Loranna’s RP, Part 4: The Trail of Frozen Tears

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This part of the roleplay began November 15th, 2004, with a post by Loranna in the thread titled Trail of Frozen Tears.

Hi all,

Well, those of you who've been watching me post for the past week or so have probably noticed I seem to be chomping at the bit to do a little more RPing. You'd be right 😁

Of course, this being the onset of the holiday season, who knows what our schedules will be like, so for right now there is no definite date set, I'm just announcing what my next RP idea is and asking people to let me know when sounds best for them.

This RP will pick up a few weeks after the events in the Noble Seamstress' Spotted Owls RP. This time, there is no party or dance; rather, the RP will chronicle Loranna's trip through Skyrim to reach Morrowind and the fulfillment of her destiny. There will be more emphesis on action and a tangible goal this time - namely, getting to Morrowind in one piece, with as many people in tow as can manage 🙂 Bandits, wolves, the weather itself ... these will be constant worries for us, hopefully fostering a spirit of cooperation and comeraderie as we all try to get to warmer climes 😉

Several poeple have already stated they'd accompany Loranna on her journey, and she's become attached to several people beyond that since she came onto the scene. If you were in the previous RP and want to take part, you can assume that Loranna sent you communication asking you to help her get through this journey; said communication can be mundane or otherwise as you like, just don't go too crazy 😀 It's likely that the expidition will stop along the way at various settlements in Skyrim to seek shelter and new supplies, so there's room for people who didn't make the last RP - or people who can't make it on the first night 🙂- to still meet up with the party and come along. I envision this RP being a bit more episodic in nature, focusing mainly on the most notable events in the trip rather than covering each and every night as previous RPs have done, so there's a bit more leeway here in terms of timing and fitting things in.

As always, feel free to use this thread to do a little warm-up RPing, and please let me know what you think your schedule will be like if you're interested in playing. I also welcome people to think of small vignettes for us to play through, and to let me know about these; there are many wonders and dangers to be found in the frozen north after all 🙂

Oh - I may try to work in some of the current conversations Loranna-Azura has been having into the timeline of this RP; don't ask me how yet, though I'm leaning towards them happening in quiet off screen moments when the party's in town and catching some rest in a local busy inn. Anyway, I'll stop babbling now.

EDIT: I am re-opening the ChatSpike channel #Loranna_RP, and will try to be on mirc at least once or twice a night so people can talk about the upcoming event more easily. If anyone has trouble reaching the channel, give me a hollar.

Events summary

Loranna, the vessel of Azura, decided to move from High Rock across the icy plains of Skyrim to the east, to Morrowind. Her intent was to restore the Province to its ancient glory under the guidance of Azura, hoping that Azura would be able to learn to understand mortals through her as medium.

She gathered around herself her friends and many heroes of great reknown, among them Allerleirauh, Mercy from the Trial of Vivec, Aricyn, a great Nord warrior, Solin, a mysterious Dunmer, Arynel, a Breton traveller and many more like Dur’el, Reichi, Dante, Dane...

The first stop of many was Solitude (or Haafingar, as the Nords call it) and already, foreshadows of what would come to be clouded the horizon, as Sheogorath – in form of a storm – raged over the city and laid waste to it. The companions fled towards Markarth and during their stay there, the College of the Voice also was destroyed.

Several other cities they visited suffered equally, in Snowhawk, children were slain after Loranna whispered to them to let the company into town. Half of the village of Stonehill was destroyed as well.

During the Trail of Frozen Tears, Loranna found out that she was pregnant with Sen-Yedda, the child of Vivec and Azura who was in her.

Just before the end of the Trail of Frozen Tears, Ciel Dolbinen, an officer of the Kingdom of Wayrest, stopped the party, on orders to arrest Loranna, who seemed to lose hold to herself and her sanity more and more during the Trail.

A battle followed, but eventually, Loranna yielded and was taken into custody on the condition that she would be tried in a similar manner as Vivec – in Morrowind, and thus, the events of the Parade in the months of Evening and Morning Star began to slowly unfold.

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