Tamrielic Languages

There are dozens of different languages spoken in Tamriel alongside the common "Tamrielic," which is translated by the game into whatever language the player speaks. Many of these languages are represented only by a handfull of words, or do not have enough material to reliably guess at translations. None the less, we've done our best to present you with official translations of a few different tongues.

  • The Dragon language, used by the Dragons (Dov) as well as by Nords who study the Way of the Voice (Thu'um).
  • Jel, the language of the Argonians of Black Marsh.
  • Kothri, the tongue of the Kothringi people of south-eastern Cyrodiil.
  • Riekling, belonging to the goblin-like inhabitants of Solstheim.
  • Ta'Agra, the Khajiit's native tongue.

All translations in this dictionary follow this format:

word — (part of speech) meaning.
Source: Where the translation is from.

beeko — (n.) friend.
Source: The Sharper Tongue

Official translations, given either by developers out of game or by characters in dialog or writing, are relied on whenever possible. Personal deduction is only used when a guess is very certain. When a translation is contradictory, or has something else of note, it's been highlighted red. Also red are words missing translations.

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