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This page contains content that is or was available on various official websites and social media pages of The Elder Scrolls games.

Elder Scrolls 10th Anniversary
- Includes a basic history of the franchise as well as the storylines and behind the scenes information on the first 5 games

Elder Scrolls Legends – Card Lore
- These mini articles were posted on the Elder Scrolls: Legends Asia facebook page in 2019 to promote the translation of the game

TESA: Redguard

Redguard: Characters
- Information found in the "Characters" section of the old Redguard website

Redguard: Story
- Overview of the game's story from the official website

TES3: Morrowind

Morrowind Codex: Armor
- Popular native and Imperial armors

Morrowind Codex: History
- Popular native and Imperial armors

Morrowind Codex: Ingredients
- Alchemical ingredients commonly found in Vvardenfell

Morrowind Codex: Weapons
- Popular native and Imperial weapons

Elder Scrolls Online

In addition to the one-off pages listed below, Elder Scrolls Online has several lengthy categories of articles that have been split off into their own sections.

Elder Scrolls Online: Lore Answers
- Questions and answers compiled from Elder Scrolls Online’s official knowledge base and Ask Us Anything article series.

Elder Scrolls Online: Introduction to the lore of the Elder Scrolls Online
- Overview of the main story and the background of each faction

Elder Scrolls Online: The Nameless Mage
- A contest to create the backstory for a character in Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online: These Are The Seven Wonders of Tamriel (IGN)
- Calls out some prominent locations in ESO: Tamriel Unlimited

Elder Scrolls Online: The Story of ESO
- Summary of the storyline of the base game

Crownstore Showcase

The Crown Store is Elder Scrolls Online's real world cash shop. Each item comes with a small description that clarifies how it fits into Elder Scrolls lore. These descriptions appear both in game and in articles on

Faction Introductions

These three texts were originally posted on the official website to introduce us to the three factions of the game from an in-world perspective.

Elder Scrolls Online: Faction Introductions
- Introductory page and elevator pitch for the danger of each faction from each other faction's perspective

Interactive Map Texts

These texts were originally found on the Elder Scrolls Online website's interactive map. The map was removed from the website around 2015, after regions not featured on this map were added to the game.

A Bosmeri Sleeping-song - A relaxing lullaby
A conversation with Orbath gro-Agdurz - There's necromancy happening on Betnikh... supposedly
Among the records of Commander Sethisa Dalvani of the Ebonheart Pact - A Pact commander's journal, documenting the fighting in Cyrodiil
Anomee-Ja, Moss-Weaver - Argonian clothier talks about their craft
Beela-Eeto, asked why he looks uncomfortable - Argonian soldier on Dunmeri armor
Bleakrock Watch Log, 12th First Seed - Cold and largely uneventful
By decree of the Wise and Powerful King Fahara’jad - Declares that all Daggerfall Covenant ships are under the protection of the Redguard king
Comments of Maxence, banker - Reflections on how the Three Banners War has affected trade
Comments of Nilmila Aravel, guar-herd - A Dunmer remarks on foreigners views of Morrowind
Conversation with Adibazzi, Trader - Bosmeri and Khajiiti trading cultures clash
Conversation with An-Meeus - An Argonian's view of architecture
Conversation with Antelas, Wood Elven scout - Bosmeri soldier doesn't want to go to war
Conversation with Olugush, Covenant soldier - An Orcish soldier on how others in the Covenant view him
Conversation with Shamunur - A Khajiit diplomat is discomforted by the meat focus of the Bosmer

Loremaster's Archive

The Loremaster's Archive are books on a topic related to the latest release, often written by a character who features in that release. Sometimes, these books show up in game as well. Often, the Archive's author also participates in a question and answer session with fans, which is documented in the next section.

