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Hearthfire Ball

Who would bet with me not expecting a cheat?
To play the game fairly is the worst kind of deceit.
You wish to dance 'til the floor burns with white heat.
Your last waltz with Vivec, he stepped on your feet."
- Sheogorath
One need not to guess who wrote these words, and in light of these words, the events of the Hearthfire Ball should be regarded. Darius Practus, an imperial nobleman, invited all kinds of folk to dancing and merrymaking. It seemed, with the term "all kinds of folk", he was a bit too careless. The ball, while it began pleasantly with food and drink, attracted the attention of two most formidable dancers, Sheogorath and Azura, confined in the body of Loranna, a nordic barmaid.
Confusion led to madness and madness to Sheogorath's merry laughter and amusement.
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