TES5: Skyrim Transcripts

The 5th installment in the main Elder Scrolls series was released in 20011

Main Quest

The story of Skyrim finds your character rescued by the sudden awakening of Dragons throughout the province. They must join with the Graybeards and what little remains of the Blades to defeat this ancient threat.

TES5 Skyrim: Unbound - A prisoner is rescued by a dragon attack
TES5 Skyrim: Before the Storm - After escaping their execution, the player makes their way to Whiterun by way of Riverhold
TES5 Skyrim: Bleak Falls Barrow - Recovering an ancient Nordic artifact
TES5 Skyrim: Dragon Rising - Our hero defeats a dragon and is summoned to High Hrothgar
TES5 Skyrim: The Way of the Voice - The player meets the Greybeards
TES5 Skyrim: The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller - The player learns more about the Thu'um from the greybeards and meets Delphine
TES5 Skyrim: A Blade in the Dark - The player meets another dragon and gets to know Delphine
TES5 Skyrim: Diplomatic Immunity - Infiltrating the Thalmor embassy
TES5 Skyrim: A Cornered Rat - Saving Esbern, a member of the Blades in hiding
TES5 Skyrim: Find the Thalmor Assassin (Optional) - Saving Malborn from the assassin tailing him
TES5 Skyrim: Alduin’s Wall - The player learns more about what it means to be Dragonborn, and the Blades establish a new hideout
TES5 Skyrim: The Throat of the World - The player returns to the Greybeards and gets help from the very thing they're supposed to be fighting
TES5 Skyrim: Elder Knowledge - Finding an Elder Scroll
TES5 Skyrim: Alduin’s Bane - A vision of Alduin being banished
TES5 Skyrim: The Fallen - Concocting, and executing, a plan to capture a dragon
TES5 Skyrim: Season Unending (Optional) - The Dragonborn brokers an uneasy peace between Skyrim's political factions
TES5 Skyrim: The World-Eater’s Eyrie - The player flies to Alduin's stronghold
TES5 Skyrim: Sovngarde - The Dragonborn arrives in Sovngarde and recruits ancient heroes in the fight against Alduin
TES5 Skyrim: Dragonslayer - Alduin is defeated and the Dragonborn is left to ponder what happens next
TES5 Skyrim: Killing Paarthurnax (optional) - The player has to choose whether to kill or spare Paarthurnax

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