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Originally published 10/13/2021. Original article can be found here.

Learn about Madam Whim, Fargrave’s most infamous information broker and merchant, in our latest Deadlands Meet the Character!

Fargrave’s Most Influential Shop-Owner

A Report by Astia Hexos, from the House Hexos Records, 1E 1261

Esteemed elders of House Hexos. The economic implications of this newly discovered Oblivion realm known as Fargrave stagger the imagination. However, we are strangers here, unaware of the cultural subtext and necessary relationships that fuel trade through this Celestial Palanquin. For these reasons, I suggest we solicit the aid of a well-connected local. Someone with their thumb on the pulse of this planar crossroads. Someone who knows how business gets done across multiple realms of existence. Esteemed elders, allow me to introduce you to Madam Whim.

Madam Whim, a Dark Seducer, owns and operates the Fargravian landmark called the House of Whims. I’m not exactly certain what services this establishment offers, but it seems to deal in the proclivities of the city’s inhabitants, Daedra and mortal alike. Various Daedric assistants offer the strangest and most unusual diversions. That’s the best word I can think of to describe it, for her business appears to trade in concepts and ideas rather than tangible goods. But even that isn’t entirely accurate, for the Daedra I witnessed there certainly treated their transactions with the same care and delicacy that we would handle gold and trade goods.

This preamble aside, everyone I spoke to in Fargrave, from the lowliest Dremora varlet to the various mortals and all the way up to the most fearsome Dremora officers, they all referred to Madam Whim in hushed tones and with great reverence. And perhaps even a hint of fear. Everyone who was willing to offer me an opinion confirmed that, if you could meet her price, Madam Whim was the Fargravian to see if you need information, some hard-to-get item, or anything else of value across the realms of Oblivion. Now, when I asked about what she charges for such assistance, I never received a clear answer. I chalk that up to my limited understanding of the currencies used in Fargrave and assume all will become clear in good time.

Madam Whim obviously features prominently in Fargravian society. Every Daedra I interacted with knew of Madam Whim, spoke highly (if somewhat nervously) about her, and recommended her as a contact that House Hexos would require to successfully conduct business in the city. I was fortunate enough to acquire an audience with the grand Mazken (what the Dark Seducers refer to themselves as), and I must say the experience was extremely interesting. First, Madam Whim exudes charm and friendliness. She also radiates sensuality, but I assume that’s true of all Dark Seducers. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting any others in such intimate surroundings. I visited with Madam Whim on the upper floor of the House of Whims, in a private room I assume she uses for all of her interviews. She was cordial, fascinating, and somewhat intoxicating. She made me feel special. Like we were the only two people that mattered, at least during that all-too-brief encounter. Here is what I learned during our discussion.

When I inquired into what sort of business the House of Whims conducted, Madam Whim replied, “I trade in eccentricities and capriciousness. My establishment carries indulgences and vices from across the many realms of Oblivion. I buy and sell as impulse dictates, my darling.” I mentioned how I heard that Madam Whim knew all facets of handling business in Fargrave. That she knew where all the secrets were buried, as it were. “Someone said that about me?” she asked sweetly. “How kind. Yes, I deal in information. All sorts of information. And the House of Whims serves food, drinks, and amenities for every appetite. It’s what I specialize in.”

I explained that House Hexos was one of the leading trading houses in Tamriel and we were seeking to expand our operations to the newly discovered (from our point of view) realm of Fargrave. “The relatively easy access to portals that connect to different realms presents us with extremely lucrative opportunities as far as trade is concerned,” I said. Madam Whim nodded sagely before turning her liquid eyes upon me. It was like she was really looking at me for the first time. I wanted her to touch me, talk to me, whisper in my ear. It took every bit of willpower I possessed to keep my mind on the task at hand.

“I’m sure we can work something out, my darling,” she purred. “It would be nice to see a larger mortal presence in our fair city. Unlike my brother and sister Mazken, what you refer to as Dark Seducers, I prefer to use my charms to beguile and entice for knowledge and profit. I imagine you and your people can indulge me in both of those areas.”

In summation, Madam Whim has the connections and reputation we need to introduce House Hexos to the larger Fargravian community. Moreover, she’s willing to provide us with the help we need to establish our credentials, acquire office and warehouse space, and secure the permits and contracts necessary to move trade goods through Fargrave. Soon, we will have a robust network of planar trade routes to exploit. House Hexos will be famous across the realms as the merchants who can provide the most exotic goods and services. Just so long as we agree to meet Madam Whim’s price for her assistance. She assures me the cost will be well within our means to afford.

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