TES3 Morrowind: The Third Trial

Released In:


Nibani Maesa

“Go ahead. Do you have questions about the Nerevarine prophecies? Or other questions to ask me? Or do you bring me news of the lost prophecies?”

:lost prophecies:
“You have these lost prophecies? You will tell me these things, over and over, until I have them by heart. And then you will tell me what these priests say, what they see in these words. And then, you must leave me. Hunt. Sleep. Train. Feed. Learn the land. I must bring these things into me, and place them before my ancestors, and listen to them, and to the skies and stars of my dreams. And then, when the moons have come and gone, return, and I will give you my judgement.”

Faern Sargtlin

(go out, do some hunting, sleep)
(go back to Nibani Maesa)

Nibani Maesa

:My judgement:
“The ancestors and stars have given me clear signs. The lost prophecies leave no doubt — the Incarnate shall be an outlander. You, blessed by Azura, must lift the seven curses of Dagoth Ur. Prophecy has shown the seven steps of the Nerevarine’s path, and I have been chosen as your guide for each step on that path. I will read the signs, and show you the way. It is time for you to walk the path of the Seven Visions, and pass the Seven Trials of the Seven Visions.”

“You are born on a certain day to uncertain parents. So you have passed the first trial. My dreams show me that you also fulfill the second trial, that ‘neither blight nor age can harm him/The Curse-of-Flesh before him flies’. I have read the signs, but I cannot understand. Can you explain this to me?”

Faern Sargtlin

Tell how I got corprus disease and was cured

Nibani Maesa

:My judgement:
“That you have overcome the Curse-of-Flesh is strange enough, but that it should protect you from blight and age is past belief. Yet the signs of my dreams are clear. You have passed the second trial. But the third trial is unfulfilled. The mystery of the third trial is not my secret to share. Go to Sul-Matuul, the guardian of our cult, and he shall tell you of the third trial. When you have fulfilled the third trial, return to me for guidance on your next steps on the path of the Nerevarine.”

:Nerevarine prophecies:
“Now, with the lost prophecies, much is revealed. You, the ‘Outlander Incarnate beneath Red Mountain’, must face Dagoth Ur to lift the seven curses of the Sixth House — Curse-of-Fire, Curse-of-Ash, Curse-of-Flesh, Curse-of-Ghosts, Curse-of-Seed, Curse-of-Despair, Curse-of-Dreams. To remove these curses, you must go to Red Mountain and defeat Dagoth Ur and all his hosts. It is an unspeakable task. But perhaps, with Azura’s blessing, at least we have hope.”

Faern Sargtlin

(go to Ashkhan’s Yurt)


“You wish to know about the Third Trial, and I shall tell you.”

:Third trial:
“You have entered the path of the Nerevarine. This is a hard thing to believe. But Nibani Maesa has spoken to me at length of this, and I have had time to consider. Therefore I shall keep my own counsel, and set before you my own test. I do not dispute with the wise women, but their ways are not the ways of the warrior. Many before have tried the path of the Nerevarine, but all have failed the warrior’s test. You must have strength, courage, and cunning. These things I would test.”

“Nearby lies Kogoruhn, the ancient halls of the forgotten house, House Dagoth. In recent time, creatures of the blight have come to dwell there. I myself went there, with some brave hunters, and came back again, but it was a bad place, and I am not ashamed to say I was afraid, for myself and my men. If you would have from me the secret of the Third Trial, the ‘caverns dark’ where Azura’s eye sees, you will first bring to me three tokens from dark Kogoruhn.”

“The first token is corprus weepings from a corprus beast, to show that you are proof against the disease’s corruption. The second token is a cup with the mark of House Dagoth, for I have myself seen such cups there, and will know you have seen with your eyes what I have seen with mine. The third token is the Shadow Shield, which lies on the Tomb of Dagoth Morin, in the lava tunnels deep beneath ruined Kogoruhn. Bring these things to me, and then I will tell you the secret of the Third Test.”

