Loranna’s RP, Part 2: The Noble Seamstress Tavern

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This part of the roleplay began on October 14th, 2004, in a thread titled u0022Ye Olde Merry Taverne,u0022 again kicked off by a post from Loranna. u0022Noble Seamstressu0022 is a reference to the official forums, whose sensor changed the word u0022bitchu0022 to instead say u0022noble seamstressu0022.nnThe numbering of the threads is a little off: parts 3 and 4 never existed. Part 2 is unfortunately not fully archived.

Hi again everyone,

Since the Hearthfire Ball RP went so well, I’ve been thinking of trying another RP; I’ve been talking about this particular idea for a bit now but I’m formally announcing my intent to run … another party! 😁

Only, this time it will take place in a rented tavern house, so the vibe, while still light-hearted, will be a touch less formal than last time.

The background: Lord Darius, the Imperial chap who threw the Tales and Tallows Ball last Hearthfire, has re-evaluated his life after having a couple Daedra Princes show up on his dance floor. With a newfound respect and admiration for scholarly achievement – especially those achievements which help one survive random acts of Daedra visitations – Darius has been setting himself up to be a potential patron for the local intelligensia. He’s followed some of the recent scholarly discourses with great attention, and has decided to throw a small party in honor of scholars, lore collectors, intellectuals, and smart people in general.

He’s also temporarily moved up to Iliac Bay to avoid all the attention he was geting as ‘The Guy Who Invited Sheogorath Into The Imperial City’, otherwise affectionately known as Pelagius the Second (and worse than the original). Taking the advice of his lovely maidservant Elaine, he’s gone for a quieter, less formal celebration this time, relying on word of mouth more than formal invitations. Melanus the manservant observed that holding a party to honor scholars in a tavern seemed somewhat … cognitively dissonant, but Darius pointed out that their current quarters weren’t really meant for holding parties – and besides, Harg liked the idea.

The Important Stuff: Anyone who wishes to play is welcome to join in; if you have a character from the previous Hearthfire RP, feel free to bring them back. I’ll even hand out Experience Points for surviving the last adventure, which you can trade in for an adorable Plush Numidum at the door 😛 If you’re bringing someone new, or weren’t in Hearthfire and are looking to join up, the character guidelines are simple:

* Any character type found in a TES game is allowable

* Character types not found in the TES games but hinted at in the Lore will be judged on a case-by-case basis; send me a PM to describe the idea. The default answer is “Neat Idea But Can’t Let It In, Sorry 🙁”, but I will at least listen and try to give your idea a fair hearing.

* Characters can be powerful if you wish, but remember that no one is God – not even the one returning semi Daedra Prince (and on that note – NO, you can’t play a Daedra Prince. The last time we had more than one Daedra Princes show up, children got run over by flaming carriages and historical treasures of the Empire got tossed unceremoniusly into polluted rivers) Try to keep people ‘balanced’, as it were.

As for in game rules, those will also be simple:

* Have fun 🙂 But don’t ruin the fun for others.

* Don’t force a result on someone else; if you are trying to cast a spell on or snatch a tasty morsel from a rival, either state it as an attempted action, or else PM the person and ask if you can do the action. Give a brief idea of what you’re hoping to achieve with the idea as well.

Example: I, as Loranna-Azura, decide I want to turn Nelacar’s hair screaming neon plad, in order to distract everyone while I dive under a table. I either post “L/A furtively casts a spell on Nelacar, hoping to turn his hair an ungodly color to blind the poor people in the room” or else PM Nelacar and say “Hey, I’ve a funny idea I want to try; okay if I have L/A turn Nel’s hair plad in order to cause chaos? I wanna get some slapstick in the scene,” and hopefully get his permission.

* If action starts happening – action being loosely defined as ‘Stuff other than people talking or doing things one on one with each other’, please give anyone involved a chance to post their actions after you take yours. Depending on how chaotic things are, I may try to institute a temporary posting order just for that action scene, but hopefully that won’t be necessary.

The Time This All Happens: That will depend on people’s schedules but I’d like to get this started up in the next couple of days. I myself am in EST zone, and am free for most every day from about 5 PM on, with this Monday being a possible late show. If people will be around this weekend, that’d be a great time to run this; otherwise I’ll start it up in the beginning of next week.

Until the actual RP starts, this thread can be used to intorduce new characters, hint at possible plots and subplots you’d like to have your character initiate, and just genrally set the mood. When things get started up, if you can’t make it one day and were part of a plot going on, please let me know via PM so we can try to keep things going smoothly 🙂

… Phew; some day, I’ll learn brevity … anyway, thanks and have fun!

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