Loranna’s RP

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This section holds the surviving fragments of a series of roleplays held on the official Elder Scrolls forums that started September 16, 2004 and was ongoing until early 2007. The RP spun out of The Trial of Vivec and followed a group of adventurers, including the titular Loranna, as they did everything from dealing with Sheogorath to battling the King of Worms himself. While this section (and these roleplays) are generally titled after Loranna, hers are not the only threads preserved here.

Many concepts that where introduced in this RP eventually found their way into the PGE 3rd Edition, as well as books and rumors inside TESIV: Oblivion which were penned by Peterson. These included Helseth marrying a Dres noblewoman, Helseth banning slavery in Morrowind, and the root worms of Black Marsh.

Each part of the roleplay centered around a specific event and lasted for several threads (in those days, threads were closed when they reached 200 posts). The threads are available as html files.

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