LGBTQ+ in Tamriel

This page contains a list of references to, and appearances of, people who are not cisgender and/or not heterosexual in Elder Scrolls games and lore.

Please note that characters who are not on this list may still be LGBTQ+ — this list isn’t supposed to be a detailing of everyone’s sexuality or gender identity (most people in TES never mention either), but rather a collection of specific textual references to LGBTQ+ individuals. Neither does being on this list imply that the character is a good representation or a role model. This is merely a list of sources — the analysis remains up to you. 


The Jokes book qips about homosexuality in the Khajiiti navy.

It is possible for NPCs to have same-sex spouses due to random quest generation. 

Lord Kilbar has a female-presenting world avatar and a male-presenting portrait. 

Worshipers of Azura are her lovers regardless of gender.


Dark Seducers Jaciel Morgen and Deyanira Katrece are in a same-sex relationship. 


Morrowind lore indicates that Argonians are sexless at birth, with their sex being determined by how often they lick the Hist tree. This means that they can (and do) transition between sexes and genders throughout their lives. Game descriptions reference a male and female “life phase.” This is further explored in Elder Scrolls Online (see below).

Vivec is an intersex (in both his mortal and divine versions), genderfluid, pansexual God.

Crassius Curio hits on characters of any gender.

The Buoyant Armigers were originally intended to be all male, and all Vivec’s lovers.


Ahzirr Trajijazaeri encourages the reader to “find a wanton lass or a frisky lad, or several, in whatever combination your wise loins direct.”

City-Swimmer, an Argonian in Bravil, is referred to by others with she/her pronouns, marked female in the editor, and uses a female voice actress. City-Swimmer however uses the pronoun “he” for himself as part of his greeting, leading some to believe that he is transgender. 

Deetsan is marked female in the editor and uses a female voice, but everyone in Cheydinhal refers to him with he/him pronouns.

Dumag Gro-Bonk in Shivering Isles flirts with male characters.

Mach-Na is marked female in the editor and uses a female voice, but everyone in Bravil refers to him with he/him pronouns.

Pelinal is implied to be homosexual, though the reference was cut in the final text.

Viranus Donton and Eduard Hodge were in a relationship.


Bjorrnolf and Hrodulf (from the Dragonborn expansion) were in a relationship.

Ilas-Tei, while marked male in the editor, is refered to in cut dialog with she/her pronouns.

The player and Serana can flirt with each other regardless of gender.

The player character is free to marry anyone regardless of gender, and no comments are made about same-sex marriages. 

Elder Scrolls Online

When asked about same-sex relationships as part of a Loremasters Archive, Sibyl Augustine Viliane answers thusly:

The heart seeks what it desires… regardless of the chest it beats within. If your affection is pure and untainted by coercion, it is blessed in the eyes of Dibella. For has she not said, ‘No matter the seed, if the shoot is nurtured with love, will not the flower be beautiful?’

Artorius Ponticus, Bishop of the Temple of Akatosh, says a similar thing:

Mother Mara loves all her children regardless of form. She cherishes their souls, not their bodies, and it is the souls that are united when two mortals take the Pledge of Mara.

According to Viliane, the Eight Divines are similarly accepting of poly relationships:

…the Passion Dancer bids us remember that quality of love is of the essence, not quantity. If the dance transports us, what matter the number of dancers?

Ernirus Cine and Therich Rorielle are husbands. Ernirus also provides an example of potential homophobia (though he does not specify that people did not approve of the homosexual aspect of their relationship, as opposed to something else):

“Therich and I grew up in Daggerfall, but people there weren’t very tolerant of our relationship. We moved here five years ago and instantly felt accepted. Funny how the smallest minds are found in the biggest cities, isn’t it?”

Alchemy is a trans woman. She remarks that she is not unique in the Summerset, saying:

“I’m not even the first member [of the House of Reveries] to change my gender. …Some, such as myself, changed through magical means. Others use mundane methods, such as wrapping their chests or changing their voice. It’s all a matter of preference…. [I’ve met many who share my experiences] Not just here, but across all of Summerset. It’s a personal matter to some, and not everyone is comfortable talking about it or educating others. But I’ve met many wonderful souls who’ve transitioned.” 

As explained by Chal-Maht (and further illustrated by Kud-Nakal), transitioning between sexes and genders is common for Argonians. This is further confirmed by the book A Grand Transformation.

Allegro and Adagio are married.

Amil the Deft flirts with the player regardless of gender.

Arlie Edrald is in love with both her male suitor, Fredrick, and her female maid, Dulkhi. One possible ending to the quest implies that they will have a polyamorous relationship. 