Faern Sargtlin

(manage the way into Kogoruhn)
(enter Kogoruhn, Dome of Pollock’s Eve and slay Dagoth Girer)
(retrieve Corprus weepings and House Dagoth cup)
(enter Kogoruhn, Hall of Phisto and manage the way into Kogoruhn, Bleeding Heart)
(slay Dagoth Elam and retrieve Shadow Shield)
(go back to Urshilaku Camp, Ashkhan’s Yurt)


“If you have brought me the three tokens of the Warrior’s Test, I can speak to you further of the Third Trial.”

:Third trial:
“I am impressed. These three tokens you have brought me. You may keep them. You have passed the Warrior’s Test. And I will give you the secret of the Third Trial. ‘In caverns dark Azura’s eye sees/and makes to shine the moon and star.’ This is the Third Vision. And you must go to the Cavern of the Incarnate, a place sacred to Azura, and look for the moon and star. The secret of the Cavern of the Incarnate is set in a riddle:

the eye of the needle lies in the teeth of the wind
the mouth of the cave lies in the skin of the pearl
the dream is the door and the star is the key”

“This riddle is Wisdom’s Test. Take counsel of the wisdom of the tribes, and you shall find the way. Seek the Cavern of the Incarnate. Gain the moon and star, and bring it to Nibani Maesa. Take with you my blessing, and the blessing of our tribe, Malipu-Ataman’s Belt.”

Faern Sargtlin

(retrieve Malipu-Ataman’s Belt)
(get out of Ashkhan’s Yurt)


“Welcome, Faern Sargtlin. You honor us.”

:eye of the needle:
“This token of our tribe, Malipu-Ataman’s Belt, is proof of Sul-Matuul’s blessing. Let me think…. Perhaps you mean the Needle? It is a tall rock column in the Valley of the Wind. I have slept beneath it once or twice. The Valley of the Wind is a valley on the northeast slopes of Red Mountain. The entrance to the valley is marked by Airan’s Teeth, two tall rock spires.”

:teeth of the wind:
“You bear Malipu-Ataman’s Belt. I will share what I know. Hmm. I know no place of that name. But there is a place called ‘Airan’s Teeth’ in the Valley of the Wind. These two rocks spires mark the entrance to the Valley of the Wind, and they bear the name of the seer, Airan, one blessed by Azura.”

:Airan’s Teeth:
“Airan’s Teeth are two stone spikes at the mouth of Valley of the Wind. The Valley of the Wind runs south from the sea in the northeast of Vvardenfell, east of Dwemer Bthuand, east of Daedric Zergonipal. We stay away from the valley; the winds howl, and the spirits are always awake. Dareleth Ancestral Tomb is in this valley. It is foolish to disturb the spirits in their resting place.”


“Welcome, Faern Sargtlin. You honor us.”

:mouth of the cave:
“Malipu-Ataman’s Belt… I know this token, and I wish to help you. But I’m sorry. I know the Needle, and yes, I see that the whitish rock atop the spire might remind someone of pearl. But I don’t know of any cave or mouth of a cave in that valley.”

:skin of the pearl:
“You bear Malipu-Ataman’s Belt. This is important… Just a moment. You mention the Needle, in the Valley of the Wind? I recall, at the top of that tall spire is — not white, but much lighter than other rocks nearby. The head of the Valley of the Wind sits right under the Needle. It is a good, safe campground, sheltered from wind, with only one approach. That whitish rock at the top of the needle– that might be the pearl you’re looking for.”

Faern Sargtlin

(go to Wise Woman’s Yurt)

Nibani Maesa

“I shall be your guide to the Seven Trials on the path of the Nerevarine. Ask, and I shall answer, with Azura’s blessing.”

:Third trial:
“Sul-Matuul has sent you to seek the Third Trial. He has told you of the shrine to Azura called the Cavern of the Incarnate. I cannot tell you how to find this place. But he has said you may seek the wisdom of the tribes, and the wisdom of the wise woman I may share with you. Perhaps what I know can help you with these lines of the riddle: the star is the key, and the dream is the door.”

