TES Adventures: Redguard Books

This page lists all of the books included in The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard. Original images are included alongside their transcripts.

Histories & Biographies

Book of Dwarven Lore - This is an excerpt of a supposedly lengthy book of Dwemer lore Unfortunately, the text is too small to read
Elven Artifacts - Another excerpt of a big lore book This part talks about the Flask of Lillandril
Redguards, Their Heroes and History - An excerpt about Hunding containing a picture of Leki, taken from a history book of the Redguards
The Origin of Cyrus! - A comic that tells the origin of Cyrus and Iszara, and why they've got bad blood


Ffoulkes’ Firmament - An excerpt of a book about stars and constellations
Flora of Hammerfell - A book about common Hammerfell flora Again, this is just an excerpt

Songs & Poems

Crendal the Town Drunk’s Drunken Song - Transcription of a song about sailors


Restless League Insignia - Logo for a political pirate group
Richton’s Palace Expansion Schematic - Lord Amiel Richton's Palace renovation plans Supposedly to support the newly acquired Dwemer Dirigible
The Flask of Lillandril Maps - A map drawn by Maiko the Stros M'Kai Cartographer
Wanted: Cyrus - A wanted poster for our hero

Announcements & Warnings

Keep Out - No one may enter, by order of the governor

Journals & Letters

Brother Kithral’s Journal - Journal of ill-fated Priest
Iszara’s Journal - The final part of Iszara's Journal
Tobias’ Letter - The letter that brought the prodigal son of Hammerfell home

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