Azelbar and Zayhba are in a relationship and have multiple children.

Bameli the Pure prefers “sheaths” over “swords.”

Berrice Notte, a historian, briefly mentions the romance of Bogdur the Nord and Bulzog the Orc, engraved on an ancient pendant.

Captain Linwen and Faenir are married to each other.

Captain Rana and Sergeant Seyne are speculated to be in a relationship. 

Deechee-Noo appears to be dating (or sleeping with) Nednor, Rasna, and Telarnel. It’s unclear if they are aware of each other.

Draven Leonciele and Renoit Leonciele are husbands.

Eepa Snow-Hair and Berta Fairskin are in a relationship.

Emile Oncent and Haladan were in a relationship.

According to her brother, Euraxia Tharn could “never resist a pretty face” like the player’s, regardless of their gender.

Flicks-His-Tongue flirts with the player regardless of gender.

Freiwen and Maxten Favrete were in a relationship.

Goveled Herendas flirts with the Vestige regardless of gender.

Hadrill Diina is married to another woman.

Hailibah appears to have a crush on Varuni Arvel.

Hartmin and Mirilir are married to each other.

Helfana is marked as male in the data but is wearing a dress. Due to his lack of dialog, however, it is impossible to determine whether he is trans or just likes the outfit.

Irrki is infatuated with Davilia Ralas, who seems to be at least open to exploring a potential relationship.

Jakarn flirts with the player regardless of gender.

Kasa-jeen and Honei are in a relationship.

Little Leaf appears to be in love with Regent Cassipia, though it is unclear whether Cassipia returns her affections. 

Lupius flirts with the player regardless of gender.

Magreta and Nelfthea were in a relationship.

Makes-Many-Waves and Sendrasa Llarys in Freedom’s Price are in a relationship. 

Majoll lusts after Jakarn, though the latter doesn’t seem to return his affections.

Melleron and Tarazur are in a relationship.

During the Family Reunion quest, Naryu Virian tells the player a sexual fantasy about a “lusty Argonian maiden.” She also flirts with Vestiges of any gender.

Nicolene appears enraptured with Captain Kaleen, though it’s unclear whether it’s romantic or just really strong admiration.

According to lumberjack hiring Orbinor, his business partner Nullini recently became engaged to a woman.

Orutha and Ufgel may be in a relationship.

Pehrash “likes to watch half-naked men dance.”

The gender of the Silvenar depends on the predominant gender of the Bosmeri people, but the Green Lady is always a woman. Regardless of the Silvenar’s gender, the two of them are always married.

Sind and Tand are married to each other.

Shaldagan and Razasha are in a relationship.

Snaehild uses a male body mesh in game, but wears a dress, is referred to with female pronouns, is marked female in the data files, and is called a “bearded lady” by the leader of the performer’s troupe. It is unclear whether she is trans or if the male body mesh is used solely to be able to give her a beard.

Thahiri has a crush on Tilwen’s Investigator Vale.

Tirlarnar Frozenfox and Stodrir Frozenfox are married.

This Thieves’ Guild quest lets you choose either a male or female date to a noble wedding, regardless of the gender of your character. 

Varona Beloren is married to Overseer Shiralas.

Velsa and Narahni used to be in a relationship. The player can help reconnect them.

Zara flirts with a female Vestige.

The Et’Ada

Et’Ada is a blanket term used to describe primordial divine beings who existed prior to the creation of the mortal plane, including the Eight Divines and the Daedra. While these gods likely do not identify as any gender or sexuality, they present or are perceived in ways that align with these human terms. This section includes depictions of gods that do not fit a cisheteronormative paradigm.

The Daedric prince Boethiah presents as both masculine and feminine throughout the series.

Mephala is called “Androgyne” and depicted as intersex in Tribunal temple iconography. 

According to one ancient Khajiiti myth, Mephala (Mafala) and female presenting Boethiah (Boethra) were mates.

In the novel Lord of Souls, Malacath appears to a character as a beautiful elven maiden.

Molag Bal is called a “princess” in Invocations of Azura. (The Daggerfall version of this text calls Bal a “prince” as usual).

The Redguard goddess Tava, traditionally depicted as female, is referred to with he/him pronouns in The Worthy Az-Azal. The Elder Scrolls Online version of Varieties of Faith also refers to Khenarthi, traditionally depicted as female, with he/him pronouns. Both Tava and Khenarthi are analogous to the Imperial Kynareth.

Y’ffre is traditionally depicted as male, but in the Bosmeri Ooze: A Fable is referred to with she/her pronouns.

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