:the star is the key:
“Ah. The star is Azura. Azura’s Star appears in the sky only in the magical hour between day and night, at dawn and twilight.”

:the dream is the door:
“You say the star is the key, Azura’s Star? Then the door is only seen at dawn and dusk, and the star is the ‘key’ that opens it.”

Faern Sargtlin

(manage the way into the Cavern of Incarnate)
(arrive at midnight, try to open door)


“The door is locked, and will not open. The star is the key.”

Faern Sargtlin

(wait until dawn)
(try to open door)


“In the dawn hour under Azura’s Star, the door is opened.”


Faern Sargtlin

(walk to the statue of Azura where the ring Moon-and-Star is floating)
(take the ring, and Azura speaks and the six ghosts appear)


Nerevar Reborn, Incarnate:
Your first three trials are finished.
Now, two new trials lie before you.
Seek the Ashlander Ashkhans, and the Great House Councils.
Four tribes must name you Nerevarine.
Three houses must name you Hortator.
My servant Nibani Maesa shall be your guide.
And when you are Hortator and Nerevarine,
when you’ve stood before the False God
and freed the heart from its prison,
heal my people and restore Morowind.
Do this for me and with my blessing.

Conoon Chodala

“Welcome, Incarnate. I am Conoon Chodala. I was not the one. But I wait and hope. Ask, and I shall tell you my story.”

:my story:
“I was an ashkhan. I led my people against the Akaviri while the Cyrodiil dogs fled before them like kagouti. I quested deep into the strongholds and Red Mountain, cleansing the unclean things in their own blood. I did not heed the counsel of the women, and, to my shame, I craved glory, but never saw my real enemies. My axe and boots are yours, with my blessing.”

Faern Sargtlin

(retrieve Conoon Chodala’s Axe and Conoon Chodala’s Boots)

Hort Ledd

“Welcome, Incarnate. I am Hort-Ledd. I was not the one. But I wait and hope. Ask, and I shall tell you my story.”

:my story:
“I died four hundred years ago, in the last days of turmoil and unrest after the Empire came to Morrowind. I was a thinker, and not a doer, and though I was marked by the stars, I was not a hero. Take these things of mine. My bones won’t complain.”

Faern Sargtlin

(retrieve “Sithis” and Hort-Ledd’s Robe)

Idrenie Nerothan

“Welcome, Incarnate. I am Idrenie Nerothan. I was not the one. But I wait and hope. Ask, and I shall tell you my story.”

:my story:
“I lived in the late years of the Tribunate, and behind the scenes, I helped us demoralize, then repel the Akaviri invaders. I knew nothing of the Nerevarine or Dagoth Ur until I took refuge with the Ashlanders. I died a fool, trying to loot ruined Kogoruhn. Here. Take these. Maybe there’s something in the world left worth stealing.”

Faern Sargtlin

(retrieve Master’s Lockpick and Master’s Probe)


“Welcome, Incarnate. I am Erur-Dan. I was not the one. But I wait and hope. Ask, and I shall tell you my story.”

:my story:
“I saw Morrowind fall to the Empire. I lived through the humiliation of the surrender, swore hatred and vengeance against Imperial and Tribunal alike for their betrayals. In later years, I despaired, and turned to Red Mountain, where I grew old and died fighting the blight and Red Mountain monsters. Take my weapons and armor. I have no further use for them.”

Faern Sargtlin

(retrieve Erud-Dan’s Spear and Erur-Dan’s Cuirass)

Ane Teria

“Welcome, Incarnate. I am Ane Teria. I was not the one. But I wait and hope. Ask, and I shall tell you my story.”

:my story:
“I was a holy crusader of the Temple in the golden era of the Tribunate. I contributed substantially to the writings that were later suppressed by the Temple, and now would be called apographa. I followed the Tribunal unquestioningly, to my regret. I never believed in the Nerevarine prophecies until it was too late. Take my humble possessions, with my blessing.”

