Loranna’s RP, Part 1: Hearthfire Ball

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This part of the roleplay began on September 16th, 2004, in a thread titled “Hearthfire Ball,” with the following post from Loranna:

Hi all,

I had an idea for a Role Playing thread for the Lore forum, one which seemed apporpriate for celebrating both our move to the new forums and the upcoming news of ES IV: Oblivion. For such joyous occasions, a lighthearted social event is in order, so … let’s have a ball!

The background for the event goes thus:

Your character has recieved an interesting missive recently, cordially inviting you to attend the Hearthfire Ball being held in the Imperial City. Your host, the minor nobleman Darius Practus, promises an evening of popular and refined music, dancing in several styles, a sumptous dinner accompied by entertainment to aid the digestion, and of course a chance to meet with men and women of good breeding and scholarly inclination from all over Tamriel. Darius Practus hopes that you will find both the merry entertainments of the ball and the stimulating conversation to be had with your fellow guests to be as promising as does he himself, and he eagerly awaits your RSVP.

As intriguing as all that sounds, however, Darius’s measured handwriting and polite tone cannot match the spectacle of the ever-winding and seemingly undulating squigglies all around the invitation’s border, which suggest many possible shapes but never seem to actually form any one. Nor can Darius’s words quite match the short poem written on the back in what appears to be … cake frosting.

There once was a goddess most fair
Who said ‘Sweet Golden Man, take me There!
Mortals make merry,
Drink port and sherry!
My own shadowrealm does not compare!

‘My Darling Sister’, replied me,
‘You know I could not refuse thee.
Soft forms we shall bear
So that we don’t scare.
Let us dance for the chance to be so lovely, that I scarce know where to find me …


Hmm, that should be enough background, I think 😉 For those who are interested, please leave a post with your character’s name and a brief physical description. Playing multiple characters is all right if you like, though I ask you not go overboard and bring a cast of thousands 😄 Previously-created characters are as welcome as new creations.

I’ll be running most of the NPCs at the ball, as well as the guards who are kept out of sight until needed to help those poor souls who had a bit too much wine find some fresh air outside, if you know what I mean This is meant to be a fun thread, so there ought not to be much by the way of blood, viscera, or undying hatreds that crush kingdoms, I hope.

If you have any further questions, just ask; I’ll get things started by posting the name and description of my main character for this ball.

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