Redguards, Their Heroes and History

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Librarian Note:

In game, the book is described as, “It talks of Redguard origins and their great heroes, including Hunding, who, with his 5 magical swords drove the goblins from Hammerfell, and Leki, the saint of the spirit sword.”

J’ffer, if asked, says the following,”Your taste runs to the patriotic. A tale to stir the blood and fire the soul of any true Redguard, although our esteemed Governor might not agree. J’ffer asks but 20 gold.”


Fig 15 Hunding (p17)

[…] beginning of recorded time in High Desert and were craftsmen and mystics. His grandfather was a retainer of Mansel Sesnit, the Elden Yokudan, and led many of the battles of unification prior to Sesnit’s assassination. When he was 14, Hunding’s father died in one of the regions’ many insurrections, and he was left to support his mother and four brothers. His prowess[…]

Fig 16 Leki (p21)

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