Loranna’s RP, Part 11: Playing Houses

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This part of the roleplay began on October 3rd, 2005, with a post by Loranna. This post had no special addendum. This is the second-longest part of the roleplay, second only to From The Ashes. Unfortunately, the 50th part was not wholly preserved, and the last page is missing.

Events Summary

Helseth, King of Morrowind, made his move to abolish the Great House system in Morrowind and unite the Dunmer under his banner. His strong ties with his own House Hlaalu and the bonds with Great House Dres won him great support, and an alliance – well, more of a truce – between himself and House Telvanni ensured that the wizard’s house would not move against him.

However, Houses Indoril and Redoran rebelled against Helseth’s plans, and Morrowind erupted in civil war.

The tides of battle went back and forth, as each side claimed the right to rule Morrowind. In an attempt to disrupt the war efforts of the rebellious Houses Redoran and Indoril, Helseth abolished slavery, and this enraged the enemy more and more.

Meanwhile, persistent rumours that the Tribunal of Vivec, Sotha Sil and Almalexia fighting on the side of Indoril and Redoran were heard, and in the battle for Molag Mar, Almalexia was seen in her full glory – or was she?

Seeing the power of this supposed living Tribunal, Ald Raathim faced hard times. Goranthir was sent to Vvardenfell to investigate and find out whether the Tribunal was true or fake. However, his mission failed. A reported explosion at the time he was about to meet Almalexia face to face caused Ald Raathim to send a rescue mission. To the shock of many, Goranthir was found changed. Mannimarco had finally claimed him and from then on, Goranthir was known as Geht.

During the rescue mission, the heroes discovered a huge army of Fabricants and giant mechanical war crabs crafted by Sotha Sil, and after the rescue party was discovered, this army set out to attack positions of Helseth’s loyalist forces. Unfortunate events during this mission led to the abduction of Anya by the hands of the Bathogorgen vampire Dayla and the Bosmer herself was turned into a vampire.

One target was Ald Raathim, and a terrible battle was fought both inside and outside of the walls. The Redoran forces were able to breach through the city with their war crabs and with that, accomplished even what the forces of Azura did not manage to do. Only barely and with the strength of all the heroes assembled in Ald Raathim, the enemy was forced to retreat, however, many of Ald Raathim’s soldier were dead on the battlefield and great parts of the city were destroyed.

But the pains of war were not Ald Raathim’s alone. Mournhold had been attacked as well, suffering heavy damage, but managing to repel the enemy. Vivec City was one of the major battle sites of the offensive, and this particular battle ended with Indoril and Redoran managing to conquer the city. However, Houses Indoril and Redoran suffered heavy losses, too. All three Tribunes – called the False Tribunal – were present at the battle for Vivec, and false Almalexia, Sotha Sil and Vivec were defeated by Arynel and Solin. Sotha Sil and Vivec died by the two heroes hands. During the battle between Solin and false Almalexia, the Dunmer used an amulet that contained the force of a Thu’um, and blasted Almalexia away. The power of the magic cast was so strong, that a certain event at Loranna’s Trial after the Evening and Morning Star Parades had been undone. Once more, the renegade moon that was formerly the Ministry of Truth, hovered over the Temple Canton.

But even despite the lost battles at Ald Raathim and Mournhold, the Indorial and Redoran alliance was able to gain significant foothold in Helseth’s lands, further adding pressure on the king.

After these battles, there were few opportunities to rest. Major efforts were made to rebuild the damage and already, things were set in motion to face the threat Mannimarco represented.

With different agendas, several heroes went to Firsthold. Loranna and her entourage – Isidor, Shaka, Erenius, P’rassha and Reeds – were asked by King Helseth to seek the support of his sister, Queen Morgiah of Firsthold, in the war against Indoril and Redoran, and Loranna herself wanted to talk with Morgiah about Goranthir’s fate.

Nalion pursued a hint that information about Mannimarco might be gained in the Firsthold’s Royal Library.

As it happened, it was ball season in Firsthold at that time, and many social events took place. Aside from Princess Rinnala’s Royal Cotillion ball, there was a ball at the Royal Library itself. With the help of Lord Faormier, Nalion managed to get an invitation, and used a chance to sneak into the library, where he met Venevria Estacirce, who had sneaked away from the ball to her own honour. Venevria, who wanted to be called Ria – in honour of her aunt Ria Silmane – sought to leave for Artaeum to become a Psijiic. Nalion let her go, and in exchange, Ria showed him a book that might prove helpful against Mannimarco.

