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This page groups transcripts from smaller Elder Scrolls titles. That doesn’t make them any worse, there’s just less info to them, so it makes sense to put them all on one page.

Elder Scrolls Travels: Stormhold

Stormhold was released in August 2003 on supported mobile phones. The specific amount of dungeons you had to complete depended on the phone version you had.

TEST Stormhold Transcript - Escape the notorious Stormhold prison

Elder Scrolls Travels: Dawnstar

Dawnstar was released in August 2004 on supported mobile phones.

TEST Dawnstar Transcript - Discover who has betrayed the town of Dawnstar and save it from the Ice Tribes

Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey

Shadowkey was released in November 2004 for the NGage.

TEST Shadowkey: Azra’s Crossing - Helping the villagers of Azra's Crossing and finds a shadowmage in hiding
TEST Shadowkey: Ghast’s Pass - The player helps those in need and encounters Pergan Asuul for the first time
TEST Shadowkey: Snowline - Clearing goblin caverns and a stronghold, the player encounters Pergan Asuul
TEST Shadowkey: Dragonfield - The player defeats three groups of bandits to gain entrance to Dragonstar
TEST Shadowkey: Dragonstar City - Old friends and new guilds in the divided Dragonstar
TEST Shadowkey: Loth’Na Caverns - Clearing the caverns and putting some souls to rest
TEST Shadowkey: Glacier Crawl - Finding the last Shadow Key
TEST Shadowkey: Crypt of Hearts - Defeating Pergan Asuul and the Umbra'Keth

Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion Mobile

Oblivion Mobile was released in 2006 for mobile phones, and loosely mirrored the storyline of the TES4 Oblivion.

The player is referred to as “Champion” in this transcript.

TEST Oblivion Mobile Transcript - A prisoner saves Cyrodiil from the invasion of Mehrunes Dagon

Fallout Shelter/Blades Crossover

This one’s a weird one. In the Chinese version of Fallout Shelter, you can recruit and do small missions with characters from Elder Scrolls Blades. Although these aren’t “canon” to the mainline universe, they’re a fun look at how the universe can be adapted. All text was given to us directly by the developers.

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