Loranna’s RP, Part 3: The Twisted Tower

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This part of the roleplay technically began October 22nd, 2004, with a poll in a thread titled u0022The Next Gen of RP.u0022 The poll asked potential participants to pick between two different hooks for the roleplay. Below is the hook that won.

The Twisted Tower of Doom

"Long ago a Dwemer architect left his clan to strike out in search of his ever growing thirst for knowledge. For years he roamed several provinces, seen wars, fought monsters...but eventually these were all for nought. One day he happened across a Daedric Shrine, seemingly empty he decided to make this his new home and set to work rebuilding it. While observing the Altar at the center of the Shrine he happened across a spoon that stood upright. Puzzled by this he attempted to remove the spoon only to have Sheogorath appear before him. Outraged that a heathen God would be part of his new home the Dwemer was almost ready to give up hope and return to his clan...not one to be ignored Sheogorath made a wager with him...the Dam Dog said that if he built a great tower in HIS honor that he would allow the Dwemer to keep his mind...the Dwemer agreed and so begin construction on a migthy tower to challenge even the great Adamantite Tower. The Years rolled by and the tower was nearly complete but the architecture was a perverted mess of doors to nowhere and stairways to pools of water. Disgruntled by being tricked by Sheogorath the Dwemer demanded to be retributed for his troubles...when Sheogorath denied his request the Dwemer climbed to the highest point of his unfinished tower and threw himself to the ground below. Inraged by the Dwemers insolence Sheogorath took over the Tower and buried it under the ground...where it would remain for 5000 years..."

"A Necromancer calling himself Grada had heard this story and went in search of this Tower having travelled for years with no success he was awakened one night by a group of Golden Saints. The Saints led him through a long twisting cave and to what seemed like Grada to be a summoning room...as the Saints watched Grada stepped forward and touched the still standing on edge spoon...Sheogorath then appeared before Grada and told him of the Dwemers insolence and that the greatest creation in Sheogoraths image was as yet unfinished.

Sheogorath made a deal that if Grada could finish the Dwemers work Sheogorath would give him powers beyond his wildest imagination. Always one to try to get ahead Grada accepted and the ground started to shake...the Tower had rerisen from its buried location near Fang Lair in eastern Hammerfell..."

"The Empire in its time of unrest has decided to open and explore the tower. One of Grada's companions, who had been captured, revealed to the Legion the stories about the Tower and Grada's obsession with finding it...he revealed that a Daedric Prince was the Towers patriarch and that by now it was swarming with Daedric forces and Undead Legions...fearing an all out attack His Imperial Majesty Uriel Septim VII has sent word to the fartherest reaches of Nirn that any who should brave the Tower and stop the Necromantic Grada would be well rewarded as the Legion has been in the area for nearly a month and the dark doors have just opened...its also risen nearly 2000 years ahead of schedule..."

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