Loranna had visited the Library Ball as well, but the far more important ball would be the Cotillion of Princess Rinnala, which was about to happen soon. However, a grave event happened shortly before this ball. Crown Prince Aedrin was killed by an as yet unknown force, apparently ripped apart by birds.

Despite this ill-fated event and Aedrins funeral, the Royal Cotillion took place as planned, with a grandeur that probably only can be found on Summerset.

After the ball, Loranna and her companions had the chance to talk to Morgiah about the news, but were interrupted by the arrival of Queen Barenziah. A heated dispute between mother and daughter occurred when they met in Firstholds harbour, but it calmed down and the discussion was continued in the royal palace… only to be interrupted by Rinnala’s cries for help.

Geht – formerly Goranthir – had attacked her using his skills to control animals and it was revealed that he was responsible for Aedrin’s death. It also was apparent, that Mannimarco had control over him now. A battle in the gardens of the royal palace inflamed between Goranthir and Morgiah, Barenziah, Loranna and Maranda – who had also visited Firsthold. Rinnala could be saved and Geht be repelled, but not without cost. In the heat of battle, Maranda selflessly died at the hands of Geht, protecting Rinnala. Maranda, receiving honours after her death, now rests entombed as heroe in the Temple of Auriel.

As a result of the appearance of Geht, Morgiah divorced from King Reman in an attempt to revoke the contract she made with Mannimarco years ago in promising her “First” to the God of Worms. Morgiah took Rinnala and went with Barenziah to Mournhold.

However, as one of her last deeds as Queen of Firsthold, Morgiah had sent a large relief fleet of her troops to support Helseth in Morrowind.

Rebuilding Ald Raathim continued and after the events of Firsthold, an alternative hidden trade route has been found, awaz from the prying eyes of Indoril and Redoran soldiers.

While this was good news for a short time, the bad news caught up quickly. Reports from the Dres town Tel Dresori – Dres Minsero’s land – trickled in and told of an attack by the western Diodata vampire clan. Seeing that this would be a major threat – especially taking in the fact that the Diodata were in an ancient feud with another vampire clan, the Korgari – the heroes of Ald Raathim decided to cleanse the city. Little they knew what would await them there.

After fighting horrible battles against vampires in the town, Anya and Slyvos were captured by the Diodata and brought into the castle of Tel Dresori. There they faced torture and pain by the hands of Ashana, Slyvos’ vengeful daughter, herself a Bathogorgen vampire who posed as Almalexia of the false Tribunal.

The rest of the party tried to push forward towards the castle, but they, too, were taken prisoner and were to be used in Ashana’s schemes. Only with the help of the Korgari vampire Kingston Mune were they able to turn the leaf. Ashana was killed by Anya and Slyvos in the battle that followed and thus, the last false Tribune was defeated. However, the pain inflicted by the vampires and Ashana would still linger in the hearts of the heroes.

After a brief time of recreation and an inspection of the Mages Guild’s Archmagister Hannibal Traven, the threat of Mannimarco became once more apparent. The area of Ephesus in Hammerfell was reported to be void of life from a death aura that Mannimarco had created around his former lair of Scourg Barrow.

The heroes of Ald Raathim gathered once more to find ways of entering this death aura and face Mannimarco. A small group, consisting of Tsei, Slashes-with-Claws (Hesek), Dar’Tessir and Nalion entered Black Marsh in search for Hist sap, and after cleansing a desecrated Wamasu temple, they were given what they sought. Loranna took the Hist sap and traveled to Skyrim, and with powerful magic, she was able to craft potions that would enable the heroes of Ald Raathim to pass safely through Mannimarco’s death field.

Sivartus, Athaso, Dana, Vaan and Osa went to Sentinel in Hammerfell to ask the temple of Arkay for help. The temple sent them on a quest to help Sir Gancolm, a Knight of the Circle, and retrieve the legendary shield Spellbreaker. After defeating the bearer of the shield, Gancolm, suffering from a curse, took the shield for himself in a personal quest for revenge, and only could be convinced to give the shield up after much talking and lifting the curse.

Anya and Reichi set out on a quest to discover Anya’s vampire heritage and perhaps seek hints on Mannimarco in the extensive library Ashana had kept in the Bathogorgen refuge. The books and the artifacts found there, like the Masque of Clavicus Vile, would certainly be helpful in the future.

With these items, the heroes set out to Hammerfell, to wage war on the Wormgod.

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