Loranna’s RP, Part 10: Hearthfire Heartfires

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This part of the roleplay began on September 3rd, 2005, with a post by Loranna in a thread titled “Hearthfire Heartfires.” The majority of the thread was the roleplay overview first posted in The Blue Dawn, but there were also a couple special sentences to introduce the new plot:

In the city of Daggerfall, the heroic Lord Landon is about to be wed to the woman of his dreams, the Lady Lyssia Biennie. All of Daggerfall and many more from beyond are invited, and the celebration is expected to be noteworthy among noteworthy celebrations.

Dres Loranna Pyrel, having recently helped save the world from the Blue Twilight, is in Daggerfall to attend the wedding, looking forward to a less stressful event for once

Events Summary

And a recovery of the heart it truly was meant to be. Lyssia and Landon, two nobles of Daggerfall were to be married, and many heroes were invited to share their joy. However, the joyous events were overshadowed by a murder. Selvia, a jealous relative of Lyssia, sought to disturb the wedding and kidnapped her, seeking refuge in the deserts of Hammerfell. The heroes followed in close pursuit and managed to free the bride, but Selvia escaped. The relationships between the heroes intensified as well. Goranthir, a newly joined hero and son of Morgiah and Reman of Firsthold, fell in love with Allerleirauh. Together with Tris, they traveled to a mask ball in Firsthold, to talk to Morgiah and inquire about a deal she made years ago with Mannimarco, the King of Worms. It was revealed that Mannimarco had marked Goranthir as his and would claim him when the time was right. In Daggerfall, Laurent Lyonswurst, an “advisor” to the Queen, was discovered by Mirea, Tris and Herwyn Brand to have been possessed by a demon of Sanguine. During this, Mirea fell in love with Quill, a circus owner. Maranda, sister of Lyssia, fell in love with a priestess of Dibella and joined the Order of the Lily. Anya and Shaka also found a liking for each other, though both, physical and mental barriers kept them apart… yet. Nalion grew fond of Doll of Solunastra and after some turmoils, they found together.

During all this, there was peace in the land, and Ald Raathim prospered more and more. New trade routes were opened, an Arena was built, new taverns were constructed, among them the Nymph and Noggin led by Isidor and Kethiah, who, after some struggles as well, discovered their love for each other. Ald Raathim also had a new and greater harbour and outlying forts, making it an important trade city and a military power to be recognized.

The days were pleasant, but already, darker clouds could be seen on the horizon.

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