A Loathsome Civilization - Describes the society of the Sload, including their necromancy and Daedric pacts
A Memory Book - Memories of various Barons Who Move Like --
A Trader’s Eye For Fashion - Clothier's primer for the savvy traveler
Cradle of Shadows - Describes a ruin where Mephala's realm has penetrated Mundus
From A Copy For The Archive - A discreet note between Thieves Guild members
From Argonian to Saxhleel - Vicecanon Heita-Meen explains how she rose to power and helped found the Ebonheart Pact
Glorious Upheavel - A religious tract about Boethiah
Inexplicable Patron: Mephala - Thoughts on Mephala from the famous Telvanni master wizard Divayth Fyr
Introduction to Aedric Studies - A syllabus for lectures on the nature of the Aedra
Mazzatun - Archeologist's description of this puzzling ruin
Messages from Hews Bane - Letters from members of the Hews Bane Thieves Guild
Messages from Hews Bane, Part 2 - An analysis of Prince Hubalajad and his maligned place in Hew's Bane history
Mysteries of the Mundus Stones - Lady Cinnabar presents her research on Mundus Stones
On the Nature of Reachmen - A former captive of the Reachmen provides a very negative view of their society
Re-Forging The Past - One smith's recollections about crafting his first Dwemer mace
Response To Citizen Inquiries - A response from an Aldmeri Dominion official to various questions and concerns
Songs of the Stars - Thoughts on the Constellations by the most experienced Star-Gazer
The Distributed Soul - Moth Priest beliefs about Souls and Ancestor Moths
The Slave Rebellion – Man’s Triumph - Imperial Chancellor writes Abnur Tharn about the Alessian uprising and his family's place in it
Thwarting the Daedra - Instructions on how a regular citizen can identify and eliminate a Daedric cult
Trail and Tide - A Moon Bishop's thoughts on his profession
Undaunted – A Life of Glory - There are those who choose to fight for honor and justice, some who bloody their swords for coin, and then there are … others. Others who crave danger, like this one. When brothers and sisters still mewed and cowered under mother's skirts, Turuk conquered the tallest shelf in the kitchen only to pounce on her […]
Unhallowed Legions - Academic classifications of different forms of undead
Who are the Wardens Truly? - Explores the relationship between the Wardens and the Bosmeri Spinners
Words and Power - How Enchanting works
Words and Power - Telenger the Artificer gives his two drakes on the topic of enchanting runestones
Y’ffre’s Beckoning - Thoughts on being the Green Lady, by the Lady herself
Zakhin’s Many Heroes - Tale of a little Redguard boy who dreams of heroics
Loremaster's Archive: Questions & Answers

Catalogues the question and answer sections of the Loremaster's Archive feature on Questions are asked by fans.

Meet the Character

Each page features an in-world text that introduces a major character from an upcoming release.