Faern Sargtlin

(retrieve “36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 12” and Ane Teria’s Mace)


“Welcome, Incarnate, Moon-and-Star Reborn, Hortator, Nerevarine, Mourner of the Tribe Unmourned, Redeemer of the False Gods. I am Peakstar. I was not the one. But I wait and hope. Ask, and I shall answer, if wisdom guides me.”

:not the one:
“I am a failed Incarnate. So are all these who remain here with me in the Cavern of the Incarnate. I survived the blight, but I fell in battle with an Ash Vampire. I could not master the arts of war. Nor could I learn the ways of the Great Houses. They would not have accepted me as Hortator. Take these few poor things… they are of no use to me.”

:wisdom guides me:
“I will answer when I can, and with what I know. But the visions of Azura are often obscure, for two reasons. One, because the future cannot be known, and choices may always be made. Two, because truth is not clear or simple. Azura’s riddles warn us to think long and hard. They force us to search carefully for truth and meaning, and not to rely only on impulse and force.”

“You bear the Moon-and-Star, the ring of Nerevar. None may deny; you ARE Nerevar Reborn, the prophesied Incarnate. The Temple will know you as an enemy. Ordinators will mark you for death, and the Tribunal Faithful of the Great Houses will hate and fear you. The doubters of the Tribes will test your strength and doubt your honor. You will be known. You must prepare, and be ready.”

“You must go before the Councilors of the Great Houses and satisfy them, for only the Councils of the Great Houses can name you ‘Hortator.’ I do not know the settled people of the Great Houses, and can offer you no counsel.”

“You must go before the ashkhans of the Wastes People and satisfy them, for only the ashkhans of the Four Tribes can name you ‘Nerevarine.’ Speak first with Sul-Matuul of the Urshilaku, and with Wise Woman Nibani Maesa, for of all the Ashlanders, they are wisest in the lore of the Incarnate, and you have already shown Sul-Matuul proof of your worth.”

:Hortator and Nerevarine:
“Dunmer of the Ashlands and Dunmer of the Houses have traditions of a War Leader set over all the tribes in times of need. First, your task is to prove to them their need. Then you must prove that you should be their war leader — the Nerevarine, for Ashlanders; the Hortator, for the Great Houses.”

“To show them their need, you must tell them about the Tribunal, how they have adopted the profane tools of the Dwarves, how they have betrayed and misled their people — and give them proofs. You must tell them about Dagoth Ur, and the Sixth House, about their powers and plans, and how the Tribunal no longer has power to contain them.”

:War Leader:
“To prove to them your fitness as War Leader to the Dunmer people, you must demonstrate your might in battle, your honor in speech, and your wisdom in leadership.”

:profane tools:
“Kagrenac, high priest of the Dwemer, forged enchanted artifacts to steal the power of the gods. Nerevar fought the Dwemer to prevent this blasphemy. But Dagoth Ur took these tools to make himself a god. And the Tribunal took these tools to make themselves gods. Though the Tribunal sought to do good with their power, they are tainted by the same corrupt desires that move Dagoth Ur.”

:False Gods:
“The Tribunal and Dagoth Ur have the unnatural abilities and lifespans of gods. But they gained these things by actions that mock the gods and misuse divine power. They were ambitious and unwise, and the consequences of these ungodly acts threaten all that lives in Morrowind.”

:Tribe Unmourned:
“Pity Dagoth Ur and the Sixth House. All they do, all they are is foul and evil, but they began in brightness and honor, and the cause of their fall was their loyal service to you, Lord Nerevar. You told Lord Dagoth to guard the profane tools beneath Red Mountain, and thus he was tempted. He did your bidding when he tried to keep these tools from the Tribunal, and so he hates you, who betrayed him, and the Tribunal, who mocked his honor, attacked him, and stole the profane tools for their own use.”

