Ffoulkes’ Firmament

Released In:
Author (in-game): Ffoulke

In game, this book is described as follows: “It says here that the stars ofTamrielare divided into thirteen constellations. Three of them are the major constellations, the guardians, which protect the minor ones, their charges, from the thirteenth constellation, which is the Serpent. Each guardian has three charges a piece, and are only on guard during their particular season. The current season is presided over by the Warrior.”

J’ffer has this to say about it: “Less ambitious than Yoonkarl’s published studies, and less concerned with comparative astrology. Though a decidedly human take on the stars of Tamriel, Ffoulke’s Firmament is not withoutit’s own virtue. J’ffer can part with it, then, for 36 gold.”

In addition to this version, which appeared in Redguard, there is also a more complete version that appeared in later games.


Active from Sun’s Height to Hearth Fire

The Warrior is a Guardian Constellation, and thus protects his Charges from the Serpent during his Season. His Charges are the Lady, the Steed, and the Lord, Minor Constellations which share his Quadrant of the Heavens.

The Serpent threatens Different Charges during Different Seasons, and the Warrior’s Very Aspect will Change according to the Times. If, for Example, His Lady is being threatened the Warrior will seem as if he is looking to His Left, Eyes blazing towards that Part of the Sky wherein she resides. Thus, to find the Serpent during the Warrior’s Season, look to where he looks, for that is where the Coiled Beast is Active.

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