Iszara’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Iszara


First Seed 26.CE 864

This will be my last entry, as I’m taking leave of this maddening torpor: the time to act is at hand! Basil and the rest of his lazy wolves are content to mourn our Prince and hide in shadows, even while we have the very thing the Governor fears most!

For months my love has lain in amber while the Empire firms its hold. Hammerfell will be lost forever if Prince A’tor is not restored.

I am decided:if the League can’t shake its slumber, then I will steal the soulgem as they sleep! By morning I’ll be in Stros M’Kai where there are others who might give me the help I need.


The gypsy woman told me you would come to Stros M’Kai. I laughed in her face of course, but I leave this warning if only for respect of one’s elders. If the blood lock is opened then I know it is you, and ask you to please heed the next:

Leave me my dilemma and go back to whatever road you love best these days.

You’ve had ample practise.

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