Loranna’s RP, Part 14: 2nd Year Anniversary

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This roleplay was meant to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the original beginning of Loranna’s RR. Sadly, the five threads that this RP took place over where not saved. The only thing preserved was the opening post, reproduced below. If by some chance you have an archived copy of these threads please contact the Librarians.

On the weekend of September 15 to September 18 2006, we were celebrating the Two-Year Anniversary of Loranna’s RP, time to look back, share memories and have fun in a huge party where everyone is invited!

Please note though that this special event is intended for celebration, merriment and madness and thus, many events should only be considered semi-continual in relation to the current plotline of From the Ashes.

Now though, let’s have a party!

There was once a woman with the most lovely silver hair
Who sat in judgement of the Lord of the Middle Air.

Well, I had to say,
She took my breath away,
So I set upon the Golden Road, and oh what I found there!

Through the years, looking back, we’ve all come a long way
From the rough but lively crowd that we all were, that day.

Now, my friends most fair,
Strike up a lively air,

Because through thick and thin, we’ve managed to stay, and we’re not going away, and there ought to be something in this line about fanservice but I couldn’t get it to scan so what the hey …

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