Meet the Character: Abnur Tharn - Powerful battlemage, cunning politician, member of the Five Companions, and your snarky ally
Meet the Character: Alchemy of the House of Reveries - A multi-talented up-and-coming performer
Meet the Character: Arana - Rebel Reachman witch who now hunts monsters
Meet the Character: Archcanon Tarvus - Uncompromising high priest of the Tribunal in Vvardenfell
Meet the Character: Ard Caddach - Indomitable ruler of Markarth
Meet the Character: Arkasis - Reclusive mad scientist
Meet the Character: Astara Caerellius - Matron of the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary at the Gold Coast
Meet the Character: Azandar al-Cybiades - Arcanist extraordinaire, brilliant theorist, and recruitable companion
Meet the Character: Bastian Hallix - Talented but somewhat unsure companion who can join you on your travels
Meet the Character: Breda - Officiant of the New Life Festival
Meet the Character: Captain Caudex - Experienced soldier trying to survive the Imperial City
Meet the Character: Captain Kaleen - Freebooter captain in the service of the Daggerfall Covenant
Meet the Character: Chevalier Renald - Leader of the Dragonguard of old
Meet the Character: Chief Bazrag - Chief of Fharun and rival to King Kurog
Meet the Character: Chief Inspector Rhanbiq - Leader of the Iron Wheel trying to eliminate the Thieves Guild in Hew's Bane
Meet the Character: Clivia Tharn - Empress Regent ruling over a Cyrodiil occupied by mortal rivals and Daedric forces alike
Meet the Character: Commander Varian - One of the Order of the Silver Dawn's most devoted soldiers
Meet the Character: Dhulef - A retired pirate turned mage
Meet the Character: Divayth Fyr - Famous and ancient Dunmeri mage
Meet the Character: Domihaus the Bloody-Horned - Minotaur chieftain threatening the Jerall Mountains
Meet the Character: Drake of Blades - A mysterious masked force for good in the Imperial City
Meet the Character: Druid Laurel - An inquisitive and headstrong druid from the Galen archipelago
Meet the Character: Eerika Skjoralmor - Capable warrior and daughter of the Jarl of Falkreath
Meet the Character: Ember - Spunky Khajiit companion that can join you on your adventures
Meet the Character: Eveli Sharp-Arrow (Blackwood) - Ambitious young Bosmer adventurer
Meet the Character: Eveli Sharp-Arrow (Wrothgar) - Ambitious young Bosmer adventurer
Meet the Character: Famia Mercius - Enthusiastic explorer currently in Murkmire
Meet the Character: Father Egnatius - A popular priest and scholar in the Imperial City
Meet the Character: Fennorian - Scholar and member of the vampiric House Ravenwatch
Meet the Character: Forge Mother Alga - King Kurog's mother and wise elder matron of the Orsinium court
Meet the Character: Governor Fortunata - Pirate governor of the Gold Coast
Meet the Character: Green-Venom-Tongue - Shadowscale and member of the Dark Brotherhood in the Gold Coast
Meet the Character: Hanu - Ashlander who wishes to enter Hircine's Hunting Grounds
Meet the Character: High King Svagrim - Fiercely independent king of Western Skyrim
Meet the Character: Isobel Veloise - Gifted aspiring knight and recruitable companion
Meet the Character: Jakarn - Adventurous rogue with a lust for booty of every kind
Meet the Character: Jaxsik-Orrn - Fierce warrior of the Dead-Water Naga
Meet the Character: Jorvuld Davaux - Scholar and academic with a focus on the Dragon Cult
Meet the Character: Khamira - Speaker to the Mane and secret princess of Elsweyr
Meet the Character: King Kurog - Warrior-king of the newly re-established state of Orsinium
Meet the Character: King Narilmor - Ancient Aylied king of Garlas Malatar
Meet the Character: Lady Arabelle - A larger-than-life adventurer
Meet the Character: Lady Belain - Chief advisor to Ard Caddach of Markarth
Meet the Character: Lady Thorn - Reclusive ancient vampire
Meet the Character: Leramil the Wise - Eccentric scholar in service to Hermaeus Mora
Meet the Character: Lucilla Caprenia - Battlemage-in-training at the Battlespire
Meet the Character: Lyranth - Prickly Dremora who often works with puny mortals
Meet the Character: Lyris Titanborn - Member of the Five Companions and steadfast daughter of Skyrim
Meet the Character: Madam Whim - Fargrave’s most infamous information broker
Meet the Character: Master Malkhest - The mortal librarian of the Endless Archive
Meet the Character: Mirri Elendis - Dunmer treasure hunter eager to join you on your adventures
Meet the Character: Mizzik Thunderboots - Private investigator and exceptionally snappy dresser
Meet the Character: Mother Ciannait - Powerful witch and master of the Icereach Coven
Meet the Character: Mulaamnir - A dragon allied with Euraxia Tharn in Elsweyr
Meet the Character: Naryu Virian - Sassy Morag Tong assassin
Meet the Character: Primate Artorius - Defacto of Kvatch and its cathedral of Akatosh
Meet the Character: Princess Svana - A Nordic princess looking to avoid her courtly duties
Meet the Character: Proctor Luciana - Fierce high-ranking Apostle of the Clockwork City
Meet the Character: Provost Varuni Arvel - A staunch believer in Sotha Sil and the Clockwork City
Meet the Character: Proxy Queen Alwinarwe - Regent of Summerset while Ayrenn is waging war
Meet the Character: Quen - A member of the Thieves Guild in Hew's Bane
Meet the Character: Razum-dar - Agent of Queen Ayrenn
Meet the Character: Sai Sahan - Captain of the Dragonguard, member of the Five Companions, and crusader against both Dragons and necromancers
Meet the Character: Selene - Shape-changing forest spirit
Meet the Character: Seryn - Ashlander warrior from Vvardenfell
Meet the Character: Sharp-as-Night - An aloof assassin who can join you on your journeys
Meet the Character: Shelaria - Guardian of the Unhallowed Grave
Meet the Character: Silver-Claw - A completely above-board merchant in Abah's Landing
Meet the Character: Sir Cadwell - A puzzling and preposterous soul shriven
Meet the Character: Sir Stefan Mornard - A noble knight with a Druid education
Meet the Character: Siravaen - Enigmatic Maormeri pirate
Meet the Character: Sister Celdina - High Priest of the Order of the Waking Flame
Meet the Character: Stibbons - Loyal and underappreciated manservant to adventurer Lady Clarisse Laurent
Meet the Character: Sun-in-Shadow - Telvanni slave with a talent for magic
Meet the Character: Tharayya - Treasure hunter specializing in Dwarven relics
Meet the Character: The Anchorite - A mysterious ally of the Fargrave underclass
Meet the Character: The Impresario - A merchant who exchanges stories for treasures
Meet the Character: Valsirenn of the Psijic Order - Dedicated and powerful member of the Psijic Order
Meet the Character: Xukas - One of Murkmire’s more enterprising locals
Meet the Character: Yisareh - A daring member of the Undaunted
Meet the Character: Zeira - Leader of the Thieves Guild in Hew's Bane
Meet the Character: Zumog Phoom - Necromancer and right-hand man to Euraxia Tharn
Meet the Character(s): The Ascendant Lord and Magus - Two mysterious leaders of the Ascendant Order
Meet the Character(s): The Elder Council - Exiled rulers of the Empire, currently residing in Leyawin
Meet the Character(s): Za’ji and Caska - Charismatic Khajiiti pirates turned Blades recruits
The Wolf of Solitude - Biography of King Svargrim of Western Skyrim

Smolder Scrolls Online

Short choose-your-own adventure style games to romance, befriend, or alienate popular Elder Scrolls Online characters. Released for Heart's Day (Valentines Day).

Smolder Scrolls Online
- Introductory page and thumbnail artwork

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