you might want to go fishing?"

:go fishing:
"I know a fine place. Excellent fishing. My friend, Mehra Milo, says it's her favorite fishing spot. You ready to go?"

Faern Sargtlin


Blatta Hateria

:go fishing:
"Good. I'm ready to take you to Holamayan any time you're ready to travel. And I'll be here to offer that service any time you need it."


Vevrana Aryon

"I'm Vevrana Aryon, a monk of Holamayan. The monastery is here, on this island. Take the stone pathway north from the docks and the path uphill. The entrance is hidden by a magical shield. Wait or rest at the head of the path, and the portal will open at dusk and dawn only, the magical twilight hours sacred to Azura. Mehra Milo has told us of your coming. You can find her in the library with Master Barelo. Later, I can arrange for your return to Vivec whenever you are ready."

"Holamayan is a secret monastery of the Dissident priests. The monastery itself is beneath the surface of a remote island along Azura's Coast, with only a single entrance hidden from view by hills and vegetation. The monastery is further protected by a magical shield which opens only at dawn and dusk, the magical twilight hours sacred to Azura."

Faern Sargtlin

(go follow the path to the monastery and wait until the right time for the shield to open)
(enter the monastery)

Tivam Sadri

"Welcome, Faern Sargtlin. Mehra Milo has told us of your coming. You can find her in the library with Master Barelo."

:Mehra Milo:
"Mehra Milo has run terrible risks remaining at the Hall of Wisdom and Truth, and we are grateful that you have rescued her from the Ministry of Truth."

:Master Barelo:
"Master Gilvas Barelo is the abbot of our monastery, and the head of our secret order."

Faern Sargtlin

(enter the library and talk to Gilvas Barelo)

Gilvas Barelo

"Faern Sargtlin? I'm Master Gilvas Barelo, the abbot of Holamayan Monastery. Thank you for helping Mehra Milo. She says you are interested in 'lost prophecies.' I believe we can help you."

:lost prophecies:
"I have reviewed the Apographa, and have found two passages of particular interest. We've made copies of these passages to give you. Many are familiar with the two Nerevarine prophecies current among the Ashlanders called 'The Stranger' and 'The Seven Vision'. We have two other prophecies, 'The Lost Prophecy' and 'The Seven Curses', that may offer additional insights into the riddles surrounding the coming of the Incarnate. Perhaps these are the Lost Prophecies that your friend Nibani Maesa told you about."

"We have also prepared a document for you called 'Kagrenac's Tools'. This document will explain to you, and to others, the terrible secret that the Temple conceals about the true history of the Tribunal and the corrupt nature of their divine powers. It is to conceal this secret that the Temple persecutes the Nerevarine and the Dissident Priests. This persecution must stop. We must be united against the true enemy, Dagoth Ur. And if you are the Nerevarine, you must lead us against him."

Faern Sargtlin

(retrieve "The Lost Prophecy", "The Seven Curses" and "Kagrenac's Tools")

Gilvas Barelo

:The Lost Prophecy:
"From seventh sign of eleventh generation,
Neither Hound nor Guar, nor Seed nor Harrow,
But Dragon-born and far-star-marked,
Outlander Incarnate beneath Red Mountain,
Blessed Guest counters seven curses,
Star-blessed hand wields thrice-cursed blade,
To reap the harvest of the unmourned house."

"I've annotated your copy of 'The Lost Prophecy' with our best efforts at interpretation. But a rough summary might be: 'An outlander -- foreign-born, but welcomed as a guest -- confronts seven curses beneath Red Mountain. His hand, blessed by Azura, uses a cursed blade to bring justice to House Dagoth, or House Dwemer, or both.' The Nerevarine? An outlander? That wouldn't please many Ashlanders, and may explain how the prophecy got lost."

:The Seven Curses:
"'The Seven Curses' reads as follows:

through the doors of the unmourned house
where scoffers scoff and schemers scheme
from the halls of the oath-breaking house
rings seven curses of gods blasphemed

first curse, Curse-of-Fire
second curse, Curse-of-Ash
third curse, Curse-of-Flesh
fourth curse, Curse-of-Ghosts
fifth curse, Curse-of-Seed
sixth curse, Curse-of-Despair
seventh curse, Curse-of-Dreams"

"Your copy of 'The Seven Curses' bears our guesses at interpreting the verses. In short form: Seven curses come from House Dagoth, or House Dwemer, or both. Fire and ash come from Red Mountain. Flesh is corprus. Ghosts, Seed, and Despair are unclear, but Curse-of-Dreams seems to refer to recent cases of soul sickness and Sleeper attacks in the towns."

"The Heirographa are the collected priestly writings of the Temple. The Apographa are the 'hidden writings' -- secrets known only at the highest levels of priesthood and inquisition. Defying the Temple, we have gathered as much of the Apographa as we can here in Holamayan. One of the chief disputes between the Temple and the Dissident priests is that the Temple hides the truth from its followers."

:Dissident Priests:
"A significant part of the Temple hierarchy might be more inclined to accept and tolerate differences of opinion in dogma. But other parts of the Temple, in particular, the Ordinators under Berel Sala, claim that the threat from Red Mountain and Dagoth Ur can only be resisted with a unified, resolute faith. The people are afraid, so they support the hard line. But if we can show ourselves able to confront Dagoth Ur more effectively than the Ordinators, the Temple and the people will support us."

"Our interest in the Nerevarine used to be a matter of principle, a willingness to consider the validity of mystical insights rejected by Temple doctrine. Now, Dagoth Ur grows stronger while the Tribunal grows weaker, and the return of Saint Nerevar, even if only reborn in spirit, may be our best prospect of salvation."

"By the way, here are a few books from our library you might find of interest. Each gives a very different impression of Nerevar."

Faern Sargtlin

(retrieve "The Real Nerevar", "Nerevar Moon-and-Star" and "Saint Nerevar")

Gilvas Barelo

:Sixth House:
"This is a new threat, and not yet widely recognized as another face of the Devil Dagoth Ur. But it is clearly a sign of a coming crisis, and the Temple may no longer be able to protect Morrowind. In such troubled times, the Dunmer may turn to the ancient pillars of faith, the ancestors and the Daedra, and especially to the prophetic visions granted by Lord Azura. Then they may look to the Nerevarine, Saint Nerevar Reborn, to lead them against the grim armies of Dagoth Ur."

Mehra Milo

"It is truly a pleasure to see you."

:Caius Cosades:
"Caius has gone back to the Imperial City? He says he's been recalled? I wonder. I never know what he's thinking. I think he's involved in something secret, something dangerous. I was hoping he might help us. Now he's gone. I don't know what to think."

Faern Sargtlin

(manage the way into Urshilaku Camp and enter Wise Woman's Yurt)

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