Loranna’s RP, Part 8: High Rock Hijinks

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This part of the roleplay began on April 2nd, 2005, with a post by Loranna in a thread titled u0022high Rock Highjinksu0022

Hello all, and welcome to RP that comes after the RP: Blue Dawn 🙂

In this thread, we start tackling some of the loose ends remaining after the defeat of the Azurites. Currently, our heroes quest to find a cure for Illidan's vampirism, though adventure and mystery await them in High Rock.

Everyone who is involved in the RP is welcome in the mIRC chat channel #Loranna_RP. If you have a plot idea then you are encouraged to go there and discuss it. If you cannot get on the channel for some reason, or if the player whos character you would affect with your plan is not there, then PM them using this board's PM function. That's what it's there for.

Events Summary

During the events of the Blue Dawn, a hero called Illidan was unfortunately turned into a vampire, and the following weeks, the party spent in search of a cure for this disease. Allerleirauh found out that the witches of Tamarylin Coven might be able to provide a cure, but first, this coven had to be found.

The search for this cure took them from Wayrest to Menevia, where the party stayed for a while, gathering rumours and information about the coven, and well, having some fun in the in an area in which Dibella was originally worshipped...

After Menevia, the companions followed the hints they had gathered into the countryside and ended up at Old Elyssa's farmhouse, a somewhat haunted manor. The first hint that something was not right was that they were attacked by flying vegetables and only barely managed to flee into the farmhouse. The farmhouse was as peculiar as the vegetables were unconventional, with its closets within closets. There, the companions met Vycta Bucking, a former maid to Old Elyssa. They found out that somehow, Elyssa's malevolent spirit had been trapped in the house and presented a danger to the farmpeople in the vicinity. Slyvos banished the spirit and the house was burnt down.

The party followed the rumours further, and finally found the hiding place of the witches coven - after having to convince a corrupt local constable to give away their location. The witches there knew how to craft a potion to cure vampirism, but they lacked a rare plant which was needed to complete the elixir. The group found the plant after having to fight a wizard who intended to take the power of the plant for his own.

While the witches were finishing the potion, Tris wanted to see the resting place of his friend Dom, once a infamous duelist, who had been hanged and not properly buried. At this grave, the party had encountered Dom's powerful and angry ghost, and had to uncover the mystery that surrounded his death. But finally, Dom's ghost was laid to rest.

Meanwhile, Nalion had left for his hometown of Llainfair, where he hoped to make peace with the father of his late wife Lirielle. However, Nalion was imprisoned by Lirielle's father Lord Tailas, and rumours had spread that Nalion had murdered his wife - who in truth had died by disease. The group investigated the case and found evidence that Tailas had been involved in supporting banditry and with these charges, Loranna and Tris were able to force Tailas to put Nalion on a trial before the village elders to wash his name clear. At the culmination of Nalion's trial, Lirielle's ghost appeared and confirmed Nalion's innocence, and the mage was acquitted. Tailas instead was brought to Wayrest for charges of banditry and high treason.

Finally though, the witches of Tamarylin Coven finished the cure for Vampirism. Illidan, still unwillingly staying in the vampire-infested town of Balmora, had to be freed and the companions set out to cleanse the town and rescue Illidan. After a hard battle, they had accomplished this task and Illidan was brought back to the living.

After Illidan's cure, Allerleirauh, leader of the secret Void Ranger guild in Daggerfall, invited the companions to her guildhouse to celebrate. However, the festivities did not last long. The party encountered many apparitions and ghosts, fallen friends of the battle of Red Mountain, ghosts with unsettled business and even an army of dead Nords.

Clearly, matters grew worse. With the help of the seeress Skein, the cause of the apparitions was revealed. Tris, a young Breton Void Ranger had – out of love – revived his friend Ciel, who had died in the Vaults of Gemin, with Void Ranger powers. This caused a rift in the realm of Arkay, thus weakening the borders between life and death. Ghosts and apparitions grew more troublesome and matters became worse. A solution was far away...

During all these events, Ald Raathim began to prosper. With slavery abolished in the small district of Daruhn, and refugees and escaped slaves coming to Ald Raathim, the former village grew in size, and with it, influence.

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