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Come to your Senses

After the Trail of Frozen Tears, many heroes left the group for a while, only to receive a message from a person who called himself "the Speaker" and meet again at the "Cave of the Dog" somewhere on the Morrowind Mainland. Many other folks had received the message as well, and so it came that Arynel, Mirea, Reichi, Erenius, Nalion, Sekka - a Dunmer with multiple personalities and a dog named Dumac at his side - and others joined up with new faces like Melampus and Jahar to explore this cave.
The "Cave of the Dog" proved to be a rather extensive network of tunnels and caves, through which the Speaker led the party by riddles and tasks that were designed to tickle the companions' senses.
Keys had to be found to open doors and riddles to be solved to open the next section of the cave. After one of these adventures, some of the party's members were awarded a Dagger of Senses by the Speaker, however, only Reichi and Nalion are still reported to be in the possession of one.
As the party explored the cave further, illusions came into play, confusing the eye so that the companions had to utilize other senses to advance. The events culminate in a surreal battle in an illusionary town, and after the illusion was broken, it is revealed that the Speaker is in truth Sekka's dog Dumac, who is able to talk and regained his voice by the riddles he posed the party.
Meanwhile, in other parts of Tamriel, the wheel whirled as well. Loranna was imprisoned, but the threads of fate again were drawn towards her.
Allerleirauh wove the miraculous Cloak of the Firmament and presented it to Arynel and this artifact should prove to be a saviour in many occasions.
Arynel himself taught Solin the secrets of the Void and Solin began to study the secrets of the Clockwork City, gaining knowledge that would prove to be critical in the events to come.
Soon after the companions left the "Cave of the Dog", the events of the Evening Star Parade would begin and it would be proven that the Arena very well deserves its name.
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