The Improved Emperor’s Guide to Tamriel

This book shipped with the Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition. It is the draft of a new version of the Emperor’s Guide written by Imperial scholar Flaccus Terentius, interspersed with concept art, excerpts of other books (including the previous version of the Emperor’s Guide), and Flaccus’ notes on the books and art. Flaccus’ notes appear in [bracketed red text].

This book is illustrated with a combination of publicly available images (load screens, wallpapers, concept art) and scans from the book. The scans are exclusively licensed to the Imperial Library by Zenimax Online, and may not be republished elsewhere without Zenimax Online’s explicit written permission.

The [Improved] Emperor’s Guide  to


Being a description in both art and prose of the Provinces of Tamriel — 
their people, customs, features of their histories, and other pertinent matter

Promulgated under the Authority of Chancellor Abnur Tharn and the Imperial Geographic Society

Dedicated to Honoria Lucasta

You played your lute and sang laments
On Rain’s Hand I gave my intent

Bewitching me with blue eyes
Our love soars across the skies

Amid the lavender and flowers
Mara’s glow and warmth are ours
You have the rosiest of cheeks
I’ll miss them most in the coming weeks

Our Houses are now intertwined
The marriage parchment to be signed

A Bravil noble and a fertile wife?
I pledge to you my fealty and life

More divine than all the eight
Soon to return: I pledge you wait?

[Dibella wept, if this sappy triteness won’t cause Honoria to flee willingly into another suitor’s arms. Torch this dedication and begin anew.]

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