Faern Sargtlin

(go back to Urshilaku Camp and enter Ashkhan’s Yurt)


“You have passed the Third Trial. Before you lies the Fourth Trial, and the Fifth Trial. I have spoken with Nibani Maesa, and I know these Trials. You wish to be called Urshilaku Nerevarine. But first, would you hear the counsel of Sul-Matuul?”

:counsel of Sul-Matuul:
“Good. First, I would give you warning. When you are called ‘Nerevarine,’ the word must spread, and many must hear. Your enemies will hear, and come seeking your blood. And such friends as you may have among the Great Houses, those who heed the words of the Temple, they may forget their love for you. If you have business with the People of the Houses and Temple, you may wish to conduct that business first, before you are named ‘Nerevarine.'”

“Second, I tell you, seek the counsel of Wise Woman Nibani Maesa, for you are an Outlander, and ignorant of the ways of our people. Nibani Maesa can tell you of the other tribes, of their ways, and of their ashkhans. If you do not know these things, you will make many mistakes, and waste precious time. That is my counsel. Now, if you wish to be named Urshilaku Nerevarine, we may speak of these things.”

:Urshilaku Nerevarine:
“Very well. You wish to be called ‘Nerevarine.’ I know you, and am disposed to do so. But first we must speak of need and duty. Before I name you ‘Nerevarine,’ you must understand why a war leader is needed, so you may tell others. And before I name you ‘Nerevarine,’ I must see that you know your duty. Only when we have spoken of these things shall you be called Nerevarine.”

“Know the words of the prophecies. The curse of Dagoth Ur and the Sixth House threatens our land. The False Gods lie, and offer false hope of protection. You bear the Moon-and-Star of Nerevar. Azura’s hand is upon you. These are the proofs you must show to all people as Urshilaku Nerevarine.”

:curse of Dagoth Ur:
“From the unmourned house have come forth the seven curses. The Sixth House is a great evil, and a great danger to all people. This is the need. You have seen this need. You have fought the Sixth House. You have known the curse of corprus. You have harrowed Kogoruhn, and seen the darkness that lies within. When you tell your story, others may be shown the proofs.”

:False Gods:
“You have learned the lies of the Tribunal and the false hope they offer of protection from Dagoth Ur. We have heard the priest’s own words of the Apographa, and we know them to be true. We have heard the words of the Dissident Priests, and we know them to be true. The False Gods have broken their promises, and have taken up the tools of the Enemy. This is a great evil, and a great danger.”

“You wear the Moon-and-Star of Nerevar. The legend of Moon-and-Star is known to all loremasters. No man but Nerevar may wear that ring and live. This is a true sign. This is a miracle, a blessing of Azura, and no man may deny it.”

“You shall be Nerevarine of all the tribes, and Hortator of all the Great Houses. You shall eat the sin of the unmourned house, and free the false gods. You must defeat the Sixth House, and Dagoth Ur. You must free the Tribunal from their curse. This is the burden of prophecy. This shall be your duty as Urshilaku Nerevarine.”

:Urshilaku Nerevarine:
“Before my hearth and kin, and before the People of the Wastes, I name you Urshilaku Nerevarine, War Leader of the Urshilaku, and Protector of the People. In token of this, I give you the Teeth, which shall be a sign to all Dunmer, that you are the Nerevarine, and that the Urshilaku shall follow you, in all things, even unto death, until the Enemy is defeated, or until you are dead, or until you give this back into my hand.”

Faern Sargtlin

(receive Teeth of the Urshilaku)


:Fourth trial:
“The Fourth Trial is to join the three Great Houses of Vvardenfell under one Hortator. You must be named Hortator in turn by House Redoran, House Hlaalu, and House Telvanni. I know little of the ways of the Great Houses. But first I would try the Redoran, for they are warriors, hard-willed, but straightforward. Then I’d try the Hlaalu, for though they are weak and spoiled, they are cunning and crafty. Save the Telvanni for last. Anyone who is not afraid of a 2000-year-old wizard is a fool.”

