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Morrowind Moonlight

The problem of the restless ghosts persisted, though. While many worked on finding this solution, the ghosts spread over Tamriel and began to affect Ald Raathim as well. Dres Raithmat, former Lord of Ald Raathim, and cruel in his reign, threatened to purge his city from the benevolent reign of Loranna, if Loranna did not find his true heir and gave him the district to rule.
A long search took place and many new friends were found, until, at last, light was shed on the history of Raithmat and Seres, his lost son. Loranna struck a deal with Seres and thus Seres confirmed Loranna in her office. Raithmat was outraged and it came to battle in the catacombs of Ald Raathim. In a joint effort of Loranna and her friends, the evil spirit was finally banished.
In the meantime, Loranna kept up her duty as mistress of Ald Raathim, and forged bonds of friendship with Queen Mother Barenziah of Morrowind, thus, gaining recognition among House Dres and the royal court. With the support of the throne of Morrowind, Ald Raathim gained a considerable boost in power, recognition and wealth.
However, the ghosts still haunted Tamriel, and things grew worse. Allerleirauh had taken steps to prepare a solution and retreated to a secret location called True Solunastra. From there, she sent letters of advice to Loranna and her friends, and so, grand efforts were taken to rid Tamriel of the ghost problem.
Truly, the events would prove to end up to be cataclysmic. The instant Tris had saved Ciel in the Vaults of Gemin, the realm of Arkay, God of Life and Death, was damaged, and the damage spread, threatening to dissolve the fabric of the Mundus itself.
Many hands of heroes were needed, Arynel in finding a path, Solin, in finding a way to restore what was, Nalion in finding what had to be saved and, most importantly, Eight who would leave Mundus and travel through the Spheres of the Gods. All heroes who wanted to become one of the Eight would participate in training, for the voyage through the spheres was a hard and dangerous one. During one of these trainings, reality shattered for a brief moment, a glimpse of more horrible things that would happen soon. And horrible they truly were. Reality shifted again, and this time, it reverted to a reality, where Azura was not defeated at Hogithum, and the Azurites threatened to take over all Tamriel. The heroes barely managed to flee to the tavern, and there it was where they were sent on their voyage through a gate and bridge of blades Arynel created, bearing the Mythopoeic Tome found by Nalion and containing the story of the heroes.
What followed was epic, breathtaking, dangerous and terrifying. While the Eight in the spheres made their way through the realms of Akatosh, Kynareth, Dibella, Julianos, Mara, Arkay, Stendarr and Zenithar and finally reached the Antechamber of Souls where they prepared for their final battle, the situation on Mundus was grim.
The Azurites threatened to take over the Imperial City in Cyrodiil and kill the Emperor. If that would happen, all the miracles the Eight in the spheres could work would be in vain as well. And so, at the same time, two battles were fought, one for the Emperor and the Imperial City, and one on the Plane of Conflict.
The Eight had to challenge a group of eight powerful warriors known as the Source of All Sorrows to reach the final gate to True Solunastra and their goal in this mission. After a terrifying battle, they finally won, and the final preparations to restore the world could begin.
Meanwhile, on Mundus, the brave forces of Cyndarius and the remaining heroes fought at the palace steps, hoping they would not be too late to save the Emperor, as the battle grew fiercer and fiercer, and reality finally began to break apart.
Just as they entered the throne room, the Eight, with Solin and Arynel wielding powerful magic, managed to restore the world, heal the realm of Arkay and set right what was wrong.
It was a time to rejoice then, and to recover, both in mind, body and heart.
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