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Originally published 10/25/2022. Original article can be found here.

Sea Elves don’t often seek alliances with outsiders, but Captain Siravaen charts her own course. Discover more about the mysterious pirate in this Meet the Character.

Sir Stefan,

As you ordered, I searched the western shores of Galen for signs of Sea Elf activity. As we suspected, the Dreadsail pirates landed near the ruins of Castle Tonnere. They have built a stockade around the castle’s old wharves, and several warships are now moored there. This is no ordinary raid.

I observed the Dreadsails for a day, and then slipped away to return to Vastyr. But as I passed the old castle, I blundered into an ambush. My first warning was a sword at my breastbone, held by a tall Sea Elf woman who stepped out from behind a tree.

“You aren’t what I was waiting for,” she said with a menacing smile. “Who are you, and what are you doing here?”

“I’m a simple woodcutter,” I lied, adopting a fearful stammer—not that I needed to feign my fear. “Visbert of Glimmertarn. I was just returning home.”

“A woodcutter who forgot his axe,” the Sea Elf said. “And who doesn’t seem to know his way home. You’re not a very good woodcutter, are you?”

“He looks like one of the count’s spies to me,” another Sea Elf said from the shadows, speaking in a venomous whisper. “Silence him quick and we’ll hide the body, captain. Then you might still get your chance at your quarry.”

The Sea Elf holding her sword to my chest gave a small shrug. “Try again,” she told me. “Or we’ll go with my first mate’s plan. Choose your next words carefully.”

I was certain I was about to be run through, so I decided I would at least die with honor. “Sergeant Visbert of House Mornard,” I growled at her. “A scout. The count knows you Dreadsails are here. Tell your sealord that Galen’s our home, and we’ll fight for it.”

“Ah, some courage!” the Sea Elf replied with a mocking bow. “Captain Siravaen of the Gilded Blades. Formerly of the Dreadsails, but we chart our own course now. I don’t answer to the sealord and I have no quarrel with Count Mornard, sergeant.”

“Then what are you doing here?” I asked.

“Hunting … well, let’s just leave it at that,” Siravaen replied. “My quarry should be along soon to investigate rumors of treasure in these old ruins. The bastard will find me instead, since I made up the story as a lure. Now be on your way, Sergeant Visbert. Before you spoil my ambush.”

A third Sea Elf emerged from behind a boulder—a big fellow carrying a boarding axe. “But captain!” he protested. “He’ll tell the Bretons about the fleet!”

“So?” Captain Siravaen said. “The sergeant here says the Mornards will fight for the island. Good! That should keep the Dreadsails busy. Distracted. The longer they’re tangled up here, the more likely it is I’ll find my chance.”

“And the harder we’ll have to fight for our cut of plunder,” the first mate said in that sinister whisper of hers. She was a vicious one.

“The quarry first,” Captain Siravaen said firmly. “We’ll find better pickings elsewhere, anyway. I honestly don’t understand what the Dreadsails think they’re going to find on Galen.” She looked back to me and frowned. “Why are you still here?”

I took that as my dismissal and hurried away, half-expecting an arrow in the back. But Captain Siravaen was good to her word and let me go. I have no idea why this Sea Elf and her crew had turned against the Dreadsails or who exactly she was hunting, but I’ll tell you this, Sir Stefan: Captain Siravaen isn’t like any other Sea Elf I’ve spied upon or battled in all my years of service to House Mornard. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her.

Sergeant Visbert

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