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This section features collaborations between fans and developers that have helped to shape the Elder Scrolls lore and the community surrounding it.

To be included in the Community Archives, a project must meet at least 3 of these criteria:

  • Collaboration – it must be a joint creation between fans and representatives (current or former) of Bethesda Game Studios or Zenimax Online, or a fan project officially sanctioned and approved by Zenimax.
  • Notability – it must have made an impact on published lore or a significant impact the discussion of lore, or must summarize such an impact.
  • Completion – it must be readable as a self contained text or collection of texts, rather than an ongoing or open ended project. 
  • Accessibility – the text must be difficult to access elsewhere, in danger of being lost, or presented in a medium that is otherwise inaccessible.

Critical Role D&D Campaign - A Dungeons & Dragons Lets Play by Critical Role, set in Tamriel during the 2nd Era
Loranna’s RP - A forum roleplay that featured some of the mid aughts most active lore forum members, as well as the former developer Ted Peterson
Make your own Smolder Scrolls - For Heart’s Day 2020 and 2021, the Elder Scrolls Online team released “Smolder Scrolls Online,” a collection of romantic adventures in the visual novel format. They were a fun celebration of shipping culture, and I saw a lot of people wishing for the ability to romance their favorite characters. Now, with a little bit of […]
Morrowind Advanced (TES3 Mod) - Quickly Scrawled Note [This letter was scrawled quickly from the appearance of the handwriting.] Notice to Ashland Imperial Keep Captain Dorn A large force of undead has been spotted to the NE of the Ashland Imperial Keep. The force is headed directly into the direction of the Keep and they do not appear to stop […]
Pocket Guide to the Empire, Second Edition - A heretical guide to Tamriel, penned by Michael Kirkbride alongside community members of Temple Zero
Thread Archive: Wulf = Talos? (09/03/05) - an interesting thread about Wulf, as well as the nature of Talos' divinity

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