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Brother Kithral's Journal

Brother Kithral


I can taste the poison in my mouth - a yellow fog in the chest that clogs the vital passages. The gash in my side weeps fast - which will kill me first - wound or toxin?

Damn her impatience! And damn my pride to think I might find the ring in this nefarious darkness on my own. But she missed the rendezvous & I fear we are running out of time. With the Archmage's ring we are one step closer to restoring the Crowns to power. I am sure his body is here. Some trick of the undercurrent in the wake of the battle. The spider's milk is deep. Iszara I pray nothing has happened to you. I hear the goblins behind the door. Ubula Ubula Ubula they come for me. I have failed you my love. The ring is nowhere nearer. You must hurry.

The League is closing in. The Empire is closing in. The Darkness is closing

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