:House Hlaalu:
“The khans of the Great Houses are called ‘councilors.’ The khans of House Hlaalu meet in a place on a river far away. They call the place ‘Balmora’ — ‘stonewood’ in our speech. You must find these councilors and persuade them to name you Hortator. I can tell you nothing about these people. You must go there and learn for yourself.”

:House Redoran:
“The khans of the Great Houses are called ‘councilors.’ The khans of House Redoran meet in a great crab shell in a place called Ald’ruhn. You must find these councilors and persuade them to name you Hortator. I know little of the settled people. You must go there and learn for yourself.”

:House Telvanni:
“The khans of the Great Houses are called ‘councilors.’ The khans of House Telvanni meet in a very strange place, I’m told. They call it ‘Sadrith Mora,’ which means ‘forest of the mushrooms’ in our tongue. I have heard the Telvanni live in giant mushrooms. I’m sure it is a very bad place. But you must go and find their councilors and persuade them to name you Hortator.”

:Fifth trial:
“The Fifth Trial is to join the four tribes of the Ashlanders under the Nerevarine. They must put aside pride and tribal squabbles and together face the blighted hosts of Dagoth Ur. The Urshilaku shall name you Nerevarine, but you must concern yourself with the other tribes: the meek Ahemmusa, the wily Zainab, and the war-loving Erabenimsun. They may not be so quick in naming the Nerevarine as the Urshilaku.”

“The meek Ahemmusa of the Grazelands are weak in arms, and in a terrible way, driven from their best grazing grounds, and beset by monsters in Ahemmusa camp in the distant northeast. The wise woman of the Ahemmusa, Sinnammu Mirpal, is also their ashkhan. If you can help them with strength of arms, they should welcome you with open arms.”

:Ahemmusa camp:
“Ahemmusa camp is on the northeast, the farthest tip of Vvardenfell island, north from Tel Mora, near old Daedric ruins of Ald Daedroth.”

“The wily Zainab of the Grazelands are proud, arrogant, and greedy, and none more than their Ashkhan Kaushad. But they are likable rogues, strong and self-assured. Show them you are strong and proud. Satisfy their greed and pride. The Ashlanders of Zainab camp are clever and cunning, and you, too, must be clever and cunning to outwit them.”

:Zainab camp:
“Zainab Camp is in northeast Vvardenfell, southwest of Vos village, in the rolling plains of the Grazelands. Here. Let me mark it on your map. Head southwest from Vos across the Grazelands until you strike the foothills, then head south, keeping the foothills on your right. When you pass the Dwemer ruins of Nchuleft on the western edge of the Grazelands, you’ll cross an east-west road; Zainab Camp is eight or ten yurts east of the hills and south of that road.”

“The war-loving Erabenimsun of Molag Mar are bad people, badly led. The Ashlanders of Erabenimsun camp are greedy and cruel, and have no respect for Ashlander custom. Ashkhan Ulath-Pal is ruthless and arrogant, and he surrounds himself with gulakhans like himself. Blood will be spilled; let it not be yours. There is one gulakhan of their tribe, Han-Ammu, who might be shaped as a new ashkhan. He is a weak reed, but his Wise Woman, Manirai, is strong and resourceful. Seek her counsel.”

:Erabenimsun camp:
“Erabenimsun camp is in the wastelands of Molag Amur, the land of fire and smokes in southeastern Vvardenfell. Here. Let me mark it on your map.”

Faern Sargtlin

(go to Wise Woman’s Yurt)

Nibani Maesa

“I shall be your guide to the Seven Trials on the path of the Nerevarine. Ask, and I shall answer, with Azura’s blessing.”

:Third trial:
“Tell me what you saw and heard in the Cavern of the Incarnate. [See listens carefully.] It is as I have seen in my dream. It is a true dream, sent from Azura to guide me.”

:Urshilaku Nerevarine:
“You have been named Urshilaku Nerevarine. You have fulfilled one part of that prophecy. But you must be named Nerevarine by all four Ashlander tribes, Urshilaku, Ahemmusa, Zainab, and Erabenimsun, before you have fulfilled the Fifth Trial.”

