TES5 Skyrim: The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller

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Player Character

(I ask a few questions of Arngeir before leaving to retrieve the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller from Ustengrav)

Why are the dragons returning? Does it have something to do with me?


No doubt. The appearance of a Dragonborn at this time is not an accident. Your destiny is surely bound up with the return of the dragons.

You should focus on honing your Voice, and soon your path will be made clear.

Player Character

Surely there’s more you can tell me.


There is indeed much that we know that you do not. That does not mean that you are ready to understand it.

Do not let your easy mastery of the Voice tempt you into the arrogance of power that has been the downfall of many Dragonborn before you.

Player Character

What does it mean to be “Dragonborn?”


Dragons have the inborn ability to learn and project their Voice. Dragons also are able to absorb the power of the slain brethren.

A few mortals born are born with similar abilities — whether a gift or a curse has been a matter of debate down through the centuries.

What you have already learned in a few days took even the most gifted of us years to achieve.

Some believe that Dragonborn are sent into the world by the gods, at times of great need. We will speak more of that later, when you are ready.

Player Character

Why are Shouts in the dragon language?


Dragons have always been able to Shout. Language is intrinsic to their very being.

There is no difference in the dragon tongue between debating and fighting. Shouting comes as naturally to a dragon as breathing, or speaking.

In mythic times, when mortalkind was in great need, the goddess Kynareth granted us the ability to speak as dragons do.

For most people, long years of training are required to learn even the simplest Shout.

But for you, the dragon speech is in your blood, and you learn it almost without effort.

Player Character

There are only four of you?


Five. Our leader, Paarthurnax, lives alone on the peak of the Throat of the World.

When your Voice can open the path, you will know you are ready to speak to him.

Player Character

When can I meet your leader, Paarthurnax?


As I said, you will know you are ready when your Voice can open the path to him.

Player Character

Why don’t the others talk?


Their Voices are too powerful for anyone not trained in the Way to withstand. Even a whisper could kill you.

Player Character

Tell me more about the Greybeards


We study the Way of the Voice, according to the teachings of our founder,  Jurgen Windcaller.

Very few are permitted to study with us here at High Hrothgar.

But in your case, Dragonborn, it is a privilege to guide you towards mastery of your Voice.

Player Character

Who was Jurgen Windcaller?


He was a great war leader of the ancient Nords, a master of the Voice, or Tongue.

After the disaster at Red Mountain, where the Nord army was annihilated, he spent many years pondering the meaning of that terrible defeat.

He finally came to realize that the gods had punished the Nords for their arrogant and blasphemous misuse of the Voice.

He was the first to understand that the Voice should be used solely for the glory and worship of the gods, not the glory of men.

Jurgen Windcaller’s mastery of the Voice eventually overcame all opposition, and the Way of the Voice was born.

Player Character

What is the “Way of the Voice?”


The Voice was a gift of the goddess Kynareth, at the dawn of time. She gave mortals the ability to speak as dragons do.

Although this gift has often been misused, the only true use of the Voice is for the worship and glory of the gods.

True mastery of the Voice can only be achieved when your inner spirit is in harmony with your outward actions.

In the contemplation of the sky, Kynareth’s domain, and the practice of the Voice, we strive to achieve this balance.

Player Character

But I don’t follow your philosophy. Why help me learn the Voice?


The Dragonborn is an exception to all the rules – the Dragon Blood itself is a gift of the gods.

If we accept one gift, how can we deny the other? As Dragonborn, you have received the ability to Shout directly from Akatosh.

We therefore seek to guide you on the proper use of your gift, which transcends the restrictions which bind other mortals.

Player Character

(I depart High Hrothgar and jorney northwest towards Ustengrav. Bandits and necromancers guard the entrance but the dungeon is crawling with draugr. I descend deep into the tomb, learning the word FEIM on a word wall within. When I finally reach the sarcofogas of Jurgen Windcaller, however, I find that the Horn is missing. In the Horn’s place is a handwritten note)

Mysterious Note

Dragonborn —

I need to speak to you. Urgently.

Rent the attic room at the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood, and I’ll meet you.

— A friend

(Intrigued, I travel back to Riverwood and approach the innkeeper Delphine to rent the room mentioned in the note. She seems familiar…)

Player Character

I’d like to rent the attic room.


Attic room, eh? Well… we don’t have an attic room, but you can have the one on the left. Make yourself at home.

(I enter the room and close the door. A few moments later the door opens behind me)

So you’re the Dragonborn I’ve been hearing so much about.

I think you’re looking for this.

(Delphine gives me the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller. After meeting with Delphine, I return to High Hrothgar to deliver the Horn to Arngeir and the Greybeards.)


Ah! You’ve retrieved the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller.

Well done. You have now passed all the trials.

Come with me. It is time for us to recognize you formally as Dragonborn.

(I follow Arngeir into the entrance hall, where the other Greybeards are already waiting)

You are ready to learn the final word of Unrelenting Force, “Dah,” which means “Push.”

With all three words together, this Shout is much more powerful. Use it wisely.




Master Wulfgar will now gift you with his knowledge of “Dah.”

(Master Wulfgar bestows upon me his knowledge of DAH)

You have completed your training, Dragonborn. We would Speak to you.

Stand between us, and prepare yourself. Few can withstand the unbridled Voice of the Greybeards. But you are ready.

The Greybeards, together

Lingrah krosis saraan Strundu’ul, voth nid balaan klov praan nau

Haal Thu’umu, mu ofan nii nu, Dovahkiin, naal suleyk do Kaan, naal suleyk do Shor, ahrk naal suleyk do Atmorasewuth.

Meyz nu Ysmir, Dovahsebrom. Dahmaan daar rok.


Dovahkiin. You have tasted the Voice of the Greybeards, and passed through unscathed. High Hrothgar is open to you.

Player Character

(I approach Arngeir to ask a few questions)

What was that ceremony all about? Were you Shouting at me?


We spoke the traditional words of greeting to a Dragonborn who has accepted our guidance.

The same words were used to greet the young Talos, when he came to High Hrothgar, before he became the Emperor Tiber Septim.

Player Character

What did you actually say?


Ah. I sometimes forget you are not versed in the dragon tongue as we are. This is a rough translation:

“Long has the Stormcrown languished, with no worthy brow to sit upon.”

“By our breath we bestow it now to you in the name of Kyne, in the name of Shor, and in the name of Atmora of Old.”

“You are Ysmir now, the Dragon of the North, hearken to it.”

Player Character

I’d like to learn more about the Voice.


You have learned so much already, Dragonborn. Growing your gift too quickly would be dangerous.

But there are many Words of Power in Skyrim, carved in the Dragon tongue. Even from here, we can feel teh Thu’um resonate from them.

Finding these lost Words would be a sufficent test, to temper your abilities with experience. Ask when you are ready to search.

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