:Fifth trial:
“The Fifth Trial is: ‘A stranger’s hand unites the Velothi/Four Tribes call him Nerevarine.’ The Four Tribes are the four tribes of Vvardenfell, the Urshilaku, the Ahemmusa, the Zainab, and the Erabenimsun. When you have been named ‘Nerevarine’ by each of the four Ashlander tribes of Vvardenfell, come to me for further guidance, for you will have passed the Fifth Trial.”

:Ahemmusa Nerevarine:
“You must go to Ahemmusa camp. I have heard the Ahemmusa are in a pitiful way, and that they do not have an ashkhan. In this case, the wise woman may be acting as the chief of the tribe, and perhaps she can speak for the tribe to name you Ahemmusa Nerevarine.”

:Erabenimsun Nerevarine:
“You must go to Erabenimsun camp. The ashkhan of the Erabenimsun, Ulath-Pal, is a strong chief, but violent and cruel. He and his gulakhans are known as killers, and attack unarmed victims and betray the rules of hospitality. It is a difficult problem. Only the ashkhan can name you Nerevarine. But this ashkhan may not be willing, and even if he were, he is a bad chief, dishonorable, and not to be trusted. I do not know what you should do. Speak to the tribe’s wise woman. Perhaps she will give you counsel.”

:Zainab Nerevarine:
“You must go to Zainab camp. The ashkhan of the Zainab, Kaushad, is a strong and popular chief, but he is known to be vain and hard-headed. To persuade him to name you Zainab Nerevarine, you must be strong, yes, but you must also be clever, to please him and earn his favor.”

:Fourth trial:
“The Fourth Trial is: ‘A stranger’s voice unites the Houses./Three Halls call him Hortator.’ When you have been named ‘Hortator’ by each of the three Great Houses of Vvardenfell, come to me for further guidance, for you will have passed the Fourth Trial.”

:Hlaalu councilors:
“Go to Balmora, the chief town of the Hlaalu. I believe the councilors meet there in a great house with many rooms. The Hlaalu are soft and cowardly, sly and greedy. Their traders are liars and cheats. Look behind the words they speak for the truths they are hiding.”

:Hlaalu Hortator:
“The Hlaalu are great traders, keen for profit, and subtle with words. It will be hard to find someone you can trust — perhaps impossible. You may have to fight with words to find the truth. Beware of tricks and lies. Seek behind appearances. Look for hidden power. Be wary. Be suspicious.”

:Redoran councilors:
“Go to Ald’ruhn, the chief town of the Redoran. They say the council meets under the shell of a giant Emperor crab. The Redoran are proud and haughty, known as great warriors and great worshippers of the Tribunal. Since they love the Temple and Vivec, they cannot love you. The Temple warriors hate the Nerevarine prophecies, and will kill you if they see you. Be careful.”

:Redoran Hortator:
“I do not know the ways of the settled people. But I do know, in the council of chiefs, you must cultivate a friend, and beware an enemy. Find one who is willing, or who is well disposed to you. Win him, and use him to win the others. And the most powerful chief, he is most likely an enemy, since he loves his power, and hates to share it. Recognize your enemy, and prepare for him.”

:Telvanni councilors:
“I am told that wizards who speak for the Telvanni councilors may be found in a strange building in Sadrith Mora. The councilors themselves are ageless sorcerers living in the towers scattered over Vvardenfell. I know nothing about them, except that they are old, terrible, and evil.”

:Telvanni Hortator:
“I do not know the ways of wizards. I have heard they honor the tests of life and death, as we do. The ones who live, live a long time. The ones who die are forgotten. They are old, and strange, and terrible. I know little. But I am afraid. And that is my counsel to you. Be afraid. It is no time to be bold and careless. It is no time to hoard your treasures. With wizards, there are no second chances.”

Faern Sargtlin

(decide to finish the Fourth Trial first)
(go to Balmora and enter Hlaalu Council Manor)

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